Help Using A Spoon

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gbsmom - May 5

Hi Gals. My DD is 15 months, and loves to finger feed herself, but she's not too excited about using the spoon. She likes to put the spoon to her mouth after I get food on it, but has no interest in putting it in the bowl or getting the food on it herself. I think most babies will already do all that by themselves at this age, right? Any suggestions?


Krissy25 - May 5

Using utensils takes practice,about the best thing you can do is let her watch you use a spoon and fork. It will take a while and it may be messy but she will catch on. And maybe i should have started earlier but i didn't give my dd a spoon or fork to practice with until about 15 or 16 months, i just let her use her fingers, she is 21 months now and uses them pretty well for the most part.


jenna32 - May 5

my 17 month old is the same way. She isn't too interested in it although i do always offer a spoon or fork,she ends up useing her fingers.


andy2bb - May 7

hi ... my dd started eating with her hands like at 9 months , and by 13 months she was a pro( no more food in eyes or nose , lol), everyone told me that I was spoling her because she would be eating with her hands forever ... but thankfully I proved them wrong , like at 14 months i gave her the spoon , and she only used as a toy as she would use her other hand for self feed ... I would be with another spoon feeding her while she played , and ate ... needless to say It only takes practice , as by 18 19 months she could feed herself with the spoon , but with mess , and now at 25 months she can even take soup with a spoon and use the fork for cheese and chicken ... she still gets some food on her lap , but we can go anywhere and sit and eat normally as she will self feed ... yei , as i am pg with baby number 2 ... So dont worry , every baby is different but for the most part they just need time and to make all the mess they can .. good luck !!


gbsmom - May 7

Oh good, it sounds like my DD is right on track by comparison. At her 15 month MD appt, I got the impression that she should be using spoon by herself right now, but it sounds like playing with it and "helping" me with it is more appropriate. Thanks for your responses! Now I'll go clean up lunch from the floor :)



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