How Do You Switch To Milk

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MelissaK - August 18

Hi all - My lo is 11 months. She eats like a champ, including scrambled eggs (we eased into that - I was nervous for any allergy). We're thinking of going for it with the milk. What is the best way to transition? She taks a sippy, bothy the Nuby and the one with the straw, she drinks mainly watered down apple juice and OJ. Also, do you warm the milk or cold from the fridge? She is used to luke warm formula. She currently takes 4 bottles of formula per day, the volume seems to be dropping a little, probably because she is getting fluid from the sippy. She usually has a bottle at 5 am - do we warm that? Ice cold seems rude. Any advise is appreciated.


lin7604 - August 18

what i did was every other day i switched a oz with milk, so day 1 in a 8 oz bottle i gave 7oz formula and 1 oz milk, adn preoceed that way until it was all milk. MY ds never cared if his milk was heated or not so that wasn't a issue, you could try to warm it up a bit less every few days or so as well until she accepts milk right from the fridge. I would do that after she has made the transition to milk all the way though so she doesn't think milk is yucky in the


eclectic66 - August 19

Honestly, we did a fairly cold turkey approach with our ds. When he was 11.5 months we were down to our last can of formula and had enough to mix a 1/2 formula and 1/2 milk bottle times 2 and then it was nothing, but milk. As far as the temp, we heated it the same amount of time as we did the formula. He really never seemed to notice the difference. The only problem that we encountered was that at the time we did this transition he was teething badly (he is NOT a good teether) and I had mistaken his decreased intake for an opposirion to the milk, but turned out it was just his teething. He LOVES his milk!! And at almost 13 months old he is drinking on average 3-4 six oz bottles a day. I would say if your lo is eating eggs and is drinking other fluids from her sippy cup well she should do fabulous with the transition to cows milk!! GL :-)


L1NDZ - August 19

Hi...what we did was i would replace one bottle feeding with milk. I did that for 2 weeks then would replace another feeding and so on. By 12 months he was on full milk for every feeding and a small sippy of cold milk with supper and lunch. Didn't really have very many problems..but my ds was good also when I kept switching formulas on him (whichever I had a free coupon for - he was only on formula for like 2 months). Anyways...whatever really all depends on your lo. Good luck - sounds like you won't have any problems.


Cathy2 - August 21

My dd is also 11 months old. This week I started making her bottles half formul and half milk during the day (her 2 nap time bottles) but the one at bedtime adn first thing in the mornign is still all formula...Next week I'll make them half and half also, them gradually increase milk and decrease formula until it's all milk...that the plan anyway, it's working well so far : )



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