July O8 Mommies

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Charlibabe - October 1

So I notice no one has talked in the infant care forum in a long time....I havent' been on to recently but was wondering how everyone was doing.....But I guess we do have toddlers now lol. Anyway. Just saying hi and seeing who all is still here!!


Mari26me - October 3

Hey, I am a July 2008 mommy. My daughter is 14 months old now. This forum, especially infant care, has gone pretty dead. Ny daugther is doing great, and now we are expecting our 2nd child.


Charlibabe - October 3

Yea I member when I was pregnant with my daughter it was soo alive. They have changed a lot on here though. My daughter is a couple days short of 15 months and I am about 12 weeks pregnant wiht TWINS. Congrats on your pregnancy!!


stefkay - October 16

Hi girls! I come in an check in every so often, but not much anymore. Ava is doing amazingly and I can't believe how fast the time is flying! Congrats on your new pregnancies! When are you both due? We are definitely thinking about number 2 :)


Charlibabe - October 16

I am due with my Twins on April 18th but they told me I will probably be induced/c-section at 36 weeks. We will see. Glad Ava is doing good! Brooky is too! I can't believe how big she is already!! I am very excited for #2 and #3 lol, Even though it wasn't planned!


softbreeze200 - October 17

Hey ladies!! Stefkay, I know we have chatted lots in the past!! Jess is doing really well too and talking up a storm now, and just shy of 15 months too on the 23rd. Wow Charlibabe!! Congrats on your twins and Mari26me congratas to you as well!! Stefkay are you guys trying for number two now??


stefkay - October 27

Hi softbreeze! Yes, I think I can say yes to that...we'll see though. I'm more for it than dh, but he waffles on the topic. Glad to hear you all are doing good and Charli that is awesome about your twins! So so cool! How fun, you will have your hands full but in a good way :)


mjvdec01 - December 6

Hey ladies. I haven't been on in almost a year I think. How is everyone? Nathaniel will be 17 months on the 17th, and our daughter will be 4 in February. Nate is talking up a storm. He climbs everything and loves his trucks. No more babies on the radar here. Mari, congratulations, having a second baby is a lot more work. Charlie, TWINS! WOW! You will have your hands full. I can't imagine having a third child. How are the two of you feeling? Stef, so glad to hear Ava is doing well. Hopefully I'll talk to you ladies soon. Anyone have a facebook account? Look me up, Amanda Joy Venable.


Charlibabe - December 7

MJVDEC Yea I am very excited for twins! I am now 21 weeks along I feel...well I feel so tired and heavy I am about as big as I was when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter. At least I dont have morning sickness anymore. I did have to get surgery at 16 weeks though. My gall blatter was about to rupture from being pushed up so high. It sucked! But we are all fine. I found out one is a boy!! The other one *they are fraternal* wouldn't show me....So I either have 2 boys or a boy and a girl. Either would be nice. The one definate boy is Mitchell Washington..and if I have another boy we are thinking Matthew Earl and if its a girl...we aren't sure but I like Michelle Ellen. All the middle names are family names...by the way. Other girl names on our list are Makenzie, Maralynn, Marlee, Mary , Marilynn and Miranda. Names are sooo hard!! Glad you all are doing good!


stefkay - December 15

Hi girls! Amanda, I'll look you up on facebook, yes I use it all the time and have tons of pics of Ava there. Well, I didn't post my news the last time I was here b/c I just wanted to wait out the first tri, but I'm just over 13 weeks pregnant! Not planned, but very very happy and excited nonetheless. I forget how nerve wracking pregnancy is for me though, so I'm just trying to relax and trust that all will go fine. I've had 3 scans so far and baby seems to be doing well and growing properly. I'm waiting on the NT scan and screening results and probably won't find out till my 16 week appt at the end of this month, at least hope so b/c that means no news is good news. CHARLI, that is so cool to be carrying twins! I can't imagine how tired it must make you. I had enough morning sickness with this one. More than my pregnancy with Ava, but manageable. It's about gone now though. Well, I'm glad I checked in and I'll try to log in over here more and see how you all are doing!


Mari26me - December 18

Congratulations Sefkay!!! That is awsome, I wish you all the best. :)When is your due date? I am currently 17 weeks and my nausea is finally starting to go away. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Jan 5, and I think this time we are going to find out the s_x. I am curious to know if it will be another girl or a boy this time. I hope everyone else is well. Happy Holidays!!!! Marianne.


stefkay - December 24

Hi Marianne, I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow on Christmas Day, so I think my doc will probably have me wait until about 20 weeks for the gender scan, but we do want to find out. I'm thinking end of January? I'm excited!


Charlibabe - December 24

Wow everyone is having another little one already (including me!) How exciting. Stefkay-I bet you can't wait till January!! I know I can't I get another chance at a gender scan the 5th of January...One of mine didn't want to show me what it was. The other one was very proud he was a boy! lol. Well I am now almost 24 weeks I am so excited and its a very big relief to be in the "safe zone" soon. Especially with twins...this pregnancy definatly has been a tough one!


stefkay - January 5

Charli did you find out the s_x of the other baby? I went to my appointment and 1st tri screening was negative so that is good and I am scheduled for gender scan on January 28! Very excited!!!


Mari26me - January 5

Hey ladies, how is everyone feeling? I am finding out the s_x of our baby today. I am pretty excited! :) Last time we did not find out, but I really want to know this time. I will let u guys know the gender once we know. Sef, that is awsome you can find out the s_x on the 28th. I am glad ur 1st screening was negative. I better start drinking my water now, my appt is in just over an hour.


Charlibabe - January 5

Not yet....I go to find out TODAY! at 1:00 az time. I have like 3 more hours to go! OMG its taking forever. I am sooo hoping to find out what they both are. We found out that baby b was a boy last time but baby a wouldn't show me ANYTHING not even its face. Stef that is so cool you get your gender scan already! How exciting! I am 25 weeks today and I feel soooo huge. I am like as big as I was at full term almost already It so sucks and I still have quite a bit to go. I am hopin I make it the whole time!


Mari26me - January 5

Hey Stef & Charli, I found out today we are having a baby boy!! My hubby and I are pretty excited. We have our little girl and can hardly wait for our little boy to get here. :)



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