I M Sick Of Watching The Sun Come Up Every Day

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eclectic66 - July 31

My 12 month ds will not sleep any later than 5:30 am!!! We usually let him lay in the crib and chat until he starts to fuss before we take him out and start the day. That usually buys us enough time until about 6 am. He goes to sleep every night about 6-6:30 pm and we have tried everything to try and get him to stay up later so that perhaps he will wake up later in the day, but unfortuantly when we have tried that he STILL wakes around 5:30 am!! It's very hard since dh and I are both night people and usually don't go to bed until 12 or 1 am...not to mention I work 12 hour nights so it is virtually impossible for me to just hit the sack and be out at any earlier time than that (even then I am lucky to fall asleep)...lol So after my ramblings...my question is basically.....what can I do to try and get ds to sleep later? (on top of this he still wakes once a night...which I have talked about in a seperate post) Or are we just doomed to watch the sun rise every morning because of his internal clock?? I was hoping there would be a way to reset that clock....lol I was hoping that by the age of 12 months he would start sleeping a little longer. Any advice? Or are we S.O.L??


Crystal83 - July 31

He won't go to sleep any later then 6pm? I wish I could get mine to sleep at that time...lol! If he is going to bed that early then he is probably getting enough sleep, which is why he is up so early. Have you tried to bring him into bed with you in the morning and give him a bottle or something to see if he'll go back to sleep for a bit? My lo wakes up every morning when DH gets up for work at 6am and I just bring her into my bed and she goes to sleep until around 9am. I also make sure not to turn any lights on and I keep the room very dark with just a dim nightlight. I don't even speak to her either. I think your best bet is to get him to bed a little later, he may be getting up early still the first few days but he'll eventually adapt and sleep a bit longer, You might have to move his bedtime routine up an hour and try to fool him into thinking it's his regular time. How many naps is he having during the day? You might want to cut his morning nap (if applicaple) shorter and then try to get him to have an afternoon nap later. You might have a couple fussy days, but kids are fairly good at adapting to adjustments in their routine. My oldest daughter is an early riser too, and it took some time for me to get used to it because I am soo not a morning person, lol. She is 7 now so I told her if she wants to get up at the crack of dawn she better not wake anyone else up until they are ready to get up. My 2 youngest are sleepers like me, so it's been nice for the past few years. Good Luck, you'll get through it, someday you'll be able to sleep again, lol. Gotta love the early parenting years!


schreck - July 31

I agree with Crystal. Have him take his last nap later. You may have to deal with some grouchiness but he will adjust. You will probably end up having to change his whole routine to later time. My dd has pretty much been on the same routine since 11 months. She wakes up somewhere between 6:30 and 8 (depends on bed time and previous days activities), lunch at 11 or 12, 2 hour nap and bed between 8-9. Every child needs a different routine but if you slowly start making things later hopefully he will adjust easily. Maybe start with changing it just 15 minutes.


DDT - July 31

My ds was doing that for a few weeks at around the same age. I went out and bought dark blue curtains for his room to lessen the amount of day light that comes into his room in the morning. Now (at 17 months old) he wakes up at 6-6:30am. Not a huge improvement but better than 5:30am. He goes for his morning nap at 9am and sleeps for 1.5-2hrs....so he probably makes up for his early rising habit there. He takes another 1.5hr nap in the afternoon. So he is getting lots of sleep. How often and for how long does your ds nap? He goes to bed at 7-7:30pm...and he becomes a crab if made to stay up any later than this.


eclectic66 - August 1

Well, last night we tried keeping him up as late as we could without a total meltdown and we managed to get him to bed by 6:45 pm....lol He still awoke at his usual time 5 am. Crystal83- I tried bringing him to our bed after feeding him this morning, but he just wasn't having it...lol He was WIDE awake and ready to face the day. DDT- As far as naps....he usually goes down for his first nap around 8:30-9 and sleeps on average 1.5-2 hours. Then his 2nd nap usually happens around 1pm and lasts an average of 1-1.5 hours. Now, lately he has been battling that afternoon nap and sometimes skipping it all together. So do ya'll think maybe I should try to get him to maybe take his nap later in the day like around 3pm? I am so worried that if I start messing with his nap schedule that I am going to confuse him and then screw up his night time schedule. Oh well, I need to try something I guess.


Crystal83 - August 1

Just recently my 11 mos. old started cutting 1 of her naps out and it didn't seem to matter which one. I prefer the morning one. So I've been trying my best to keep her up until after she eats lunch and then I can usually get her down between 1-2pm, and when I get her down for that nap she sleeps for at least 2-3 hours. Then when she wakes up she is wide awake and happy until about 7:30 and I can get her to bed by 8:30 now. So not only is she having a really long nap in the afternoon, where I get time to myself! She is also going to bed an hour earlier and still waking up at 8:30-9 am. I wonder if you could try getting your lo to nap like that too? Also, are you able to feed him in your bed? It might relax him enough to fall asleep. Keep trying different things and you'll find something that works. :)


lin7604 - August 4

my ds has always been a early riser too, between 607 mostly 6:30am! It never mattered what time he is put to bed he still wakes early, he's just like his father!!! Mine has also been on the lower amount of sleep needed always, so right now he won't sleep more then 12 hrs a day total. he is 21 months now. at 12 months it was 12.5-13hrs total. At 12 months he was still taking 2 naps a day till 15 months. I would say that you do need to increase his awake time between naps forsure. Mine was on 4.5-5hrs awake time at that age. SO if he wakes at 5:30,have a am nap around 9:30-10 and a pm nap somewhere between3-4 or so, then you can do bed later. MIne has always been on top awake time and won't go to bed without the proper amount of awake time! HIs naps at 12 months were between 9:30-10am for 1 hr 15 min and then again at 3:00 for 1 hr 15 min and then bed at 8pm latest. i think your is getting a lot of sleep during the day and that is why he is waking early as he has gotten his required amount for the 24 hr peroid that he needs. I would either cut the nap down a bit, maybe no more then 1.5 hrs or do like others mantioned and start to transition to one nap a day adn then it will be amiddle of the day nap for a good amount of time. They do take time to adjust to one nap a day but once they are used to it, it does pay off. Mine started to have some days 2-2,5 hr naps which he never ever had before! On days like that i have to sdjust what time his bedtime will be at as he won't sleep more then 10 hrs at night.


eclectic66 - August 5

Just in the past few days ds decided that he only wants to nap once a day. He pretty much completly dropped the afternoon nap and now he takes about a 2-3 hour nap anywhere btwn 9-10 am. And the past 2 days he woke up at 6-6:30 am :-) I have been trying to keep him up until at least 6:30 pm and that is about his limit with that time so far. I am now going to try and get him to push his ONE nap a bit later, but we'll see...lol


lin7604 - August 5

well that sounds a bit better hey! Ya with him anappping at 9 bed at 6:30 would be the limit but if you can keep puching his nap by 15 min every few days to gradually have him adjust to more A time then it will all get better in time! It took mine 2-3 weeks to completely adjust. He did great the first week as it was early to bed still, then the second week i started to push it back adn it went well then the 3rd week we fell backwards a bit as he went some days back to 2 naps ( falling asleep on his own playing, etc) then the 4th week was all fine again.


docbytch - August 11

Hey again electic! You and I are kindred spirits as far as the whole nighttime personality....as well as our jobs. How easy is it for him to go to sleep at night? Do you do the same routine every single night? My boy was on an earlier schedule when he was younger...which worked fine for DH, who is more the day person....but not so fine for ME, who has the lion's share to time alone caring for him. I shifted his schedule to a later schedule over a period of about a week. Derek is a good sleeper overall and easily responds to the routine I set for him from the time he was 6 weeks old or so. To give you an idea: Derek goes to bed around midnight to 0030. He sleeps sometimes straight through and sometimes with one wakeup....but when I am alone with him we don't wake up until around noon. maybe a little later or earlier...but thereabouts. The key? Darkness, white noise, and a crib tent with a cover over it. Being a night person...I tend to keep my room like a cave.....and we are just now doing a room for Derek that will stay as dark as I want it to so he sleeps better.



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