How Did You Transition To The Sippy Cup

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meg - October 21

My ds is 13 months & is no closer to using a sippy cup than he was when he was born. At the rate we are going I'm quite sure he's still going to be on a bottle when he's 13! I have bought every possible sippy cup out there, from Dr. Brown's, the Nuk, to name it, I have it! I've tried water & milk in the sippy cup at times when I know he's hungry, as well as at times when I know he's not really hungry, & each time I get the same result...nothing! Any suggestions on how to make the switch? Thanks!


hthab - October 21

Have you tried the kind that have a straw instead? I've heard that lots of kids learn to suck at around one year. I see lots of toddlers with that kind.


Erins Mom - October 22

My dd never would drink from a sippy - instead we got a cup with a lid and straw and she did great. She also drank right from a cup just fine, we just made sure she was in her high chair so there was no mess from her running around with it.


drea - October 22

Meg, I'm having the same problem. DD is 13 mos and absolutely hates the sippy. She almost crys when she sees it. Yesterday as CVS I found a Nuby that was like a bottle and a sippy cup in one. My dd actually drank from it for a while. I also have every sippy cup thats made, and this is the only one that has sort of worked. Good Luck :-)


tryingx3 - October 24

I am with Erins Mom - try a cup and a cup with a straw. My dd takes a sippy cup with the built in straw - they leak, but she drinks better from them than anything else. We actually started working on a sippy at 6mo because she would not bottle feed - she came down with the stomach flu and got thirsty enough she would take it, then we transitioned to different kinds. At that age, we started with the take n toss brand, because I could squeeze the sides and get liquid in her mouth.


in the woods - October 24

I am flabbergasted as to why one would need to switch to a sippy cup so urgently? Just wondering, what is wrong with the bottle? My kids are toddlers, and drink from gla__ses, but still once in a while like to drink warm milk from a bottle - just like a comfort thing for them. I did try to "lose" a bottle when my son was 18 mo but he showed signs that he was not ready - for example, he developed a strong pa__sion for bottles in general, plastic water bottles, big milk jars - anything, he just had to hold a bottle in his hand always. So I gave him the baby bottle back, and the plastic-bottle pa__sion slowly went away. Besides, I have only negative memories about sippy cups - their dripping, spilling, tough to clean all those fancy spouts... I was sure glad when they started using just cups and gla__ses. But, a baby bottle is still in our house, and they like to suck it once in a while.


tryingx3 - October 25

in the woods - yes, I have read that the "need to suck" continues until children are around the age of 2. My daughter still nurses and never took a bottle, so it was NECESSARY for us to get her to a tool she would drink from. I am guessing the recommendation is based on moving them away from something that might cause dental damage or decay??


Erins Mom - October 25

My dd never took a bottle period. She went right from nursing to a cup then to a cup with a straw. As for why other people do it, it's reccomended because of what tryingx3 said, for tooth decay and other damage to the gums and such (although I can't remember specifics right now). I'm sure there are always alternatives to everything and it sounds like your son needed his bottle, but most kids are just fine when they're taken away. They get over it quickly and adjust.


DeeD - October 25

I just don't give them an option. It is a sippy cup or nothing...with in a couple of hours they figure it out. But I haven't had anyone who was really stubborn though.


in the woods - October 26

Not quite convinced on the tooth decay thing - in my observations, kids who use a sippy cup tend to constantly have it around, sipping almost non-stop. And if it's juice (which is always sugary) - would'n it be a better ground for the tooth decay?. **** On a side note, how do you manage the enormous cost of the sippy cups? I do not have a dishwasher (helping the environment hehe), and I never could quite clean the complicated nooks and crannies of the *non-drip* sippy cups (the more non-drip, the more nooks and crannies). So if a juice was drunk from a cup, water after it would have a hint of the juice taste. And milk there is just no-no! Milk in those nooks starts rotting, esp. if the cup was forgotten in a car. So, I had to have 3 cups per child - for water, juice, and milk. The milk cups needed to be replaced at least once a month, because of the rotting problems in the nooks - that's 12 cups a year per child. Juice cups needed to be replaced every 2 months. So that's 12 milk cups, 6 juice cups, and 1 water cup per year per child. With $8-10 average price of a cup (incl. taxes) that's $152 - 190 a year per child. For my 2 kids, $300 - 380. I can buy about 2 nice 36-pieces china sets AND about 20 sets of gla__ses with those money, and let them break while they are learning! At least they will be gla__s-trained by the time they broke everything. **** And on yet another side note, those plastic sippy cups litter the environment. Whew, that was a long anti-sippy cup runt!


meg - October 26

Dee, I have several friends who went cold turkey as well, & swear by it, but I just don't know if I can do that! My ds is very strong willed. I'll see what I can do! There is no way I could live w/o my dishwasher...we run it daily! My ds does not get juice, only milk & water, so I am no concerned about him sipping constantly on a sippy. He's never been a big sipper...when he's thirsty he downs his drink & that's's time to play again!


tryingx3 - October 26

I don't wash any of my dd's stuff in the dishwasher, either too many parts like in the woods mentioned or so light it just flips over. I don't like all the nooks and crannies of the "no-spill" that really spill straw sippy either - but my dd DOESN'T hardly drink at all and I feel like she gets a good amount in her mouth with the straw tactic and HAS to swallow. It is not uncommon for her to have 3oz of any liquid TOTAL during an entire day away from me. I have to have sippy cups around to offer.


fefer1 - October 26

My 13 month old dd never had a problem transitioning at all. She went right to it no problem...maybe because we used a bottle when I was away from her she got used to different methods of eating??? I put my cups in the dishwasher and have never had any problems with the mold on them. I make sure I check before I use them. As for the cost - I think I spent about $20-$30 on cups.



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