How To Control My Lo S Eating Habits

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drea - October 25

my dd loves to eat, and I mean LOVES. When she sees food or just even sits in her high chair she gets totally excited and immediately says "more, more" before she even gets anything. My problem is, she shovels her food in her mouth like its going out of style. I cannot give her a big piece of anything to just hold and take bites from b/c she either bites off too big of a piece or tries to shove the whole thing in her mouth. When I break things up into small pieces she just shovels them in one after another. If I give her one piece at a time, she screams more, more or cries. If I feed her something with a spoon she starts to get upset when its almost empty. She is big and always has been, so i know she has a big appet_te and is not a picky eater at all, I just dont want her to have poor eating habits now, that will follow her down the line. She eats very healthy food though. Lots of fruits and veggies, grains, protien, cheese etc.... and I give her as much Organic food as I can and avoid fried processed stuff. Has anyone else had this with thier lo's? Thanks Girls. (btw, she's 13 mos)


Jamie - November 4

Two thoughts come to mind. One, ice cubes. She can shove them in her mouth, and they have zero calories but will keep her well hydrated. Just fill the trays halfway or 1/4 full to make them small enough. Two, how often are you feeding her throughout the day? At 13 months, my daughter had free access to the b___st, had a sippy of water always at hand, and I made sure she always had a bowl of cheerios or a piece of fruit or something similar within her reach, allowing her to eat to hunger. Some days, she nursed constantly, in addition to inhaling the snacks/meals I made available to her; other days, she'd just be very peckish, nursing once or twice, eating a small handful of raisins, etc.


K - November 4

I think this is pretty normal with a healthy eater. I had several friends with chubby babies who acted like that, and all of them later slimmed down. One of them is now just about the skinniest girl in her cla__s. My little one was the same way. She is 20 months now and she still shoves too much in her mouth if we let her. She is over the 95% in both height and weight- just a big kid. She is starting to slim down some now. I'm not worried, I was huge as a baby and toddler and was a 5'2 size 3 as a teenager. If I were you, I would be glad she likes to eat. Some people have to beg their kids to eat. Sounds like you are doing great with the healthy food. I would say stick to your normal 3 meals with a snack or two in between. Just keep breaking things into small pieces, and just put a few pieces in front of her at a time. When she gets a little older and realizes the food is going to keep coming, she won't throw fits anymore.


drea - November 5

thanks girls. Jamie, I might try the ice cube thing, good idea. She drinks a lot of water during the day (almost no juice) so she is definetly hydrated enough. She seriously would eat a whole enitre box of cheerios if I gave it to her. K....she has slimmed down drastically since becoming mobile and stopping the formula. As a matter of fact at her last well visit she didnt gain any weight for the first time ever. She has been over the 100th percentile since 2 months old. She is also on the tall side. I'm not so much worried about her weight as I am with her eating habits. I just can't get her to eat slow. I feel like she doesnt even taste what she's eating and just shoves it in. As soon as she sees food she's goes "mmmm". I am gald that she is not a picky eater and she absolutely loves veggies more than anything (except spinach), so in that regard it's good. Thanks for the input girls.



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