July 07 Momma S Where Did Everyone Go

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jeni23 - June 13

Hey ladys how are you all this lovely summer?


TinaSos - June 16

Hi everyone...our lo are almost 2! What is everyone getting for them for their birthdays? I have no idea what to get Jessica.


littlekmom - June 16

Here is K's wish list. She'll use any birthday money she receives toward swimming lessons and a "big girl bed." Wagon Picnic table tall mirror Basketball hoop lawnmower Some CDs A couple of books Dress up dresses and hats Clothes for Bitty Baby


jodie - June 16

Hi Tina! We got Kallie the playskool rose petal cottage! I have been hiding it in my closet for a month now because I found a great deal on it and had to get it! We will probably get her some baby doll stuff to because she looooves dressing and undressing the dolls and diapering them and stuff! We are asking her grandparents to get her a bike or trike because she is jealous of her brothers..lol!


MNMOM - June 17

Hi Everyone! Well my "baby" Myles is 2 years old today! I can hardly believe it! We sent him to daycare with cupcakes to share with his cla__s. We are having his party next weekend, not sure what we will get him, he has so much stuff considering he has an older brother who pa__sed so many things down to him. On another note, I am 21 weeks pg today.....going for my ultrasound in 1 hr! Very anxious to see the baby and get some peace of mind that all is well. We are still not going to find out, God willing! Now that will be true will power! Hubby and I just celebrated our 10 yr anniversary last week, we took a little vacation, 4 days/nights away without the boys, was really nice. Hope you are all well!!! Nice to see some activity here again!


jodie - June 29

Hey ladies!! How is everyone doing?? Kallie is totally potty training herself now and it cracks me up! I am in no way ready to take it on...but she is! I bought her some dora pull ups and she has handled the rest! I'm amaized by her! So how many little ones have turned 2? Kallie turns 2 on July 19th. We are doing a BBQ at the beach this year....I am excited to watch her open presents! How are you preggo mommas doing??


MNMOM - June 29

Hi Jodie- so did you decide to take the plunge yet and go for #3?! :) I am doing well, have hit that stage where I am not sleeping well, just can't get comfy. My oldest turned 6 on Saturday! We had a birthday party for him and his friends on Friday evening at the water park, and then on Saturday we had a big family party at out house for the birthdays of both boys. Boy am I exhausted today! We are heading up to the lake for a long 4th weekend, can't wait to get out of town and the boys can't wait to go fishing! Where are all the other July mommas?! Hope everyone is doing well!


littlekmom - June 29

Jodie--that's crazy about Kallie potty training! Mine shows no interest or readiness. Oh, well. Someday. K. turns 2 on July 10th. We're having the relatives over but not a big party--we're in the process of moving and our house will be almost entirely packed up at that point. I wanted to have a birthday party for her at our new house, once we moved, but it would be a few weeks late and, since she doesn't really get the idea of her birthday, I think we're just going to skip it. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and trucking along. I'm finally not so nauseaus and have a little bit of energy. I did find out that I'm having another girl! So excited!


TinaSos - June 29

Has anyones little ones liked choo choo soul from disney?


TinaSos - June 29

Littlekmom and MNMOM I so want to get preggo again but so nerves at the sametime.


jodie - June 29

Hey MNMOM...I still haven't decided on a baby #3...lol! I had my cut off date in may..lol..but I decided to extend it..ha! Littlekmom...the potty training is crazy! I'm not ready to dive in yet..but I am letting her do it at her own speed..lol. Hey Tina! Kallie loves to dance to choo choo soul! Her and Nick run around the room when they hear it come on!


MNMOM - June 30

LITTLEKMOM-you and I are very close in our pregnancies! I am 23 weeks and already ready to be done with this process! We chose not to find out the gender at our ultrasound, so it will be a huge surprise either way! TinaSOS-I totally get how you must feel! Have your drs been able to help you determine what has been casuing the MCs? I've been hearing alot on other forums about blood clotting disorders and other blood disorders which causes MCs...of course sometimes it is just horrible luck and no cause can be found. I was just wondering if you have gotten any answers. My heart really goes out to yoU! Don't give up though :) Ok I must really be out of touch, I have no idea what choo choo soul is! Hey Jodie-I'd say GO FOR IT! especially while you are young! Man, this pregnancy stuff is hard at my age!!!


TinaSos - June 30

No they havent been able to pin point. They don't think the two are related and they are not too concerned since I did have a healthy pregnancy with Jessica. It seems like if I MC again then they would worry. Like that is of any comfort, UGH! Anyway just trying to loss weight and keeping my fingers crossed that I will have a healthy pregnance soon! I heard about Choo Choo Soul through a friend who said here daughter just loves it (its on Disney). So I bought the CD/DVD combo on amazon for Jessicas birthday, I hope she likes it. I also got her an elmo one, she can't get enough of that red little guy! She is so into Baby Dolls too its to cute! We had gotten her the Bitty Twins (American Girl Dolls, great deal on QVC last December) but I think I will hold off till Christmas to give them to her. They came with a bunk bed too. They are for 3+ years so I thought Christmas would be better, and then I dont have to get her as much for Christmas...yeah right:), thats what I tell my DH at least:) Does anyone have a facebook account? I use to have Myspace but found more friends on facebook so it was easier to just have one account instead of trying to keep both updated:)


GloriaD - July 1

Hey there ladies! I hope I'm not intruding (again)! My lo will be 2 Sept 3rd but I think all the Sept. moms fell off the site.... Due in November with #4 and found out recently its a boy!!!! MNMOM- I was wondering how you were doing! I'm with ya on being ready for the pregnancy to be over. This one is not the "glowing pregnancy" that I had hoped for. The breathing problems I had got really awful and I ended up at the hospital on/off for over a week. Since I have heart issues I automatically get special testing when I walk in. I got put under general anesthesia and scoped to look at my heart which a portion is enlarged. They'll look again at 28 weeks preggo to see if its getting worse. They put me on some medications and switched me over to a perinatal office for the remainder of the pregnancy. It was all so scary. Turns out that the unisom was not a good thing for me. The breathing problems were a direct result of taking unisom for over six weeks. It seems I'm allergic... I feel 100 times better now. I am 18w 4d right now and its so hard to stomach another 21+ weeks of pregnancy.... Littlekmom and tinasos- how awesome that you're also expecting too! I haven't seen you guys on Nov. mommies... Jodie- how was CA? Enjoy your non preggo time:) Tinasos- I'm so addicted to facebook:)


MNMOM - July 1

Gloria - nice to see you around again! I have been wondering about you! So you are having a boy, tell me again what your almost 2 yr old is? I can't remember if you told me. (I can't remember much these days!) Sounds like you have had a rough go of it, scary stuff, glad you are ok! I have a facebook account too. I try not to commit too much time to it, but since my older brother lives in CO it is really the only way he and I communicate!


jodie - July 1

Hey ladies!! Gloria-we had a great time in Disneyland..the kids were amazing!!! Way better than I could have ever asked! We are hoping to take them again next year. I am glad you are doing better! I love facebook..lol! It's my main connection to people these days..lol! I have pretty much gone to facebook and sometimes update my myspace. I am on face book as Jodie Garton...lets be friends..lol! Hey tina, it's funny that you mentioned the bitty twins because I was just looking at those online yesterday! I think kallie would have a blast with them because she loves dolls and dressing and undressing them. It totally cracks me up! Which ones did you get her? Hey MNMOM...I was just talking to my hubby lastnight about having another baby...I think I am starting to really like the idea...but we really want to move closer to my hubbys work soon..so I think I might wait until we make a decision on where and when we are goining...I don't want to move while preg...no thanks!...lol.



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