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BWIND - April 6

DS woke this morning around 6AM with a fever of 103.5. It came down with motrin, but it comes back after the motrin wears off. It's usually around 101-102....103.5 being the highest. I called the doc, she said to keep him comfy, monitor the fever and call first thing in the morning. He has slept a lot today (more than normal) but has also played some. He is asleep now, but wakes every 15 minutes or so moaning, but he's not completely awake. His temp is 101.1. Should I take him to the ER...He's never had a temp this high before. He was just at the doctor's on Wednesday for a check up. He will be 14 months this week.


jennyr - April 6

I don't know if you should take him to the ER but I would make sure you get him into the doctor in the morning for sure. If you think you should take him go withyour gut! Make sure he is drinking enough. When my dd gets a fever I switch between motrin and tylonal every 3 hours to get it down. You can also put a cool not cold but cool wash rage on his forehead. Wipe down the creases of his arms and legs. Those are hot spots that can keep you cool if you wipe them down. I hope he is ok and just watch him closely tonight! Good luck! Also does he have any other symptoms other then a high fever?


BWIND - April 6

Thanks! He has had a runny nose, but it is a lot better...now he has a cough that sounds kinda chunky. He seems to be sleeping better. He's not waking so frequently. If it gets past 103 tonight I'm taking him to the ER...If I can keep it under 103 I will call first thing in the morning. Hopefully, he'll get some sleep tonight, I know I wont!


CoLark - April 6

I agree with Jennyr. My doctor suggests switching between Tylenol and Motrin from dose to dose. Fever is not always a bad thing. I don't medicate my daughter unless the fever is 102 or above or if she is having trouble sleeping/resting. Fever is a natural way to get rid of bacteria and viruses in your system. However, you have to go with your instincts--there is a difference between a simple cold and something more powerful. It might be an ear infection, which is best treated with antibiotics. Is your son pulling on his ear? Since you were just at the doctor for a check, I bet that is where he caught this bug! Keep a humidifier in the room or put him in a steamy shower before bed to help his sleep with a cold. But do monitor his temperature during the night and get to the doctor tomorrow so they can check for an ear infection. Good luck.


DDT - April 6

My ds had a fever that high with Roseola. He got it when he was 11 months old. It started off with a REALLY high fever during the night that caused febrile seizures. The Motrin would keep the fever down but we had to keep dosing him else it started up again. During the day seemed to be better...it seemed to kick in full-force at night. This lasted 3 days. We took him to the doc who sid it could be anything really to to watch for a rash. He thought it may be chicken pox. Well, after the 3rd day the doc said if he had a high fever for one more night we would have to take him to the ER. Luckily it never came down to that. By the 4th day be broke out in a light, pink rash on his torso. The rash never irritated him. The rash only lasted 2 days. Roseola also goes by the name of baby mumps. It is very common in babies/toddlers aged 6 months to 2 years old. I am mentioning all of this because it sounds like your ds could possibly have roseola. There is no medication he can be given for it but is is usually over within a week. Good luck! I hope he feels better soon.


jennyr - April 7

DDT I know all about that to well. My dd had that ata bout 15 months but it was really bad. We were on our way to the ER when she had the seizure. It was horrible. I had never here of Roseola before either or new about the fever seziure. It was horrible. I don't think this is what her son has though only because he has a runny nose. I think it just is a bad cold. But thought I would share that.


filly06 - April 7

Maybe an ear infection? We just got thru this this week with our daughter...she was always happy and playful but would wake up like crazy like you described with a fever b/c it was painful to lay flat...maybe until he gets to see the doctor try and keep him proped up when he sleeps like in a bouncy seat or those wedge sleepers. Justa suggestion I am no doctor for sure. ;) I hope he feels better...I know how fustrating it can be and stressful.


BWIND - April 7

Thanks for the advice. When I went to bed around 11:30 DS didn't have a temp...I woke around 3:30 and checked on him...it was 103.5 again. So, off came the clothes, more motrin, and a sponge bath...He hated it....He took him today to the doc....Everything seems fine...just the fever....It was 102.7 at the doctor's. She gave him regular tylenol and it went away. He is playing like a mad man and chatting up a storm. Hopefully, it is gone....but I expect one more fever spike tonight. Fevers freak me out....Thanks for the advice.


BWIND - April 9

DDT...guess what?! DS had a fever that lasted until Tuesday (3 days) and today he has a rash on his belly and his face...HMMM roseola? Do you know if he is contagious with the rash? It doesn't seem to bother him and he doesn't have a fever. I'm wondering when he can go back to daycare.


jennyr - April 11

It sounds like Roselola and if it is once he get the rash it is not contagious. It is when he had the fever that he is. That is what I was told by my doctor. Well I am sure he is doing better now so I am glad to hear it.


Danni1627 - April 23

Hello - I see I am a little late for this post, but I wanted to share my story. My dd in the last 6 months has has 3 febrile siezures do to a high temp 103 and over the highest was 104.1. she actually just got out if the ER last week. when it come to a temp I don;t play around. WE went to the ER becuase I couldnt get her temp to come down if with motrin ad tylenol and she had been to dr earlier and he said that she had fluid in her ear and gave her anibiotics, by night we found out that the ear had turned to a full b__wn ear infection. so at the ER the dr was just going to give a little bigger dose of motrin and send us on are way, just as we were about to leave she went in to a seizure. her temp went up from 103-104.1 with the 1/2 hr we were there. It is a scary and a very hard thing to watch your child go through. we now medication at home for is she were to have a siezure at home, but still have to call 911. I kow some dr's think it is no big deal with a hight temp, but I will bring her in regardless.



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