Ideas On How To Get Crayon Off A Painted Wall

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drea - March 18

so this morning I hear my dd going through the alphabet (like she always does) and I walk into the kitchen and shes sitting on the floor coloring on the wall. I totally flipped, but now I cant get it off. Any suggestions??


bean - March 18

oh no! For future reference, always buy washable crayons! Just plain water gets them out without a problem. But for today's dilemma, I find that a kitchen cleaner, like 409, gets out practically everything. Of course it'll also dissolve some of the paint along with it, so you may notice a lighter spot on your wall. Good luck!


drea - March 18

thanks bean. I should have bought the washable crayons, duh!!!! I will try the 409. i tried Lysol Cleaner with Bleach and it didnt work. I;m sure I have many colored walls ahead of me, so I'm not gonna get to stressed about it :-)


mjvdec01 - March 18

Go to the grocery store and get a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It will be with the comet and things like that. every grocery store has them, so if you can't find it just ask. On the commercial they show it removing crayon from the walls, so it should work.


jorden - May 12

mr clean magic eraser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEF!!!


countrymom401 - May 12

Magic eraser. really works like magic.


lin7604 - May 12

soooo.... how do you get it off carpet!!!!?????? My ds was coloring hte other day and went right off the paper and got it on the carpet! I know next time make sure it's on the table but the kitchen table it too big for him to reach at while sitting on the chair and he doesn't have a small table and chairs yet.


HeatherIsHopeful - May 12

omg the magic eraser thing is the most magical and amazing thing ever!!!


RMC - May 13

Goo gone works well too.


guccigal87 - May 20

welll magic earser for the wall.. and for the carpet i actually use stain remover for PETS hahaha spray that on the floor... wait a minute or soo and then take a potato scrubber to it


sphinx - May 23

go to the crayola website. They have a clean-up guide. You pick a product then a surface and it tells you how to clean it.


jenniferjo - May 24

don't let your dd get the magic eraser as it can cause rashes and such. My dd(2.5) colored on her wall as well. Nothing we can do as its just drywall right now. Once we get everything done we'll paint over it and hope the paint covers lol. For carpets I use Resolve for pets, the dollar store brand works well as long as its not a large spot or deeply imbedded.


DeeD - June 5

Magic Erasers by Mr. Clean.



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