How To Discipline A 17 Month Old

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DDT - August 1

My ds is a huge fan of the word "No" and that was fine I suppose until he started hitting along with it. If he gets frustrated with a toy he he will throw it and come over to me and smack me saying "No!", or if I tell him not to touch something or do something...again he hits me and says "no!" He does this when I am feeding his brother (2 months old) and not interacting with him. He does it at mealtimes when he is boycotting all kinds of food in all forms. He even does it to our dog! Now when he started doing this (about a 1.5 months ago) dh and I both agreed that our reaction would be to say loudly and sternly "Don't hit!" consistently. Sometimes he stops, sometimes he cries & other times he continues to hit. I am unsure how to exactly do time outs with one so young. Where do I put him for the time out? I am also worried that this all stems from his jealously over his little brother because he seems to do it more with me than dh. What other forms of discipline can I use for this behaviour. I don't want to smack him back because in my mind I am telling him not to do something that I have just done.


in the woods - August 1

I think time-outs for this age comes in the form of a naughty chair - keeping him in a spot for 1 minute per each year of age. (1 to 1.5 min for a 17-mo old). Difference with the timeout - he's supposed to sit without any activity and without any talking for that time. It worked well for us from this young age to about 3 years old. A 17-mo old baby will not understand that he's supposed to not get off the naughty chair at first, so there will be a ot of time spent just putting him back on, and starting the countdown again, so you have to be committed and prepared.


KOGreer - August 1

I would buy an extra booster seat, just for time outs. That way you can belt him in, and stick him in the corner, where he'll sit for a minute or two.


Justine1 - August 1

I did my first timeout for Nick (18m) today - he's good natured but has turned into a whirlwind of destruction recently and he thinks No means he can't empty the drawer he's emptying but its OK to empty another one/the fridge etc - wasn't sure where you are supposed to do them so I put him in his cot/crib and at the end of the minute he was asleep and slept for 1.5 hours! I was told its 1 minute per year.


DB - August 2

We've been doing timeouts with Audrey. She can be such a little devil lately. I may switch to a "naughty chair" or mat, but she seems to enjoy little chairs, so I'm not sure it'll work. I think I may use her high chair (she's in a booster now for meals) as her time out place. I feel a little clueless, but she doesn't listen to "no". We even give her three warnings....Whew, this age is HARD!


lin7604 - August 4

i gues si don't have it so bad, mine seems to understand very well and listens to us very well with the "no " factor. He's a strong headed buy adn he gets time outs too but i find as soon as we raise our voices and say " STOP" or "NO TOUCH" he stops. If he doesn't listen adn it's a time out he gets put into his crib for 1.5 mins! He cries the whol;e 1.5 mins.....When i go back in there i look at him and ask him if he's all done crying he shakes his head yes. I then tell him that when we say no or stop, etc that he needs to listen or he will get hurt, etc. he then cuddles for a few min with us and is a good listener after. he does get that he did something wrong, 95% of the time stops if we ask him to stop, etc. our too went throught this trowing toy fit and hitting us phase, it was a short phase and will still do it once in a while but it's not a daily occurance anymore. We were very consistant with "NO" and explaining why and then if continued it, it was a time out in his crib.



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