How To Make The Potty More Appealing

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DDT - October 2

I am in the process of potty training my 19 month old ds. For the last 2 months we have been bringing him into the bathroom with us. He watches us either pee or poop and then he gets to flush and wash his hands. He thinks this is all really fun and interesting. I thought this would help him get over his extreme fear of the potty. When we first brought it out 2 months ago he totally freaked out if we tried to get him to sit on it. But after all this time it still doesn't seem to have helped. He screams bloody murder if we try to get him to sit on it naked. He will sit on it clothed but only if the lid is down...and even that is sometimes iffy. I have 2 potty books that I read to him daily and I even went out and bought a potty DVD in the hopes that if he understands the whole process more then he will feel more comfortable. How can I get him to sit on the potty...yes just sit on the damn thing. I feel like we are getting nowhere. Today we started putting him in training pants because I think diapers don't help the process any and getting him to lay down when changed is almost impossible. Needless to say I have a lot more washing to do from now on. Don't get me wrong...I realize that the potty training can be a long and ardorous process but I can't even get him to sit on it.


starlight_94 - October 2

I have no answers for you as I am in the same situation with my ds. He does like the potty though. I think that our seat helps(its the clear one with fish and dolphins from target) also we have a bowl cleaner that turns the water blue. He thinks that the fishies are swiming in the water. Hopefully we can work it out the next few months so he understands the process but Im not rushing it...hes stil young and boys just seem to take longer with the process. ALSO he has just strarted to cooperate with me durng diaper changes, that was really tough, but also a phase!! GL


jessb - October 2

All I can say is maybe he is not ready yet. He is only 19 months and they say boys take longer than girls. We didnt start my dd until after her 2nd birthday. She did really well and caught on very fast, but I have to say she has a cousin, who is a boy the same age and I have a few friends with little boys the same age and most of them arent even potty trained yet, they are now all 32 months. Maybe just lay off for a little while, you can still talk about it and let him come in the bathroom with you but stop asking him about sitting on the potty. One day he may ask to do it all by himself!!


mjvdec01 - October 3

I really think you are pushing too hard. On average, boys aren't potty trained until about 3 years old. Your little man isn't even two yet. If I were you I would put the potty away until he is two and a half and then start fresh. If you try too hard he will resist even more. We have a two and a half year old and an 11 week old. I just started potty training our daughter on the 22nd of September. Your son is too young to take away his diapers. Also, before a certian age, children aren't capable of bladder control, or even telling you consistenly when they have to go. At 19 months he is really still a baby, hold on to that, it will pa__s before you know.


^lucy^ - October 3

every kid is different i believe,,, my dd (is 29 months now) was fully trained by 21 months old and didnt really take that much time,, it took her 4 days to understand the concept and i have to mention that she was completely talking at that time.. it was hard to make her actually sit naked.. we used a pink seat which is placed on the big one.. so she's just like mommy.. and i had to get her stickers, i allowed her to color with crayons on the seat, and did everything that would make her sit enough time so she will go.. i trained her when i felt she was ready.. however, my SIL has twin girls who r a week younger than my dd... one of the twins was trained by 25 months but gave her mom a hard time and the other one is 29 months now and is not even close to getting trained.. she tried hard with her but she is clueless.. i would hide the potty for now and then introduce a new one to him probably on his 2nd bday and see how it goes.. and u can bribe him lol.. im a BIG briber :p it works!! GL!!


DDT - October 3

Thanks for the replies everyone. But no means do I ever force him to sit on the potty. We tried a few times in the beginning and heard his reaction and stopped. I tell him its potty time and he follows me into the bathroom. I ask him if he wants to make a pee or poop. He says no every time and I just get him naked and he stands there while I read to him. I ask him numerous times throughout if he wants to sit on the potty. There is no way I am going to wait until he is 3 to potty train. He has to potty trained for preschool. There is no way he is wearing diapers for that long. It's just ridiculous. Generations and millions of children have and are potty trained successfully before their 2nd birthday. I am not saying I want him potty trained by his 2nd birthday but that it is possible for some. I have him in training pants for 3 reasons: 1. because his younger brother (4 months) is in cloth diapers and I don't want to have to buy anymore diapers period (to save money and be greener-the amount of diapers I go through in one day alone disgusts me). 2. the cloth training pants will allow him to feel and be more aware of his bodily functions. 3. I am able to notice the pattern of his bodily functions. I know now that he tends to pee 30-45 mins after a drink, and that he goes 3-4 times within 1.5 hrs. This would have been hard to figure out if he was wearing those extremely absorbant diapers. I think the advice to put the potty away for a few weeks is a good idea. I am reluctant to get another potty chair though...we have 2 already.


wv_red - October 3

Hey DDT, ok I am not an expert in this by any means but I was around when my sisters were potty training their boys. They put fruit loops in the potty and made a game of it. What 2 year old wouldnt want to hit the purple or the red one? Every one of them was potty trained by 2 and a half. I have 5 under the age of 4. Thats just my 2 cents :) Hope it works out for you!


letgo0527 - October 16

He's only 19 months old, give him time. I wouldn't start putting him in training pants until he will sit on the potty. Maybe if you have friends with toddlers let your son watch other kids sit on the potty and decide for himself if he's ready to potty like a big boy.



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