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GloriaD - April 7

Hello Ladies!!! I'm close to an August 07 mommy. my dd was born 9/3/07. Well, I came back to this site when I found out I'm preggo, again!!!! This will be #4, and our last oops!!! DH went and had a vasectomy 10 days ago, a mere week after the bfp. I am still sooo in shock, a little devastated and moody but I am trying sooo hard to see a positive spin on this. MNMOM- I am with you on the vacation thing. We have a trip to Maui on the 19th that we've been planning for 3 months now, and according to my calculations I should be very morning sick right about then. Let's not bring up our last vacation in May 2007 for our 10th anniversary I was 23 weeks preggo and we were gone for two weeks. The kids were with us and needless to say it didn't really count as a vacation!!! I feel awful on here though for all my negative thoughts, especially when you see all these new preggo people that have tried for so long to become preggo and here I am totally depressed and upset over this news.:( According to this site my due date is mid-November. Why can't I see something positive about this? Gosh, I so love these pregnancy hormones!


TinaSos - April 7

So far my levels are going up but not like they should. I have another u/s next Thursday, so praying for good news!


MNMOM - April 7

Gloria - Welcome to our little chat! I know what you mean about being a little upset over the pregnancy, it is hard I think when it is so shocking. I cried the entire first night I found out, which is silly I know, I mean this is a miracle and a blessing but I still couldn't help myself. THen I cried again when we told our oldest, I think because I felt so guilty, like I was robbing him of something?I don't know, all I can say is - hormones suck! Mostly I am so cranky because I am so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I am 11 weeks and have a long way to go but am hoping that I am near the end of the pure hellish days. It is really really hard to function at work, and right now I am traveling and am 2 states away from home and have to drive 5 hours home by myself tomorrow - that is going to be torture! See, all I know how to do is complain, and d__n I hate myself for that!!! SOrry girls, I am out of control!


GloriaD - April 8

Gosh I'm so glad I'm not the only one feeling this way!!! I am not even 8 weeks yet so I have a while but you should about be through the yucky sick part:) When we told our two older kids they were ecstatic!!! We weren't sure if they'd be happy since their 19mo. sister is into everything on theirs so that was a relief. I think the hormones are so hard! I was actually on paxil from postpartum with dd still when I found out I was preggo. With all the stuff about taking paxil while pregnant I stopped cold turkey that day so I think a few of my issues proably have to do with that also. What is it that you do for work MNMOM? Do you work full-time? Soooo--- anyone up for being preggo or are we bringing the mood down? Sorry ladies, but I'm sure we'll be the glowing preggo soon!!!


MNMOM - April 9

Hi Gloria - I am an executive commercial underwriter for a global company. Full time. Busy job with some travel. I am actually looking forward to the maternity leave, it comes at our busiest time of the year - 4th quarter! So that will be nice. I started taking a 50 mg table of vitamin B6 first thing every morning, my doctor recommended it for nausea - boy has it done wonders to get me through the day! I wish she had told me this much sooner!! TinaSOS-Any news on your end? I have really really been thinking about you!! Jodie-Ready to jump on the pg train with us crazy girls?? ha :)


jodie - April 9

Hey Tina, I hope it all goes good next thursday! Hi Gloria! Welcome to the group! MNMOM...I am still torn on the whole getting pregnant thing..every day is a new story...lol. Gloria, how was the change from 2 kids to 3? I just don't know...lol. I do babysit 3 other kids...and one who is with us all the time(he was born 8/20/07 so just a monthish younger than kallie)...and even over night a few nights a month...can I even base a guess of what 3 is like off of that?


GloriaD - April 10

Someone kill me now!!!!! OMG! It took me 6 hours to get out the door today, 6 long agonizing hours spent pondering pregnancy, morning sickness, and anything else that I could concentrate on to keep me from vomiting! My housekeepers were here today and I took dd to next door neighbor who babysits her and I "worked" from my laptop in my bed/on the couch/anywhere I could. I feel awful!!!!!MNMOM- Thank you for the info on B6 I am so willing to try anything that I'm thinking about going to the store right now, at 11pm! Anything, I swear I will do anything to feel better!!!!!!! Then here I am feeling so awful at my second job that I actually made it to today when one guy says his son has a brain injury and has been so ill for weeks now and they can't figure it out. Wow, then I feel like c___p for having so much pity for myself when my sickness is temporary and has a reward at the end:( Sorry, I'm rambling. Hello Jodie!! 2 to 3 was so easy. But, my first two were old enough to actually help out. They were 7 and 5 when Ava was born. We actually thought 2 kids would be our destiny, but I guess when you don't prevent it from happening this is where you end up:) I love the idea of a large family because really what do you have in the end without your family? They will have each other long after we are gone and for some reason that gives me comfort. BUT, I was totally up for adoption because I am not a happy glowy pregnant person, but rather a grouchy, uncomfy complainy person as I am sure you all know by now!!!! And Jodie - I think its totally different when they're yours and not just visitors. Plus the one child is so close in age to Kallie that that is more like twins, she would probably be a good helper to a baby. Hard decision to make I know, we actually had been on the fence when we got preggo with Ava, god must've thrown us off because we took too long deciding (about 4 yrs).


MNMOM - April 10

GloriaD-You are at the height of the worst of it! Hang in there! The other thing you can try is taking 1/2 a Unisom tablet (have to buy the tablets, not the capsules) before bed...this is safe and was also recommended by my OB. I haven't used it yet, I just take the B6 first thing every morning, it is a miracle for me. Too bad it doesnt last all day! But I take it at 6 am and I feel great until 2 pm...at least by then I am about done with the work day. If your nausea is really bad in the early morning you can take the Unisom and the B6 together right before bed, this is apparently a good combo. Hope you feel better soon, we always thought we would adopt as well, I am not a happy glowy pregnant girl either! I SO wish I was!!!


GloriaD - April 10

MNMOM- thank you, thank you!!!! Today was a dream compared to yesterday!!! I went and bought the B6 and the Unisom and I can't believe the difference! I don't feel "normal" yet but I'm amongst the living now:) I finally felt well enough to get the best sleep I've had in two weeks this afternoon in the form of a nap. I'm hoping that if I do the same tomorrow I may live through it also. And thank you for keeping my spirits up, I really needed it:) Great, here come the hormones, I feel tears welling in my eyes!


MNMOM - April 13

Gloria-SOOOOOO happy to hear you got a little bit of relief!!!! :) I am still constantly grouchy and cranky and I hate it :( I just don't feel anything like myself, I am a stranger in my own body.


GloriaD - April 14

Hello there! Today was the strangest day! Mood swings galore here in my preggy world:) This morning, I felt good! Then an hour later, I started feeling sick, and it continued to get worse, until I went to my second job this afternoon when my mood hit a low and I actually hoped to miscarry :( I'm starting to really worry about my mental status these days...... It really is an awful feeling when even we notice how awful we're being, makes me feel doubly awful because of the effects on my family. MNMOM- I'm so there with you right now! This has by far been the hardest pregnancy I've ever had. Maybe it makes a difference when its not something you're expecting, who knows, but this place has helped me a bunch! A year from now this will all be a distant memory..... we may not laugh but we hopefully won't cry either:) My dd, 19 months, got the stomach flu on early easter morning, like 2 am, and dh did the deed and got up with her and kept on top of her vomiting and let me sleep, all the way until noon! That was the best easter present I think I've ever had:)


MNMOM - April 14

Gloria-Hope your DD is doing better!! Your dh def. gets an award for that one!! I feel like death warmed over this morning. Seriously, I cannot function and I have looming deadlines. This is not going to be a good day :( TinaSoS-How are you doing?? We are anxious for an update.


jodie - April 15

Goodluck tomorrow Tina! Make sure you keep us updated!


GloriaD - April 16

Don't ya just wish that if you weren't logged in your couldn't even write in this box??? I can't tell you how many times I complete my posting only to not be logged in, argghhh! Sorry, okay, my recap! Morning sickness isn't all that awful, because I spent Tuesday with the stomach flu along with dh and dd (19mo). Boy, today was such a good day in comparison!!! MNMOM- you're my inspiration these days! I'm so glad you have a really good day. I know they're not too far away for me either but its so nice to see the progression for you:) Tina-I will say a prayer for you and baby tonight. Okay, so is anyone else's toddlers getting a bit moody these days? DD is 19 months and this morning was soo awful for her! She went down for a nap at 11:30 (early for her) and didn't get up until 4:30. Trying to figure out if its the eye teeth that look like they're gonna poke out, the remainder of the stomach flu, or just that darn personality showing itself:) I'm off to Maui on Sunday, and I'm just hoping that my good days begin to occur more frequently. Gonna sit out the zip line that everyone else will be doing...... going to relax, sleep, and enjoy caring for just myself for a week!!!


MNMOM - April 16

Gloria- Have a great trip to Maui! How many weeks are you now?? I am so jealous! We still don't have our "plan B" figured out for our anniversary trip now that we are not going to SF. I think that makes me really grumpy. Aside from that, it is like a switch went on and my naseau disappeared! I am still tired but not feeling sick all the time or quite as moody. By the way, my youngest is 22 months old, and we started putting him in his toddler bed 2 weeks ago and it is still pure misery at our house, I think he has a stubborn personality!


jodie - April 17

Hey Gloria! I totally know what you mean about the stupid comment box when your not logged in! It makes me angry..lol! MNMOM...Kallie was doing awesome in her toddler bed for the first month and a halfish...I was so relieved...well she just figured out she can get out whenever she wants so...it's back to the drawing board. I had to put up the pack and play in her room now...and she actually asks for it rather than her bed! I wish I had the patience to pull the whole Nanny 911 thing and just keep putting her back in bed over and over so she learns...but I don't. Luckily though she has slept through the night the past 2 nights! Hooray for sleep! Hey Tina, how are you? How did your apt go??



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