How Many Oz Of Milk And How Many Oz Of Other Fluids

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ImpatientMommy - January 1

I have an 18 month old. She has all of a sudden turned into a HORRIBLE eater and it is absolutely driving me up a wall. Does anyone know if there is a recommended amount of milk an 18 month old should be having in one day and if there is an amount of other fluids they should be having in the day? I don't want to give her an oz. more of liquids than she needs because I don't want her filling up on liquids all day. This is seriously driving me NUTS!


DDT - January 1

My ds1 is 22 months old and drinks 24oz min whole milk a day (recommended by doc because of poor weight gain). But I have read that norm milk per day is 16oz. As for other fluids I believe juice is 4oz total daily. And she really can have as much water as she wants. My ds1 is also a picky eater and would fill up on liquid all day if given the option, but I try to make sure that I only offer something to drink during or after a meal or snack.


ImpatientMommy - January 1

Right now she has 21 oz. of milk (3 7 oz. sippy cups a day) and she doesn't drink juice she just has water and I guess she doesn't even drink a whole lot. I was just wondering how much because I don't want to give her more than she needs but obviously don't want to give her too little. The milk thing would have to stay because she'd sooo would not be satisfied if I gave her anything less than 7 oz. but the problem with the water is she doesn't just drink her water sippy she'll linger on it all day or until the next meal when I usually give her water afterward anyway. Ahh! I don't know! haha


newbaby2009 - January 3

I wouldnt worry about Jos current eating habits. Like they say she'll eat when shes hungry. Rylie had phases where she wont eat anything for a few days then pig out. I offer her food and if she dont eat it then i just put it away and offer it later. Most of the time she'll end up coming to me and asking for "chicky" or "crackers."


jenna32 - January 5

are you still b___stfeeding ( if you were at all? i think they say no more then 24 oz, i thought. my dd is mostly b___stfed still at 13 months. i have a hard time getting one gla__s of cows milk down her a day .



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