Incredibly Cranky 1yo What Am I Doing Wrong

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supmama - March 14

My son isn't the greatest sleeper, sleeps from about 9pm to 7am. Which i know some would consider lucky, and because what we used to deal with, i'm satisfied. Anyway, he's generally a happy baby, always playing, dancing, etc. First nap is 9-11 am, wakes up just as happy and content and ready for lunch! After lunch, he takes second nap from 1-2. He's pediatrician says thats the latest he should be taking a nap, and should then stay up until bed time. The thing is, once waking up from second nap, he's SO cranky from then on until he goes to bed at 9. He'll play and distract himself for ten minutes at a time at the latest, and then is just fussing and easy to start screaming. Is there anyone else dealing with this? Any advice on what to do?? Thanks so much.


Malica - March 14

Are you waking your son up from his nap at 2pm? If so, just let him sleep. I don't know why your pediatrician says they shouldn't sleep any later than that. My DD is 18 months and has one nap from 1-4pm -- and she's still back in bed by 7pm and down for the night. Don't let your pediatrician push a schedule on you that might not work for your son. The other possibility is that he's just getting bored. Do you take him out regularly? We have to make a point of going out almost every day or DD just gets bored and a bit whiny/cranky.


jenna32 - March 14

i wouldn't put dd to bed after 3 for sure. I think the boredem malica mentioned is a good suggestion, we usually try to go out when we can,even though the weather isn't the greatest cuz it's just turning to spring. In winter we got a baby toboggan and just went around the yard. When the snows gone we play in the driveway with her ride on toy, so we are close to inside if she gets too cold. On real nice days we will go to the park. or maybe just going for a car ride to the store could do it. How old is he now? i swear my 15 month old is going through her "terrible twos" early, that could be your problem to. She flips out and throws herself down,hits people,bites you,throws things and whatever she can. or maybe he needs a extra nap afterall. Once in awhile dd takes 2 naps a day, i try not to be too strict with the schedule if she needs it.


JulieK - March 18

Another possibility is that he has outgrown needing 2 naps a day. Our little guy was always cranky after his afternoon nap, but it was from too much sleep. After eliminating the morning nap, and putting him down around 12:30pm until he woke up, usually around 3-3:30pm, he did much better. You night need to adjust bedtime though. Both of our boys, ages 3 and 1 go down for the night fairly early as well, in bed by 7:30pm.


jenna32 - March 19

Another thought...maybe he is getting new teeth?



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