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freeflyingangel - December 29

So my ds will be 3 in feburary...and we have begun a slow potty training process..and the going pee in the potty is fine..no problems there...I ask him to go and he goes.. Here's my issue He wont go poop in his potty..at all i have tried EVERYTHING you can think of...He wont go poop in his potty but he tries to be sneaky and go hide in a secluded corner and go poop on the floor...it so disgusting but i cant get mad at him..I tell him its wrong..and get him to help me clean up i.e. wash the floor...But i cant let him do this..especially since my other ds is only 8 1/2 months and crawling everywhere..and the last thing i would want is for him to get into it...but i NEED help IDEAS anything please help me i dont know what to do... :|


Buffi R. - January 17

My best advice is to be patient and as matter-of-fact as you can be. I potty trained my son at 3-1/2 and while the pee-training was successful over a weekend, the poo-training took two months. He didn't squat on the floor, but used his training underwear to poo in everyday. I started out being nonchalant about it, but then I got frustrated and felt like he was doing it on purpose, which got me angry. I went through several weeks of scolding him until I finally realized we had a power struggle going on. I stopped scolding him, and basically made no big deal out of the accidents. Almost immediately he started going poo on his potty chair, then eventually in the toilet. During all of this time, we also used stickers for incentive. He'd get to put one sticker on his chart for going pee in the potty, and two stickers for going poo in the potty. We also had special toys he was only allowed to play with when he would do something successful with training. They were floating bath toys that he played with in the bathroom sink. That was something we used early on to get him interested in the potty. You might be past the need for something like that, but if you haven't tried that yet, it might help too. Also, have you tried putting a potty chair in those secluded corners he likes to use? Good luck, and remember to keep your cool. I think if I hadn't gone through all the time scolding him, that two months of cleaning his pants would have been a lot shorter. Sounds like you're doing a good job not going to the dark side yet, but I know how easily I turned, so just be careful about that. :-) I wish I had some advice about how to keep your younger child away from the messes.



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