How Much Does Your 12 15 Month Old Eat

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eclectic66 - October 9

I was just curious about how much and what are you feeding your 14 month lo's or at least the range of (12-15 months) Once again I am trying to get a good idea to see if what I feed ds is anywhere in the realm of "average" for his age group :-) He has always been such a big boy so I am never sure if he is eating too much or too little. He takes a 6 oz bottle of milk in the AM, then a Stage 3 jar of cereal/fruit in an hour. Then another 6 oz bottle of milk around 12 pm followed by a Stage 3 jar of veggie/meat an hour later. Then another 6 oz bottle of milk at 3pm followed by a Stage 3 jar of veggie/meat and fruit at 5pm. And one last 6 oz bottle of milk right before bed (which is always 6pm) Does that sound about average? Or too much/too little? Thanks for your input :-)


Malica - October 10

DD is 12 1/2 months old and I have the same question. She has been refusing most jarred food preferring to feed herself finger foods for months now so it's hard to gauge exactly how much. She has a 6-8oz bottle first thing in the morning, breakfast of 1/2 slice of toast + peeled grapes (about 6). Lunch she has ham (about 2oz weight), watermelon (2" by 2" by 1" chunk, cut up), 6-8 mini crackers or a slice of crispbread, and usually 1/2-1 jar of veggies. Mid afternoon she has a bottle, and if we're out usually two baby mum-mum biscuits. For dinner she has two 1 1/2" meat b___s (chopped into bite-sized pieces), a different type of cracker, bread or crispbread, 1/3 of a medium pear chopped up, 1/2-1 jar of veggies. She'll often have half juice and half water at both at lunch and dinner too. She also has a bottle again before heading to bed. We try to vary what she eats from day to day but she'll just throw what she doesn't want on the floor and she's very reluctant to try anything new. I don't know how that compares to just jarred food though.


docbytch - October 10

Eclectic!! Hey!!Your guy and my guy are very similar. My boy has always been big too as you know...he just turned one yesterday. He is on table food...mostly organic and also takes about 4-5 seven to eight oz sippys a day. I usually stagger the sippys and solids just like you do. The only difference between our kids is mine is on his mom's night schedule. Mommy is a nightowl and has been her entire he's MUCH later. But sleeps the same amount as a normal kid his age.... much is Layne weighing now? I am soooooo I was typing out my response and then I recognized it as you! DUH. Derek has his one yr appt in about 3 weeks. He is 32.5 inches tall as of now....weight is somewhere between 25-30lbs


kimberly - October 10

My dd rarely eats jarred food anymore, she don't like it so we feed her whatever we have. She will be 14 months the 16th. She is off the bottle but I give her a pkg. of oatmeal in the morning with about 4 oz. whole milk. She will sometimes have a snack, like a cereal bar or gerber puffs, or the yogurt melts before lunch with more milk. Then at lunch she has a little of whatever we eat or she will have a gerber graduate dinner, with some juice. She usually has an afternoon snack, cheese and crackers, cut up bananas, or some kind of gerber snack. I give her milk with her snack and offer water until dinner. At dinner she will eat what we do or another graduate dinner and more milk. Again she usually will have a light snack with some milk before bedtime.


kimberly - October 10

I guess I should have said that she don't like her milk so she rarely finishes what I give her but we shoot for 20 oz a day but I think she only gets about 12 oz.


Krissy25 - October 10

My 14 m/o dd is 21 lbs, about 30 in long and eats like a freakin horse. This child is a bottomless pit, i think she gets it from her father. In the morning i give her a cup of milk (maybe about 6 oz) and a banana and usually some sort of dry cereal. Then she usually has a mid morning snack, like a full slice of toast or some animal crackers. Lunch is always different, but usually i try and give her some meat and veggies, and we're talking fairly good portions. She'll have and afternoon snack and then a full dinner, like last night i gave her a 3 oz salmon fillet, a full tomato and a piece of toast. And somewhere in there she usually gets another cup of milk, other than that it's water. So sorry i don't have ounces, it's hard b/c i just cut things up and put them on her tray.


eclectic66 - October 12

Wow! Quite the wide variety of diets! It sounds like most of you are feeding actual table foods most of the time and very little (if any) jar food. I guess the reason I am still using the jar food is because it is just so much easier and I know exactly how much he is getting and they are so nutritious so I don't have to think too hard about how many nutrients he is getting with each meal. I know that he should be pretty much eating what we do, but if that was the case he would have a very sad and unhealthy diet because we don't cook too often due to the lack of time and most of our food is the fast food variety that is either take out or from a microwave. Docbytch- Haha. Yes, your little guy and mine are quite similiar it sounds like except for the sleeping schedules. It's funny because I am normally a total nightowl (in fact I do work 12 hour nights) and I do pretty much keep a night schedule, but ds is in bed and asleep every night by 6pm sharp! It's the strangest thing since we never started that...he did. We have tried to keep him up longer, but can' So now I just embrace it and all the extra time I get every Layne is 29 lbs and 36 inches long at 14.5 months! he is a monster!! I am surprised he hasn't eaten us out of house and home yet!! We are currently working on ds using his sippy for his milk, but he hasn't quite took to that idea as of yet. So, for now it is still 3-5 bottles of milk a day in between meals. I suppose I am going to have to try really hard to find the time to cook well thought out/nutritious meals so that ds isn't on jar food forever! Lol


newbaby2009 - October 13

try Gerber Graduate meals. They have the complete nutrition your lo needs. My dd has been eating then since 12 months or so. Shes been off the bottle since 10 months and her sippys dont have ounces but id say they're around 8 ounces and she gets 3 a day. Breakfast is fruit and dry cereal. Usually Cheerios or Kix. Sometimes a nutra grain bar. Lunch is a Graduate meal or chicken nuggets. Dinner is whatever we're eating. She gets 4 oz of juice with lunch dinner and water if shes thirsty in between.


Crystal83 - October 14

My lo is 13 months and she eats all regular foods now. She has toast or oatmeal in the morning, and a bottle of whole milk about an hour after that. She has fruit and veggies for lunch, usually an apple and some cooked carrots. Another bottle at nap time then a snack when she wakes up, crackers and cheese usually. Then she has supper, which is usually meat and 2 types of veggies, sometimes she has a night time snack but isn't usually too hungry after supper, has another bottle at bedtime, but usually falls asleep before she even drinks half. She is 30 inches tall and about 22 lbs. Does that sound normal?


Krissy25 - October 15

I think the amount of food sounds about right and her weight and height are fine. The only thing i would recomend is getting rid of the bottle at bedtime, and not for the calories but for the fact that it can damage her teeth. She's probably not really hungry for it if she can't finish it, it's probably only a comfort thing.


Crystal83 - October 16

Yea, I'm working on that, lol! I'm waiting until after I move into our new house to cut out her bottles, which will be in about 3 days. She likes her bottle though, so she won't be very happy with me for awhile.


Nicksmami - March 30

My lo just turned a year two weeks ago.....and I think my case is a little different from all of these. My son only has two bottom teeth!!!! The doctor says he's a little behind in that area but then again he started walking at 11 months and has a vocabulary of 40+ words. My problem is that I'm very limited to the foods I can give him because he only has two teeth. He's 12 months (and 2 weeks old) weighs 25 lbs. and measures 30.5 inches. Here's his nutrition schedule: for breakfast he'll have 7 oz of whole milk with some oatmeal. Around noon, he'll have a full 3rd foods jar of vegetables and a full 3rd foods jar of fruits. Around 3 he'll have another 6 oz of whole milk. At around 5pm he has dinner which is another full jar of 3rd foods vergetables and another full jar of 3rd foods fruits. About an hour after that he may have half of a banana or some gerber puffs. And then a 6-7 oz bottle of whole milk. He does have mashed potatoes when I make it and sometimes little pieces of chicken but I'm afraid he'll choke....and boy does he loooooove to eat. You see I'm very limited on what I can give him.....any suggestions?!?!?



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