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jodie - February 19

Hello! Is anyone out there...lol. How is everyone's little ones doing? Kallie is 19 months old today!! Too crazy! We just switched her into a big girl bed a couple of nights ago and she actually likes it! She stays in it and doesn't get out at all! She even naps in it fine! I am so excited...lol. It's crazy how fast she is growing up! How is everyone doing? I know Jen has her little guy now...are there any other preggo's out there? Has anyone talked to L1NDZ at all? I think she is due in April! Well hope to hear from some of ya!


charee - February 20

Hmm, well I am a sept 07 mommy and wonder if anyones getting the baby bug again? I sure cant stop thinking about #3! How do you stop thinking about it! =) My kids are 2.5 years apart and my youngest is almost 18 months now ;) He is getting big! Time flies!


TinaSos - February 20

Hello Jodie. I can hardly believe Jessica is 19months now! So how did you go about the big girl bed with Kallie? I was thinking about doing the same just not sure if we should just take the crib out and put bed there or what...


jodie - February 22

Hi charee! I totally have the baby bug for #3! My two are 20 months apart so #3 would be further apart than my first 2 but I think it would be best that way because my daughter is a needy little thing...lol. Origionally I thought I only wanted 2 kids but I don't feel done yet! Hi Tina! As far as the big girl bed goes I kept her crib in there for the first 3 nights just to make sure she was ready (so I wouldn't have to take it apart just to rebuild it again..lol) and she has done awesome! My son wasn't in one until he was 2ish but I could never keep that kid in bed!


jeni23 - February 26

Hey jodie im still around,just dealing with a lot latly,infections and doctors and sickness and thats just me lol,kids are sick off and on latly to,tis the season,just had the flu again also,luvly huh,I cant believe how time flys either,Gabriel is alreay 5 and a half weeks old,little over a month and went for his 1 month check today,hes 10lbs 8 oz now!!way bigger than his brother at this age,Tristin was 23lbs 8 oz today,20 months old,he is such a comedian,he keeps me laughing or screaming no no lol.Well hope you all have a great day.


Kay4244 - February 28

Hi Jodie, i was also a july 2007 mommy, but i forgot my user name so i got a new one, I had a little girl turned 19 months on the 16th. I really can not believe i have and almost 2 year old. And yes Charee i have the baby itch BAD, ever since July when Bella turned 1. And would ya know it seems EVERYONE i know is getting pregnante now, one of my friends is even having twins. I just can not wait for number 2.


jodie - March 2

Glad there are still some of us out there...lol! So Kallie has picked up this aweful habit (thanks to her 3yr old brother) and always wants to be first to everything. When we get home she always yells "i'm first I'm first" when running to the front door...and she always wants to be the one to close it then be the first up the stairs...lol. I can't believe she is soo toddlerish like that already..lol!


jeni23 - March 21

bump!!I got fixed ladys,on the 19th,im healing pretty good,but man im sore,how are you all doing?Any new pregnant july mommies?


littlekmom - March 25

I am! I'm due in November.


MNMOM - March 25

Hi Girls! I can't believe you are all still hanging around here chatting!


MNMOM - March 25

Jodie - are you still doing daycare?? My little guy Myles is 21 months now, so fun! We had tubes put in his ears in November, has helped a ton with infections and he is now a loving little boy rather than a cranky little monster :)


TinaSos - March 25

I just found out i'm preggo! Due nov


jeni23 - March 25

Wow congrats littlekmom and TinaSos!!MNMOM thats greta hes doing better now,my Natalie had a lot of ear and throat infections throughout her childhood and she just had her tonsils and adnoids out last september,shes been awsome since then,a lot had to do with allergies.Tristin is doing awsome 21 months old now,he says everything even if you dont want him to,he loves to feed his baby brother a bottle,but he has a tendency to ask for my b___b since im breats feeding,I didnt think id have that problem with him since I got done bfeeding him when he was 8 months old but i do,other than that hes great,loves his big sisters and finally giving them payback lol!!!Well ladys its time to get the bunch ready for bed,goodnight!


MNMOM - March 26

Hi Jeni, Tina, and Littlekmom:.....so the whole reason that prompted me to come back to this site is.....I AM PREGNANT! HOLY COW is all I have to say about that. I am 9 weeks, due end of Oct....and I just found out like 4 days ago!!! This was a big shock, if any of you remember, I have 2 boys that were acheived via fertility drugs.......so I had a better chance at winning the lottery than getting pregnant on my own.I am still in disbelief, even though I have had an ultrasound and have seen the babe.....I am excited but terrifed to have 3 kids! Yikes!


kimberly - March 26

Hi MNMOM, I remember your name. I am a August 07 mommy, but wanted to say congrats to all you pregnant moms! I have 3 kids and although they are a handful it is also pretty great. Luckily mine all have a good age gap, almost 5 years between them all. I had lots of trouble concieving my first and second so when I was thinking about my third I started paying close attention to my cycles and writing everything down, I was thinking it would take for ever to get pregnant again, but the first month we actually tried I was pregnant. Funny how our bodies can play games with us. No more babies for me though we are done.


MNMOM - March 26

kimberly- did the thought of 3 completely overwhelm you before your 3rd was born? I have so many crazy emotions going on.....we never ruled out a third, but we weren't to the point yet where we were ready to take action and head back for the fertility drugs. I think I am just still in the shock mode. My first 2 are 4 years apart which is super! Now I will have 2 in diapers, which really freaks me out. there are other issues I am struggling with, seems selfish to explain them but for example I was finally putting myself first and taking care of myself and losing the weight that I had wanted to for so long, I wasn't to my goal yet but I had lost 17 pounds! Now I will be starting all over...minor I know! Then my husband and I were planning a fabulous trip to San Francisco for our 10th anniversary in June for a whole week, our first real vacation since our honeymoon! Now that is out the window too. I feel lucky to be so blessed to have gotten pregnant, but I feel so blue right now too. Hormones maybe! Plus I am just cranky with being tired all the time again, man this is hard!


jeni23 - March 26

Yea MNMOM congrats,yes horomones play a big role in it but it is still terrifying,4 is fun,but you tend to manage,routine is key.I love being a mom of 4,it was my lucky number.Im fixed now,and so happy to be lol.Even tho Gabe is a great baby.So MNMOM are you hoping for a boy or girl?Wow im so happy for you ladys,yes 2 in diapers stinks but I was told it gets better once the baby is 2,they become either great friends or enemys.Just think how nice its gonna be once you finally do get that vacation,my husband and I havnt had a vacation yet in 6 years lol,were hoping for one next year once Gabe is done nursing.Congrats again to you preggos and i hope you all have happy healthy babys.



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