Ideas For 2nd B Day Party

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^lucy^ - February 3

hi mommies,, my dd is 20 mnths old but im thinking already about her 2nd b-day party..i would love to have it in an open area so i thought a park could be a possibility.. but the thing is that my mind is blank when it comes to new ideas.. how can i decorate a corner at the park and what kinds of games are entertaining for a 2 yr old girl? i would have adults mainly moms at the party and other kids ranging from 1 yr to 7 yrs of age.. any ideas would be appreciated :D thanks a lot


mjvdec01 - February 3

My daughter will be two next saturday. We are having her party at a place called "Pump It Up". The place is amazing, and the kids love it. They have industrial sized jumpy things, huge inflatable slides, obstacle course and a party room for food, cake and ice cream. This is a great solution for us. I am pregnant and just don't want to have all those people at my home, it is just so much work! This way we just supply all the food and cake and they take care of the clean up, it's great. If you want to check it out for your area they have locations nationwide I believe. The website is pump it up party dot com. It is so much fun planning your childs birthday party.


jessb - February 4

A park would be a good idea. You could do a water balloon toss if it is warm where you live, all kids love that. Also a an indoor place like Pump it up (like mjvdec01 said) or gymborre, or place patch. Those places are great for toddlers, they have all kinds of toys and things for them to do. You pay one price and the kids play for an hour, then you do cake and ice cream and your done. Although some of the older kids (like the 7 years may be too old for that) WE are doing my DD's at Chuck E Cheese. Same thing they play for a while (lots to entertain them), then pizza, cake, ice cream, and DONE. Stress free! And its good for all ages!


^lucy^ - February 4

thanks mjvdec01 and jessb for ur suggestions :) mjvdec01 happy birthday to ur girl and hope she enjoys her party! this sounds fun :) it sure got to be exhausting for u with being pregnant with a toddler :) i dont live in the states so we dont have pump it up here.. but recently we have chuck E cheese and since jessb mentioned it i would check them out and see what they have :) it's pretty warm here thats why i was thinking of the park thing but it would be dificult for me to have the food and cake and the decorations set ahead of time since its not that close to our home.. jessb, how old will ur lo be? is chuck e cheese good for a 2 yrs old or would it be a bit big for them? do they enjoy face painting and clowns or are they a bit young? thanks for ur help :)


cubbie - February 5

I did my daughter's 2nd birthday at a gymborie where they had a party room for us to put the food and do the cake etc. and she loved it, I was 7 months pregnant at the time so like mjvdec01 there was no way I was going to bring everyone home for the party. There were kids of all ages and even the older kids enjoyed it. Also I went to a 1st birthday party in a park and they put the food table between 2 trees and hung a string of balloons above the table, they gave all the kids the favors in the middle of the party and gave different kids different favors according to age with things that they could do at the party so my older dd who was 2 1/2 got a little paint set and mini chalk board which kept her busy the rest of the party. (the baby was 3 months so she was happy to stare at the trees!) Also they brought some ride on toys and b___s with and so all the kids had things to do.


cubbie - February 5

oh and they also brought plenty of crayons and coloring pages too


jessb - February 6

Lucy-My dd will be 2 (tomorrow!) and her party at Chuck E Cheese is Saturday. Chuck E Cheese is perfect for her. We have taken her a couple of times just to check it out and theres lots for her to do. She loves the little rides were she sits in a car or train and it goes up and down. They also have a (very small) toddler area with a little jungle gym and slide.



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