HELP Meal Ideas For 1 Yr Old

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carol23 - September 20

I mostly need meal ideas for breakfast. DS is allergic to eggs!!! All I'm really giving him right now for breakfast is fruit(usually peaches or nectarines cut into chunks) . He doesn't like pancakes, waffles, toast, or oatmeal. And for lunch, I give him some of whatever we're eating as long as he can chew it. For snacks I usually give him crackers and cheese, and some milk or juice. For dinner , again, he gets whatever we're eating and he can chew (usually some meat and veggies) . Any advice on what I can feed him? He doesn't really like bread (I've only tried giving him wheat and he HATES it!) . Will he get over this pickiness, or will it last forever? HELP!


jb - September 21

I would continue to try giving bread, oatmeal, waffles and the other things he dislikes. Like all the literature says, it takes a while for a lo to know if they really dislike something or not. Alastso, maybe the toast and stuff is to plain for his taste. Try some syrup or b___ter. Have you tired cheerios or rice crispies or something like that? How about grits (I hate them but some people like them!)?? You could also try and english muffin or bagel too. Hopefully someone will have other suggestions. I hope mine help too. Good luck.


jb - September 21

Sorry for the dd was playign with the keyboard while i was typing!


cattac - September 21

Hey, I have a son that's extremely picky except he LOVES bread!!! Given he's 3 so a little older but I've just started being kind of strict on him because my sister was a picky eater and my mom allowed her to be that way and my mom was always always having to fix her a different meal. I decided I'm not doing that so I prepare everyone's plate and I do have an 11 month old but he's a pretty good eater. He will try almost anything I give him. Anyway, I had made the mistake with my first son of asking what he wanted to eat or just making him what he liked. Well that changed because it was taking so much time to do different for him sooooo....I prepare everyone's plate and if he doesn't eat what is on it he is finding out that is it until a small snack, the next meal, or the next morning. Trust ME he has started trying things. If he gets hungry enough he will eat. Just make sure you give at least one thing your child will like because you dont want to starve him or anything. It's like my first son with b___stfeeding and bottle...he would NOT take a bottle until I basically quit nursing cold turkey and after refusing for a little while he got hungry enough and took it and he's fine. You will have to introduce most foods more than once sometimes before your child will even try. BUT if your child thinks if you give him/her something and he doesn't like it and you'll give him whatever he wants he'll never try new things. It's taken my oldest son awhile but he'll do it. I agree with jb- you need to keep giving whole wheat bread, oatmeal, etc. He will eventually try it. You could even try toast with a little low sugar jelly on it. Sometimes with my youngest 11 month old it will take me putting/making him eat a bite for him to say...hmmm i like this and he will eat it. With my older son its better to not make a big deal out of it and let him do it on his own. If I force him it will make him refuse even more. I would also try to concentrate on protein and calcium if you want. Baby yogurt's great for them and they have yo yo baby yogurt with cereal on the bottom so you can get a lot of iron and fruit and the calcium from the yogurt. I usually give him that for breakfast (yo yo baby yogurt with fruit and cereal on bottom). I also give toast, oatmeal, cut up little cheese chunks (he LOVES cheese...his favorite). You could also put some cheerios on his tray while you make food. You can also try animal crackers, raisins, really really cut up grapes, carrots, green beans. Spagetti, ca__seroles, really try to give him anything you eat that he's not allergic to. He will learn to eat new foods if he figures out you wont always cater to what he wants. Keep me posted on how it goes because I'm trying the same thing with my oldest son (I think it's my fault the way he is) and am not going to let my youngest son become like my oldest!


spamanda - September 23

My son, who just turned one, loves bagels in the morning. I think he likes that they're flavored. Also, he can hold a chunk of it, and chew off it. English muffins work well too. We did a mix of applesauce, yogurt and baby oatmeal that we referred to as "slurry" for a lot of months, but lately he doesn't want to be fed with a spoon (I think he's getting yet another tooth). DS loves pancakes and waffles too, I'd keep trying those. Oh, and cheeries or some kind of cereal will keep him occupied for hours. Good luck! It's hard feeding a little guy, isn't it??? ~spam


Perl - September 24

How about Yogurt? I just bought some reduced sugar mini sized yogurt paks I think they are yoplait brand. Fruit chunks sounds great. My ds (10 1/2 months) loves blueberry bagels with a thin coating of cream cheese but your ds doesn't like bread. Cheerios with or without milk. I've fed my ds cheerios as snack and for breakfast with a small amount of rice milk too. Maybe tater tots or hash browns (baked instead of fried). My ds will wrinkle his nose as some things and then a couple weeks later when I finally try it again he gobbles it up. Hope your ds will come to like bread and other stuff to make it easier on you. Good luck.


drea - September 25

my dd is one also and we give her pretty much anything. She is not a picky eater at all so its a little easier, she will eat anything we put in front of her. I would try yogurt, cherrios or puffs. I just bought a really good organic baby yogurt with fruit and cereal in it and my dd loved it. I got it at the grocery store. You could also try some wheat bread with melted cheese on it or some cream cheese. He may like it more with flavor. I also give my dd some potato or sweet potato, she really likes that. Hope this helps.


gro1974 - September 25

One thing we like to have on the mornings when we don't make a hot breakfast is plain yogurt mixed with bananas, berries, wheat germ, and a little flax oil mixed in for the added nutrition. I sweeten it with a little honey (my daughter's over a year) or fruit juice. I've also mixed in oatmeal- maybe your son would like it better if it was "disguised" in this way? Good luck!



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