How Long Did You Wait To Turn Car Seat Around

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meg - March 27

My ds is getting close to 19 months & I still have him rear facing in his car seat, & am very hesitant about turning him around. He's not small, approx. 25 lbs & 33", but I have read so much info on how much safer they are rear facing. I guess I'm just looking to see how long other mom's waited before turning your lo around. Thanks!


clindholm - March 27

My dd is 15 months and still rear facing. I have read to keep them rear facing as long as possible. When their legs start getting cramped up against the back seat is when it is suggested to change to front facing.


cindy120175 - March 27

My son was a little thing. At a year old, he hadn't hit 20 pounds, so I had him rear facing until he was about 15 months old when he hit 20 pounds. He was much happier when I did that.


bean - March 27

Did you check the weight limit on your rear facing car seat? To keep a child rear facing for so long scares me. Not only are they uncomfortable, but most rear facing seats that I'm aware of don't support the weight of a year and a half old. I would read the instruction manual thoroughly. I just checked up Graco Snugride online and the weight limit for the infant rear facing is only 22 lbs! Be careful! On that note, to answer your question, I turned my daughter around shortly prior to her 1st birthday - after she had reached 20lbs. She hated being squished into the reclined position of the infant seat and having her legs cramped up. She adores riding around in her toddler seat, and I'm absolutely certain it's the safest it can possibly be (Britax brand).


meg - March 27

Thanks ladies. Bean, he's definitely not in an infant carrier anymore...he would hate me if that was the case! He's also in a Britax, & it can rear face until 35 lbs. Not that I have any intention of keeping him backwards for that long!


NVgirl - March 27

When my DD was 20 lbs -- the pedi told us it was ok to front face the car seat.


DDT - March 28

We did the switch when ds was 12 months old. He weighed 23lbs & 31.25 in long, and was a much happier baby in the car once he got a better front view.


alverran - March 28

I have to be the worst mommy... I'm actually pretty strait laced, however, I drove from Italy to Germany (12 hours) and my dd was miserable. I didn't care, she as rear facing at 10 months. At 11.5 months, I turned it around, oh my gosh, what a change! She sat in her Britax for 12 hours (breaks in between), but sleep much better because she could see out... Now would have I have done that in my situation if I was else where? Probably not, but she was just fine and was 20lbs. Good luck.


bean - March 28

Meg - whew! :) I actually have seen several moms who keep their toddlers in the infant (snugride) car seats because they think it's easier to carry the kid to the car or to the store that way. And the kids are a year and a half or older!!! It drives me nuts because it's totally unsafe, IMO. Glad to hear you have a "real" rear facing, not an infant. I'm sure your son will be thrilled to be turned around. I even take the headrest of the front pa__senger seat off so my dd can look out the front windshield. The car ride is so much quieter when we can talk about what we see - trucks, signs, etc.


alverran - March 28

I apologize for my posting, apparently I forgot to proofread... LOL.


Brenna - May 5

When I took my dd to her 12 month checkup,after they weighed her(20lbs.6oz)they said you can turn the car seat around!We have a Graco ComfortSport.My daughter is much happier now,and it's nice to be able to look back and see her.We still keep her in the middle of the backseat,because that is the safest place.



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