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margie - January 23

My daughter has had very few diaper rashes thank goodness and only one that was kind of lingering but still wasn't too bad. But OH MY GOD, this is terrible. She was fine yesterday when we took her over to her Grandmas house, no redness or anything at all. Then she was over there for about 3 hours and I guess she had pooped at some point and her diapers never really smell unless you get right up to her butt so it's hard to tell when she has done it, so she may have had it there for a little while or something. By the time I saw her, it was literally BLEEDING in her diaper! Bright red and she was screaming her head off in pain. I seriously feel like crying right now just thinking about it because I feel so terrible for her and I don't know what to do, this morning there are scabs there and it really hurts her a lot when I change her. First of all, does anyone know why it would get that bad so quickly? And secondly what is the best way to treat this? Should I take her to the doctor or do it on my own? Last time I took her to the doctor all he did was look at it and say "yep, its diaper rash, put some type of ointment on it" it was pretty pointless. I just really dont want her to get infected or something down there cause its sooo raw. Help!


clindholm - January 23

Wow, poor thing! Personally I would call the doctor, I have never seen actual blood due to diaper rash and that would scare me. Sometimes if you call the pedi's office you can speak to a nurse and they can tell you if it warrants an office visit (my lo's doc does). Also as you said if she is that raw and may have been sitting in her poop for awhile, certainly infection is a concern. A warm bath and lots of Desitin helped my lo, but as I said, your poor dd sounds alot worse. I would also inquire as to what she ate while at her grandparents, maybe she had a reaction/allergy to something. I really hope she feels better soon, how miserable.


kimberly - January 23

I was thinking maybe a allergic reaction to something too, for it to appear that fast and so severe. Best thing for it would be air, keep her diaper off when she isn't asleep. Also don't try to wipe her, rinse gently with water instead and air dry. A little cornstarch would probably work better than a cream right now because it is so raw the cream might sting. If it isn't getting better, I would have her seen, you might call anyway and ask about allergies to food causing that.


tish212 - January 23

Margie- Alexa JUST went through this, and I know its scary as hell when you do the diaper changes and she screams and cries in pain, While alexa was going through it, I would cry during her diaper changes with her... BUT its EASY to fix, go to the store and buy a tube of Lotrimin, the atheletes foot cream, buy extra strength. then 2 times a day apply the cream to the entire area, (not entering her v____a at all, but can go around and around her behind) also if you can, 2 baths a day, to make sure the area is staying 100% clean... oatmeal will calm the area during her bath... the rash, if its red and bumpy and like no rash you have seen before is caused by an imbalace of bacteria in her poop, so anywhere the poop touches breaks out in a Yeast rash, and the yeast being a fungus-can be killed by the lotrimin, it will take a while for the bacteria to level back out, so you will have to use the lotrimin for a while, but after using it for about 2 to 3 days the rash will be almost completely gone... it may show up later in small rashes, but the lotrimin will kill it... If it keeps up for more than 2 weeks take her to the Dr, for an antibiotic to help level out the bacteria... I went and talked to the Dr about her rash and they said using the lotrimin would be fine, since it contained the same stuff the prescription she would write does, At first I tried lathering it in diaper cream to no avail, it just go worse and worse, then someone suggested the Yeast Rash and I researched it online, and once we realized it was a fungus, DH suggested trying lotrimin, and it started drying it up and clearing it up by the next morning... (we still took her to the dr just incase, only to find out we were taking care of it just fine) So relax and try the lotrimin, (i also put our diaper wipes in the fridge to cool them off for her diaper changes, hoping the cold would help calm her and it kinda helped...i would just lay the wipe on her for a minute to numb it, then begin to clean her up, she would still get upset, but not as much) Good luck ( and we also thought the food thing and allergies to diapers and creams, and soap etc... but it didn't work, BUT letting her run around diaper free will also help right after cleaning her, that way you aren't wiping it making it sore and instantly putting a rough diaper on it, giving it time to quit stinging before you put the diaper on)


Whitney - January 23

My 6 month old daughter developed a horrible bleeding rash when she was 3 weeks old ... I was b___stfeeding & occasionaly suplimenting with formula at the time. The rash came about 6 hours after I gave her Nestle Good Start formula, & I took her to her dr. who gave me a prescription cream for her bum, & it didn't clear up at all. A week later I switched her to Enfamil A+ & 2 days later it cleared up. Though at the time I didn't notice the connection & thought the cream had cleared it up. But the Dr. had said it looked like a rash from an al possible allergy, & it was only on her bum as well. About a month later I gave her another bottle of Nestle again & the rash came back within hours - bleeding & all. I took her back to the Dr. & he said it is almost for sure an allergy to the Nestle & keep using the cream, but take her off the Nestle asap as there was something in it triggering the rash, & again after I took her off it, the rash cleared up within days. I'm not saying your daughter for sure has an allergy, but when a rash shows up that quickly it's usually the case & if it's bleeding it's always best to take her to the Dr. My daughters rash would also show up right after she had a bowel movement within hours of drinking the formula & the Dr. said probably because the formula was in the poo & rubbing up against her skin & causing irritation, & that is why the cream never cleared it up because every time she pooped it would happen all over again... does that make sense, how I explained it? Anyway, that sucks for your daughter ... try to think of anything new she may have eaten & just take her to her Dr. soon. Good luck!


Kim123 - January 23

OMG!! That's insane that it got so bad so quickly. I agree that some air might do her little bottom some good, especially with the rawness. I would put Neosporin or something on the open areas...and call your doctor. It seems there's a good chance for infection.


mjvdec01 - January 23

Tish is right. However, I we use it with every diaper change and very liberally. You also need to add a layer of Desitin Overnight Cream, that will add a layer of protection. Make sure you are checking her diaper atleast every half hour.


mjvdec01 - January 23

In addition, you should be changing her diaper every hour, poopy or not. When changing her, use a soft warm wet wash cloth, or put her in a shallow bath every time- that is what we do.


docbytch - January 24

My son had a horrible rash that sounded very similar. Ultimately, he was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome....and we were told to stop giving him juice. Other diaper rash creams to try are a homemade version made of 2 parts Desitin 2 parts A&D ointment, 1 part Triple Antibiotic ointment and one part Maalox (yes...Maalox). Add your Lotrimin Cream to it as well....mix it all together to create the Magic B___t Paste used in Pediatric wards all over the place. In addition, also try Triple Paste. I started using both of them alternating each change or so... These are better barrier ointments that also ease the burning in the skin and I have found them to be very helpful. Stop using baby wipes also......use the warmwashcloth someone already mentioned....Baths should use Oatmeal, and baking soda. You can also try Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment....made with colloidal oatmeal. Diaper rashes suck.....I wish you luck:)


jenna32 - January 25

Did you use the same type of diapers?My dd can only wear pampers, we've very sensitive skin. Could have been a sensitivity to what was in the diaper OR did she change her often enough or soon enough after going number 2? i'd guess it is because she didn't know she had pooed and it had been in there dd had a rash sort of like what you are describing because of that once. if you can i'd try laying her down with her diaper just under her to air it out a bit for as long as you can once or twice a day. i use this stuff in a pink tube called barrier cream,


margie - January 27

thank you so much for all your suggestions, I have used a little of a lot of them actually and it did go away very quickly with all of your help.. i was so scared it was going to stay that way for a while! i used the lotrimin at night. i used a combo i made of desitin (oh and by the way the original formula is the only one with 40% zinc oxide, the creamy has only 10%! i just realized that is probably why it never worked before), a&d, and cornstarch and I would mix it up in my hand and put it on her bottom. I also gave her oatmeal baths and she was happy as a clam in the bath with that in there! i didn't use baby wipes for the first couple days either, just warm water and washcloths. then i switched to the pampers sensitive wipes and they seemed to be very gentle and didn't irritate at all. now all she has is a couple of dry scabs but it is mostly all healed now thank goodness! :-) so this is a good thread that we should keep going if anyone else has some things that work because im pretty sure we all have to deal with the dreaded diaper rash sometimes!


jenna32 - January 27

oh also... i know you no longer need help but i'd just like to say that if you give juice to your baby too much can cause a rash as well. Maybe it depends on the kind ot juice,i'm not really sure not sure but i was told this and found it to be true.


charee - February 19

A&D Zinc oxide for when they have a rash. AIR DRY REALLY WELL, sometimes i even use a b__w dryer on LOW AND COOL** to dry it out more then put on A&D. Change diapers a TON when they have rashes.... hope is goes away soon!


joycehingis - January 24

I would suggest you to try the medicated diaper rash cream. They are very much effective on diaper rashes. I have seen it working on my sisters baby.



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