July 07 Momma S Where Did Everyone Go

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jeni23 - March 26

Yea MNMOM congrats,yes horomones play a big role in it but it is still terrifying,4 is fun,but you tend to manage,routine is key.I love being a mom of 4,it was my lucky number.Im fixed now,and so happy to be lol.Even tho Gabe is a great baby.So MNMOM are you hoping for a boy or girl?Wow im so happy for you ladys,yes 2 in diapers stinks but I was told it gets better once the baby is 2,they become either great friends or enemys.Just think how nice its gonna be once you finally do get that vacation,my husband and I havnt had a vacation yet in 6 years lol,were hoping for one next year once Gabe is done nursing.Congrats again to you preggos and i hope you all have happy healthy babys.


MNMOM - March 26

Jeni - Nice to hear from you! Four!!! WOW you are one brave momma! Funny you should as about if I want a boy or girl....When I was pregnant with my second I was very very upset to be having another boy. This time you would think I would be dying for a girl. Truth is, now I am terrified to have a girl! I know all about boys, they always love thier moms, and now I have 3 boys to love me and look after me when I'm old :) The mother/daughter relationship is so difficult I would dread those awful years. I have no interest in finding out this time around, whatever I get will be fine and the surprise of it will be great, I am going to a__sume it is another boy, and will be greatly surprised if it is a girl...but that would be fitting since this whole pregnancy was a surprise!


jodie - March 26

Congrats all you preggos!! That's soo exciting! And congrats on the fixing jeni...lol! I am still sooo back and forth with a #3...I am with you MNMOM, I finally started working out and losing weight and feeling good about it! But I think babies are waaay cooler than hot bodies..lol! I am excited to live through your pregnancies until I decide what I want to do! I am having soo much fun being a mommy though...I would love to add one more! Anyways, you ladies better keep updating about these new little beans!!


jodie - March 26

OH and p.s. MNMOM...girls are sooo overated..lol. My daughter has had an att_tude from the moment she slid out! And she back talks, screams, and is soo high maintinance! Don't get me wrong...I love her to death, but little boys are deffinately sweeter...at least in my case! Hahaha!


littlekmom - March 27

Congrats, MNMOM! It's crazy that three of us are having kids right around the same time--again. We wanted ours a little closer, but this is how it worked out. I'm sure it will be fine. Oh, but I forgot how much my body hates being pregnant.


MNMOM - March 27

Jodie-You will have lots to live thru with 3 of us girls here on hormone overload! Maybe you will catch the baby fever??! :) LittleK-I am with you on hating being pregnant. I am not good at it. At least not until I actually have a cute belly to show, then I am ok......but that only lasts a little while, once I get as big as a house I am miserable and complaining again! Have you told anyone yet?? We haven't. I have another ultrasound April 6th and so if that goes well, I think we will tell our families at Easter.


TinaSos - March 27

LittleK and MNMOM congrats! I have another blood test next week to make sure my levels are ok. My first appt is Apr 9th! I too had just lost weight about 25pounds since December. I didnt think i would get preggo so fast since it took us like 8 years and a misscarrage to get to Jessica. I was shocked but am so excited!


MNMOM - March 28

Tina-I had lost 17 pounds since November and was shooting for another 15. Apparently once you lose 10% of your starting body weight your fertility goes into overdrive or something. Who knew! Good luck on your appt April 9th....that is my Birthday! So it will be a good day for you! :)


TinaSos - March 30

I have so much gas/bloating. I dont remember this the last time i was preggo, anyone else?


MNMOM - March 30

Tina-I have the same issues. I had this last time around as well. NOT FUN.


MNMOM - April 1

Anybody else's toddler not sleeping thru the night?? :( I am so beyond frustrated. Oh, and did I mention, I feel like I could lay down and die? YUP. Not good.


TinaSos - April 2

Its not looking good for me. Went to doctor my levels are not going up to much. they only show i'm at 5 weeks same as the u/s i had. it showed a 5week sac with no baby. i should be 7 weeks. I have to go back in 7 days to see if anything has changed.


jodie - April 5

Tina, I am sorry to hear that things didn't go so well...I hope things are better at your next apt! MNMOM, kallie still doesn't sleep through the night! It's ridiculous! I have tried so many different things and she still wakes up like three times a night. She goes down great, and when she wakes up she just usually wants her binky...which is under her bed most the time so I have to blindly dig around for it. I couldn't imagine being all tired and preggo and still having to wake up 3 times a night with her...lol.


MNMOM - April 6

TinaSOS-Oh my, I am so so sorry to hear your appt did not go well. I will say a prayer for you, sending you lots of hugs. Myles decided to start climbing out of his crib! I have no idea how he does it, the rails are up to his arm pits!! So down went the crib last night and up went the toddler bed, we weren't planning on doing that until the end of the summer. He was terrified of his toddler bed last night,just sobbed and sobbed even though I sat right there with him for a long time trying to calm him down. KIDS! I out of energy for this!


jodie - April 7

lol...Kallie has been in her toddler bed for a couple of months now and she seems to do alright. She deffinately has her moments where she comes galloping out laughing and I have felt like I was on nanny 911 with how many times I have put her back..lol. I think the only reason Kallie likes it so much is because her brother made such a big deal about how cool it was..and if he ever wants anything she wants it to..ha! I hope tonight goes better for you! And Tina, keep us posted on everything...you are in my prayers also!


GloriaD - April 7

Hello Ladies!!! I'm close to an August 07 mommy. my dd was born 9/3/07. Well, I came back to this site when I found out I'm preggo, again!!!! This will be #4, and our last oops!!! DH went and had a vasectomy 10 days ago, a mere week after the bfp. I am still sooo in shock, a little devastated and moody but I am trying sooo hard to see a positive spin on this. MNMOM- I am with you on the vacation thing. We have a trip to Maui on the 19th that we've been planning for 3 months now, and according to my calculations I should be very morning sick right about then. Let's not bring up our last vacation in May 2007 for our 10th anniversary I was 23 weeks preggo and we were gone for two weeks. The kids were with us and needless to say it didn't really count as a vacation!!! I feel awful on here though for all my negative thoughts, especially when you see all these new preggo people that have tried for so long to become preggo and here I am totally depressed and upset over this news.:( According to this site my due date is mid-November. Why can't I see something positive about this? Gosh, I so love these pregnancy hormones!



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