How Old For Toddler Bed

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bbelmore - May 31

The crib we got for James converts into a toddler bed with lower rails, and now that he is able to get up and down off of furntiure and our bed etc...I started thinking about taking the crib walls down. He is 14 months old now, and I have no idea at what age most people do this, if at all. Any input?


snugglybugglys - May 31

I put my oldest and my boys in a toddler bed when they turned 12 2 year old is still in a far she doesn't climb out yet...but yeah I don't think it's too young. :)


cubbie - May 31

my 2.4 dd is still in a crib, but bless her she climbs in but has never grasped the concept that if she can climb in maybe she can climb out and so has never tried! We're going to buy her a toddler bed next week as the baby is 2 months and we can only keep her in the newborn crib until 3 months so we don't have a choice, but otherwise I would have kept her in the crib longer.


rl- - May 31

my ds is almost 17 months and he is still in the crib but as soon as he tries to climb out I am getting him a toddler bed


jazminesmom - May 31

we are getting our dd a toddler bed for her 2nd b-day in september


melissa g. - May 31

my dd is 15 months and sleeps just fine in her crib -- it can convert to a toddler bed by removing the front rail but I'm going to keep it as a crib as long as possible (I slept in my crib until I was 4!! i was tiny and a non-climber -- I think we'll probably convert dd's crib around age 2 or so.)


Jaelynn07 - May 31

I'm going to leave her in the crib as long as possible...I put her to sleep and know exactly where she is. However, like rl- said, as soon as she tries to climb out, I'll covert her crib to the toddler bed.


ssmith - May 31

My nephew was out of the crib and into a toddler bed by about 17-18 months...somewhere around there. Personally, I thought that was WAY too soon....but apparently he did really well with it. I figured he'd be in and out of that bed all night long...but no so. I think I will keep my dd in a crib for longer than that just because I know that she is safe in there, and can't fall / roll / climb out.


moescrilla - May 31

My son just learned how to crawl out of his crib. He's 20 months...and no sooner he did it, I took the railing off his bed (he has a convertible bed) I was sooo worried that he was too little and was going to fall out of the bed, or wouldnt sleep in there, but I was wrong, he LOVES IT! He sleeps just fine in there, and usually dont get up and out of it in the morning until we get him, but if he does, he cant get out of his room,and its totally baby proofed. The other night I said "its time for bed" and he ran to his room and jumped in bed and waited for me to tuck him in. He's so adorable!


soon2bmommaof3 - May 31

my dd started to sleep in her"big girl" bed at about 14 months....we need the crib for her little sissy.... we put a baby gate in her door way so that if she does get up in the middle of the night she can t get hurt


chickiepoo9 - May 31

my boy was 18 months when i switched him over and he adjusted very well i think as long as they are old enough to get in and out its fine


Shea - May 31

Wow, you guys are scaring me - i though I had so much more time! Braden is 16 mos and is a monkey, but does not climb out of his crib yet. I am so scared because his room is upstairs and we are down, plus, he climbs everything - shelves, drawers, chairs. Ugghhh. Something to look forward to, lol.


hello - May 31

little one is two and still in a cot, my friends little one is three even and still in one..... i am in no hurry as i was told that in the cot/crib they cant go anywhere whereas in the bed they can.... so for now and some peace she has ample room and i have ample security that when she goes down for the night, she stays down hah.........


cendres - June 1

Tristan is 19 months and is in a normal bed now (no rails). He just climbs out of the crib if we put him in it. I don't think it is necessarily too young, but I don't see the rush either in switching him unless he isn't happy in the crib.


mummy2paris - June 1

Hey, well if you think he is ready then go for it. My daughter is still in a cot she loves her cot lol but we r buying her a kids bed tomorow its going to be tought tryin to get her to sleep in it, so yea i think thats a fine age to put him in one just make sure you have a stair gate on the door so he cant wonder off in the night.


Rabbits07 - June 1

I never put mine in the toddler bed until they started crawling out of the crib...around age 2. That was just my pref though as I was mortified at the thought of them getting up and roaming the house without my knowing. SO I waited until the last possible moment.


bbelmore - June 1

I am undecided as of yet, the main reason would be that I have had nothing but grief trying to sleep in the crib, the reason is that when you put him down, it's long way down and he wakes up! So, if there was a shorter distance to go, I don't think he would wake up ( he doesn't wake up if I place him on our mattress or the couch). I would prefer for him to just sleep in the crib, safer, more secure, but I really want to wean him, and I am having no luck. He still shares the bed with us, and nurses to sleep. If I could separate him from me at night, weaning would be simpler. So thanks ladies!



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