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SoReady - April 11

I have a 2 1/2 year old son and lately he has been spitting everywhere. It all started when we switched him to children's toothpaste, because now he has to rinse out his mouth. Well, now he is spitting all the time. He spits out his juice. He spits on his hands. He spits on the floor. I cant get him to stop; timeout and spankings dont work. When he gets into trouble I usually ask him if he knows what he did wrong or I tell him what he did wrong. I think that it is important for him to try to understand what it is that he is in trouble for. When it comes to spitting, I feel like he knows that he isnt suppose to be doing it but I cant get him to stop. Can you help please?


SoReady - June 13

BUMP Hi Laies I didnt get any responses to my post so I am BUMPING it. I hope that someone can help. Thanks


tish212 - June 14

I wish I could give you some help however my daughter is 18 months old and doing the same thing! she leans over everywhere and spits, or just sits up and spits, and I try to tell her no we only do that when we brush our teeth, but so far it hasn't stopped it... I mean I know where you are coming from with them having to know to do it for cleaning their teeth, so you don't want to make it seem all wrong, but I like you am stuck as to how to make her understand that we DONT just do it to do it... I hope someone answers!


SoReady - June 15

tish - I am glad that I am not the only one going through this. I still havent found anything that helps stop the spitting but time. I have to say that since my first post, my son has stopped doing it as much.


Floricica - June 16

Take his toys away every time he spits. I think the best punishment is taking things away. My son is two n half and thats the only punishment that works. Time out he doesnt care, I wont spank him, so I take his toys away when he's bad. Take away his favourite toy or w.e toy he is playing with. Then once hes p__sed off and crying, tell him he can have the toy back if he stops spitting. Your lucky he knows how. My son likes to swallow toothpaste so I cant use normal toothpaste yet. I wish I could.


SoReady - June 16

Floricica I do that quite a bit. I have to change up the things that I do because if not he wont respond. My son is very stuborn so sometimes nothing work. Thanks for advice.


Floricica - June 17

Hmmmm... I have been studying psychology for a bit this summer, and I recently read something about rewarding the child when they don't missbehave. Instead of punishment, when your son is not spitting for a period of time, you can try giving him a reward and tell him that you were good for not spitting. Also, talk to him in two syllables. Say "no spit" I don't know. Just trying to help...


SoReady - June 17

Thanks for trying to help. My son has been speaking full sentences for at least a year now so I'm not going to start dumbing-down how I talk to him now. Thanks anyways.


Floricica - June 18

ok well good luck then.



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