He Won T Stop Head Butting My Son

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carol23 - August 11

My neighbor is currently staying with us for a few weeks. She is in the process of moving and she had to give up her house earlier than expected. The problem is that she has a 3 year old (my son will be 3 in September) and he won't stop head butting my son!!! This is highly frustrating me because I can't turn my head without my son being hit by this other kid. My neighbor insists that it's her sons was of dealing with frustration and her punishment for him is flicking him on the forehead with her fingers. What do I do? Do I kick her out of my house if her son continues this behavior? I don't feel like my son is safe in our own home because of this other child. Please help!!


carol23 - August 11

I don't have any other problems with my neighbor. She's a great person and we get along well. She has a 1 year old as well so most of the time her attention goes to the baby. I get SOOOOOO mad everytime I witness the head b___t. I am so frustrated and completely confused as to what I should do. I already spoke to her about it and told her that it's not acceptable.


Mandy1984 - August 17

hey i had the same sort of problem with a friend of mine only she wasn't living with me. Her daughter was the same age as my youngest daughter only twice the size in both height and build. Her daughter used to hit/kick .push do anything to hurt my wee girl and my friend just shrugged it off telling my daughter to hit her back but if my daughter did that she would have seriously lost that fight plus I don't teach my kids to hit back. I ended up having to be honest with my friend sayin that if she didn't step in then I wanted her to keep her daughter away from mine. She took the huff for a few days but then started to punish her daughter properly and that seemed to do the trick. I was that mad at the time if she had not of stepped in I was going to tell her that everytime her daughter hit my daughter I was gonna hit her lol (I mean my friend not hit her daughter) lol



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