How Do I Introduce Fat In DD S Diet

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zaaramybaby - January 8

My DD is 14 months old.She is allergic to milk,wheat and egg white. Her diet is very restircited and ll I giver her is Soy milk, rice and veggies.I'm worried coz she had hardly put on weight in the past couple of months.She was 20 and half lbs at her 12 months doc's visit and still the same.I want to get her some fatty food and donno what to give.Please help.


kimberly - January 8

Baked chicken cut up and mashed, cheese cubed, Ground Turkey or beef, cooked pasta with sauce, mac and cheese, pretty much anything easy to mash or chew. At around 12 months I started mostly tablefoods with all 3 of my kids. Gerber Graduates entrees are a good choice too. They are easy to chew and taste better than the jarred variety. My dd is 16 months now and she eats everything we do as long as it is fairly healthy.


zaaramybaby - January 8

As I mentioned I cannot give her any dairy products as shes allergic to milk , eggs and wheat. This leaves me with not hing much to choose from.


britt_m - January 8

I really wouldn't worry to much. My dd didn't gain weight fast either she actually wieghed the same as your at 14 months. Now at 19 months shes 23lbs. Hmm, I know avocados are high in good fats!


kimberly - January 9

Sorry, I guess I missed that sentence. There are pastas that don't have eggs or wheat in them. Meat would be good too. I think if I were you I would either consult a dietician or do lots of research on special diets. Because off the top my head I don't come up with many things to try either, so you may need a little help from a nutritionist or someone like that.


newbaby2009 - January 9

Her weight sounds fine to me. My dd weighed 20 lbs at 1 year and now she weighs 25 lbs at 19 months. And that was going from soy formula to whole milk. (she was lactose intolerant as an infant but grew out of it.) If your worried schedule her another appt. and discuss it with her pedi. They will tell you what foods they recommend.


Malica - January 10

There are a lot of rice products like rice crackers. I would make an appointment with your doctor to discuss. Most kids outgrow their allergies so it might be time to try some of those items again if it's been several months. I would however avoid peanut b___ter though as peanut b___ter is one of those things that people can be allergic too and they recommend if your child has allergies to hold of on giving it to them until 2 or even 3 years old.



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