July 07 Momma S Where Did Everyone Go

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jodie - July 1

Hey ladies!! Gloria-we had a great time in Disneyland..the kids were amazing!!! Way better than I could have ever asked! We are hoping to take them again next year. I am glad you are doing better! I love facebook..lol! It's my main connection to people these days..lol! I have pretty much gone to facebook and sometimes update my myspace. I am on face book as Jodie Garton...lets be friends..lol! Hey tina, it's funny that you mentioned the bitty twins because I was just looking at those online yesterday! I think kallie would have a blast with them because she loves dolls and dressing and undressing them. It totally cracks me up! Which ones did you get her? Hey MNMOM...I was just talking to my hubby lastnight about having another baby...I think I am starting to really like the idea...but we really want to move closer to my hubbys work soon..so I think I might wait until we make a decision on where and when we are goining...I don't want to move while preg...no thanks!...lol.


littlekmom - July 1

K. got Bitty Baby for Christmas this past year and loves her. I'm wondering if she might want a set of the twins this year (thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!). She doesn't dress her dolls without a lot of help from me but sure likes leaving them around without clothes. And Jodie, I'm moving this month and will be 25 weeks pregnant. My plan is that I'll sit in a comfy chair and point to where all of the big, heavy things go--though I'm still small enough that I'll be able to unpack and put things where I want them. Oh, but keeping the house clean and staged while pregnant? Didn't enjoy that so much.


TinaSos - July 1

Jodie I got the Twin girls one with brown hair one with blond hair. Now i wish we would have gotten her one of the boys inside of both girls. Oh well. I know she will love them! I will send you a friend invite for facebook I was on your myspace but got rid of that:)


GloriaD - July 7

Happy belated 4th of July!!!! I tried to find you Jodie on f/b, do you not have a picture? Maybe try to find me... Gloria Kirschman Damoiseaux. Might wanna cut/paste that one, my name's a long one!!!! MNMOM- you too! I use f/b all the time! Yes, I have one boy who's 9 and two daughters-6 1/2 and 22 months. This will make our family nice and round. I signed all the papers for a tubal ligation after I deliver this baby. I actually feel a ton better just doing that! I'm so over being pregnant, too bad I've got 20 weeks left! I also have a partial placenta previa right now that I'm hoping will move out of the way in the next few months. I haven't had a c-section yet so I'm hoping it works out that I don't need one this time either. Jodie- where does your husband work? Would you be moving closer into Seattle? Today I bought the first couple of things for baby. It really made it seem real:)


MNMOM - July 16

Gloria - what did you buy?? Just curious! I finally bought one thing last week - a new pink blanket to take to the hospital, just in case we have a girl! It was on clearance so I didn't feel too bad, if we have another boy I suppose I can gift it to somebody else. At some point I will buy a pink outfit too but otherwise I won't need much except diapers!


TinaSos - July 16

Jessica had her 2 year old check up today. She is 50% for weight and 75% for height, and everything looks good:) No shots which is even better!


littlekmom - July 16

K. had her 2 year check today, too! She's in, like, the 96th percentile for height and 75th for weight. Doc says according to that she'll be 6 feet tall as an adult--of course she won't really be. I was a tall child but am pretty average now (5'5"), and DH is my height. My guess is that she'll be about 5'3". Doc says that she should have about 50 words by now. I don't think she's got that many, but she seems okay. Do any of you gals have a kid with a big vocabulary at this point?


GloriaD - July 16

Hey MNMOM! you should find me on facebook, Jodie did! Well, I bought a new baby monitor. Its the camera kind which I already had but the new one has two cameras so you can watch both dd and new baby!!! It even has picture in picture:) I also bought a new papasan swing. I thought I was done after dd who's almost 7 and then again after dd who is 22 months so this is the third time that I've had to repurchase all the baby stuff. I gave it all away... including maternity clothes:( The only thing that has made it through was the highchair and the crib. I also bought a few sleepers because Costco had them (the Carters ones that are like terry cloth) for like $5. So not a lot! Gosh do I wish I hadn't gotten rid of everything... but all the stuff from dd 22months was pink so I guess that wouldn't have been right anyway! Buying the pink stuff is much more fun... they make the girls clothes so darn cute and frilly I love it! But its nice to buy something different... I haven't bought blue baby stuff in almost 10 years!!! How's pregnancy treating you? I feel like a whale all of a sudden... its hard to believe how many weeks remain when I feel so huge already!


jodie - July 17

Hey ladies! Gloria, I got rid of all my babystuff too...and now that we are thinking about adding on sometime soon, I wish we would have kept it all. I'm glad all the 2yr check ups went well! kallie goes in on tuesday next week! Hey Julie, kallie has a big vocabulary, but she has had a big brother to copy for the past 2 years. It's crazy because the little boy I babysit is only 5 weeks younger than kallie and he only says mama and dada...not a word of anything else. I have tried to teach him some sign...like for please or thankyou but he is just happy babbling..lol. Just goes to show that all kids develop on different levels..lol. We are headed to the childrens museum tomorrow! I love that place!


GloriaD - July 17

Hey Jodie- if you decide to do it again let me know, I could save all my stuff for you since you only live an hour away!!! It would be all boy colors though.....


jodie - July 17

lol! I would love another boy! Not that I don't love my girl...but man they are drama! We are in the process of deciding if we want to move or not...so I think ultimately the baby decision will be made after that one..ha!


jodie - August 7

hello ladies! So I think I have decided I am ready for 3...lol! I have been having baby fever MAJOR lately! Just need to seal the deal with the hubby...haha! With Nick and Kallie both, it took me 4 months to get preggo after I stopped birth control...so if the thats the same this time around and we start asap I will hopefully get preg by December! I feel like I am crazy..haha! How are you preggo mama's doing?


jodie - August 10

Hey ladies? Is everyone gone again??...lol! So it's official, my birth control is gone and it's baby making time again! haha! I held a 3 week old at a friends birthday party yesterday and oh man! I feel like this is going to be the longest ttc/pregnancy ever having to wait!...lol! How is everyone and our grown up 2yr olds?? Kallie is little miss sa__sy pants! She loves to back talk and make angry faces at me.


littlekmom - August 10

Good luck TTC #3. TTC this one seemed like it took forever, but I think that's because I got pregnant with K. on the first try, so I expected it would be the same. I'm sore and grumpy all of the time, but looking forward to meeting the kid in three months. It's hard to describe K's personality at this point, because she just seems to be very much "herself."


jeni23 - August 17

Hey ladys,congrats on the baby making Jodie,it is so much fun!!So are you hoping for a boy or girl?Yes girls are way mose sa__sy!!My boys are nore cuddly and mommy boys,my girls are little mommys and helpers in diffrent ways,there both awsome!Well good luck on ttc,and have a great day ladys.Try to take lots of pics to cuz it flys by,Gabriel is gonna be 7 months old this week already!!!!!


L1NDZ - September 6

Hey Ladies!! Hope you all remember me???? It's sure been a while! I think I was JUST preggo the last time I posted! Sorry....Well we had a little girl on April 3rd! Alyssa Emily Paige, 6lbs 14oz. Ashton is now 2 & Alyssa is now 5months. Congrats MNMom you are due in Oct right? How's everyone's toddlers? Testing your patience like mine loves to do? Ashton is talking like crazy!!He comes out with words we didn't even know he knew!! His newest sentence now is "What Happen?" and he says it for everything!!! LOL!! He also loves his little sister & is great at making her laugh! We are trying out potty training now...but one day is different from the next with him. Some days he's great at being a "big boy" other days...not so much...but he may not be completely ready yet. As for me...I "think" we are done? I am super happy w/my two..but am a bit sad that I will never be preggo again. Alyssa is a dream baby! She sleeps 12-16 hours at night...only cries when she wants something...such a dream! So I know if I have another...I'll get the colicky baby! Just Karma...ya know? Congrats Jodie on the big decision!!! I'm sure it won't take you long. Jeni ~ sounds like you are done...How is it with 4? Gabrial must be 6 months now right? Is he on solids now? We just started Alyssa on cereal..but I don't think she is quite ready yet..so may revisit it later. Anyways...just thought I'd check in and see how you all are doing! Hope you are all well! I will check in again....I promise!!! Havea great Labor Day!!



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