Highchair Dinner Battle

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DDT - April 4

My ds is 13.5 months old. For the last week dinner time has been close to unbearable. He will sit in his chair for the 1st 5 mins but then all h__l breaks lose. Screaming, tears, swatting, kicking, throwing ect. I haven't gotten one spoonful into his mouth the last two nights. He just won't eat. I can't trust him to eat enough finger foods because he is VERY particular with these and will only eat about 3 different kinds of finger foods. He has been fed in the same high chair since he was about 5-6 months old. He has never had a problem before. He goes to daycare during the day and the daycare lady tells me he eats all his food without a problem. At home during the day all other meals can be hit and miss really. Lunch time seems to be the easiest. Why oh why! Any advic


mjvdec01 - April 4

Try putting him in a big boy chair at the table with you and the rest of the family. Maybe the excitement and change will curb his behavior? I bought my daughter a booster chair that comes with a removeable tray from Babies'R'Us, and my daughter loves it. It has the straps to buckle them in, so you don't have to worry about them getting, or falling out. Also, why not let him try and feed himself too. I would get a second spoon and we would both do it. My daughter was so distracted by her own spoon and getting the food in to her mouth, however messy, that I was able to get quite a few bites in. If your dinning table is on carpet, get one of those floor spill protectors (I think also at Babies"R" Us and put it under his chair. Oh, and the booster chairs strap to the dinning chair so it is safe. Let me know what you think.


DDT - April 4

Hi mjvdec01! Thanks for the advice. My ds has been getting his own utensils with every meal for well over 2 months now. We used them in the beginning to distract him, and now recently (until this week that is) he started messily feeding himself with them. But it seems like the novelty is already wearing off. We already have one of those booster seats which we use when out and about town/friends or family. Luckily we have laminated flooring in our dining room so I am not worrid about spills. I think I may just use the booster seat from now on instead of the high chair. He may appreciate the change.


mjvdec01 - April 5

Hopefully it will help. I know how frustrating it can be when they won't eat. Let me know how it goes.


KimS - April 5

Hey DDT, like Caden, Logan too went through a phase like this a couple of weeks ago.. basically I don't force the food, I figure he'll eat if he's hungry... during the week especially when he's at daycare I don't worry about it at all, some nights he pretty much skips dinner... it lasted about a week and now he's back to eating like crazy... so I'd say give him what you can and don't stress, it's really common for toddlers to become picky eaters and for it to seem like they are eating like birds!! but they just aren't growing as quickly as they once were.. good luck! Also just thought, Caden just started walking this week too huh? that might have something to do with him not wanting to be in his high chair, maybe he just wants to be practicing his walking? hopefully it pa__ses soon. Kim


DDT - April 7

Well, meal times seem to be hit and miss still. Which is strange for him because he was always a big eater and I've never had problems with getting him to eat. I don't want to force the issue though because it just seems to end up with tears on his part and frustration on mine. Today he didn't eat breakfast but ate all his lunch, while last night he wouldn't eat his dinner but ate 2 fried eggs off my plate. I guess he's just becoming a picky toddler. If he is hungry he will eat I suppose...once again, thanks for your advice. KimS: I don't really think his first steps have anything to do with it but more the fact that's he developing his stubborn "toddler" streak. Even though he took his first steps the other day we haven't progressed any further than that and he doesn't seem interested it anymore.



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