How Old For Toddler Bed

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bbelmore - June 1

I am undecided as of yet, the main reason would be that I have had nothing but grief trying to sleep in the crib, the reason is that when you put him down, it's long way down and he wakes up! So, if there was a shorter distance to go, I don't think he would wake up ( he doesn't wake up if I place him on our mattress or the couch). I would prefer for him to just sleep in the crib, safer, more secure, but I really want to wean him, and I am having no luck. He still shares the bed with us, and nurses to sleep. If I could separate him from me at night, weaning would be simpler. So thanks ladies!


Connor AND Isaacs Mom - June 1

I got a toddler bed for connor when he was 14 months.. the day he climbed out of his crib, was the day i went and bought a toddler bed!! lol


sahmof3 - June 1

>>>Nathan was a few weeks shy of 3 years old when we moved him. He never tried to escape his crib and doesn't take change well, so we left well enough alone until I found out I was pregnant again. Then we decided to move him waaayyyy in advance of the next baby's birth, so he was well transitioned by then.>>> With Leah she was 22 months when we switched her. She was trying to climb out. I came in after one nap and found her on top of the crib rail straddling it and that night she was in a real bed (we already had one in her room because it used to be a guest room). >>>Justin is almost 23 months now and he COULD fall out because he's so tall, but he never tries to and he stays laying or sitting until we come to get him, so we've been putting it off. We need to bracket his dresser to the wall before putting him in his toddler bed (which we've had for MONTHS now)... I need to move that to the top of DH's list lol.


jennyr - June 1

I agree with rl. I am not going to put my 17 month old dd into a toddler bed until she does either of the following. Just gets to big for the crib or learns to climb out. I have heard of people doing it at young as 12 month. It think it really depends on the child. If you as a parent feel that they are ready for it then go ahead and do it. I don't think there is a certain age that they have to be out of the crib at. Just go with your best judgement and it will work out fine!


chickiepoo9 - June 1

i answered this question in the second tri forum and just thought i would paste it over here incase any of you were interested in what worked with my boy. my son was also like this and i am the kind of parent that doesnt believe in cry it out methods or shutting them in there room so what i personally did was make my son go back in his bed but i put a chair beside him and would sit with him until he fell back asleep and everytime he got up i would lay him down not talk to him but stay in the room at first he would take like 1 hour to get back to sleep and he would wake up 30 min later and do it again but after a few weeks if he got up i would just have to sit with him for 5 min and he would be out the he started waking less and less and now he sleeps through the night in his big boy bed and i never hear a peep i was a process and the first few weeks i didnt have much sleep but it was worth it and he didnt feel like i was just saying ok you have slept with me for 2 years but now you cant i am locking you in your room bye! i stayed there for him until he was comfertable to do it on his own.


chickiepoo9 - June 1

oh poop i put it on the wrong post just ignore the previous comment! sorry


yumymumy - June 2

my boy was 14 months old. we brought a racing car bed so the shape of the car is like a rail down both sides and is also low to the ground. i moved him into that bed coz he was restless and moved around alot and would wake up in a cot. at 14 months old he would someties wake up in the middle of the night but the door was shut and he has a night light. so he knew bed time is bed time no ifs or buts so we had no problem.


cae - June 2

I was wondering this too... Ethan is 16months now. From what I have been hearing I plan to let him sleep in his crib until 2 unless he climbs out if it before then.


Laceyandsamsmamma - June 2

Iput my dd in a toddler bed when she tried to climb out of her crib about 18 months but my ds was like 11 months because he kept getting his legs caught in the rails so we switched to a bed with no rails. But I would say if he is able to get on and off the couch it will be fine but remember it will be hard to keep him in it for a while lol good luck :-)


MNMOM - June 4

we put our son in a toddler bed at 20 months. Worked out great. He was never a climber so there was no reason that we had to do it, but we moved into a new house at that time and so we just gave him a new room with a new bed and never put the crib back up. It worked out GREAT.



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