Is This Sleep Issue Common With 1 Year Old

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stefkay - July 7

Hi, my dd will turn 12 months tomorrow and I'm struggling with getting her to bed. For some time back around 6-9 months we could put her down to sleep around 8:30 wide awake and she'd go to sleep with little fussing. It hasn't been this way for a while though. Around 9-10 months I fell back into nursing her to sleep due to teething and stuff. Now that she is weaned AND active (almost walking) if we put her in her crib and leave the room she FREAKS. I mean screaming, hyperventilating, the whole works. She stands up, can't get back to lying down, etc. So what I've been doing everynight is letting her just play until she finally gets tired enough to lay on the couch with me and fall asleep. She's usually to active to sit still long enough for me to rub her back to sleep but at some point around 9:30 or 10 she will sit still and then I can get her to sleep. We then transfer her to her crib and she sleeps through the night most nights. Anyways, is this normal for this age? Is there anything I can do other than let her cry it out OR is it ok for her to be just going to bed when she gets wound down? Thanks so much!!!


DDT - July 11

stefkay: I can't say how common that is but it's not normal. Firstly, IMO letting her stay up until she just pa__ses out from sheer exhaustion is not heathly. She needs sleep and has to learn good sleeping habits. Right now you are not in control. She is and how can she know what is right for her. You need to have a week or even two weeks of letting her CIO in a controlled enviroment. Put her to bed at her usual 8:30pm. Use a bed time routine. Calming, bath time, quiet reading time in a dimmed room. Put her to bed with kisses and hugs. Give her a snuggly toy. Tell her it's bedtime and time to go to sleep. Leave the room. She will scream and cry. Every 10 mins go into the room pick her up, rub her back with hushing sounds until she's calm. Tell her again, thats its bedtime and time to sleep. Put her down again. Repeat until she eventually falls asleep. The first few nights will be bad. She will sream long and hard. You have to be strong and consistent. That is the key for this to work. Eventually she will learn and get used to. She will go to sleep. But you have to do it every night without fail else it will only confuse you and she will figure that its easy to get her way if she screams long enough. She will also learn how to lay down on her own...that will come to. That is the only advice I can give. Or use PU/PD method which is very similar to the controlled CIO. Good luck!



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