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Sprinkles - July 5

Hey Buckeye ! I remember you too ! And I am also pregnant again due in Jan I'm a little nervous about it myself but I think everything will work out .. it kinda has to haha ..I am looking forward to finding out the gender but other then that I am in no rush to the finish line this time ;)


buckeye74 - July 5

Fefer- mine will be 21 month apart too. I got prego in june when Dominic turned one. I am due the end of Feb or first few days of march- depending on the website. i have my first appt on july 24th. Congrats Sprinkles! i too am in no big hurry this time around. i think i will be a little less uptight and worried this pregnancy. How are your little one gals? walking yet?


DDT - July 5

Hi ladies! It's been a while! I eventually got AF (Thank God!)...it was 17 days late though. Crazy! It was one of the quickest and heaviest AF's I have ever experienced. Even the super duper tampons didn't cut it. We are not ready for a 3rd baby. I want to wait until Caden is going into Kindergarden. So, we are looking at another 2 years before TTC. The reasons: 1) daycare is way to much to pay for 3 kids 2) I cannot imagine how I would look after 3 kids mentally and physcially. With Caden in Grade K and Jaxon in Pre-school at least I will have the baby to myself the majority of the time. We went to visit Grandma for 5 days. It was Canada Day on the 1st July. we had a great time. Very tiring because the kids were both quite whiny and because of this heat (I can totally relate fefer!) they wouldn't settle down at bedtime. We spent a lot of time outside. Jaxon has two new teeth. So, that's a total of 6! haha, not that many but are getting somewhere. He walks like crazy. Gets into lots of positions without losing balance, does slopes, steps over things so has good balance. He seemed to master it so quickly. OMG and he climbs stairs like an insane monkey! I am running after him all the time. Our place is still on the market! =( Our contract runs out mid-Sep so if it hasn't sold by then we will take it off the market and let it sit until Spring '10. I have family visiting over the next 2 weeks. Some I haven't seen in 10 years. Family visiting from CA, USA, England, South Africa and Alberta, Canada. Big family reunion! I want to also go strawberry picking this month, and also see two new babies. Two friends of mine had two little girls....they were both hoping for a boy because they each have a girl already. New baby girl names are Elise Pauline & Sierrah Grace. Pretty names! Have a good night all! I have work tomorrow morning. Blah!


DDT - July 5

Congrats buckeye! My two boys are 15 months apart. It's a lot of work but lots of fun to. You learn to adapt and get used to juggling your time and energy. I hope your pregnancy goes smoothly!


fefer1 - July 6

DDT- congrats I guess on your test results?? :) I had a month like that, really late, then super heavy flow. This month, super light, hardly any cramping. Weird. The heat has been killer - my kids will not go to sleep well, get cranky outside because they can only handle it for so long, my house upstairs has been 85-88 degrees so I can't cook or do anything and they only want to play downstairs or outside and then get bored doing that all day. I can't go to the beach or the pool because I can't safely watch 2 kids and my husband has been tiling the bathroom shower. Thank goodness it's almost done! One tile to go and grout and we are DONE!!! We played in the baby pool out back all weekend and as some of you know, on the 4th of July Levi got up and walked. Tim was outside with him and I was pitting cherries in the kitchen watching him out the window. He was playing with a big beach ball, picked it up and stood up. Then he just took a step or two and threw it in the pool. It's amazing, once they start, how quickly they pick it up! The very next day he was taking a LOT more steps and looking like he knew what he was doing. He seems to do it only when holding something like a toy or a ball. :) It's so weird to see my baby walking! Even though he's the last to do start - haha. He's never been in much of a rush though has he? Two teeth, two weeks late and late walking. Ok,he's not late, he's still above the "average" mark according to the statistics. ahhhh... DDT - does he walk the stairs or crawl the stairs? Levi crawls them like crazy but of course, he doesn't get a chance to because we have a gate. :) Outside is a problem because he wants to climb up the deck - very high!!! I love this cooler weather we have today DDT!! We've been scorched. :)


newlywed0915 - July 7

Hey everyone! I can't believe we're in the toddler forum! I tried to catch up on everything, but its hard to! First off, Happy Belated Bday to all the babies! Amanda, congrats on this great opportunity at college! What a blessing! Dawn, I know I said it before, but congrats again, Fefer, I'm sorry about the rough month for your family. Hopefully this month goes a lot better! Buckeye, congrats!!! I MIGHT be joining you.... SO I THINK I REALLY AM PREGGO THIS TIME! :-D But still not sure! I bought 5 of those New Choice hpts a week ago and got two negatives. Yesterday I spontaneously tested midday and forgot to check it, but 30 minutes later there was a very very faint pink line. TOday I took two in a row and watched them "dry" within 10 minutes and I have two more very faint positives...BUT COULD they BE EVAP lines?!!! My cycles were all off, so who knows really! I had a 62 days cycle, then a 38 day one, and now I'm like a week or so late. DH and I WERE trying, so I really hope we are, but I have to go buy an EPT I think to ease my mind. Symptoms are complete b___hiness with mood swings to my DH the last week or so. I snapped at him at least half a dozen times on Sunday. Noticed some gooey CM, and Im kinda bloated. On Sat and Sun I coulnd't eat a lot because I was full so fast. With a bbq on the 4th, I thought I'd get 2 burgers down, but I barely made it through 1 and it took me a good 45 minutes to finish it. Other than that, I'm fatigued...but I dunno if I'd count that one, because who ISN'T fatigued with a toddler?!


eastcoast - July 7

Hey all -toddlers!!!! OMG -I can't believe we're over here now! So I'm back to work now (boo!!!!) and oddly enough, will probably have more time to post on here since I'm not running after my little man all day;) Since I extended my mat leave for a month, dh and I decided to wait ttc for a month so that I'll be sure to get my required hours at work to qualify for mat leave benefits again before I get pregnant. So we're going to start trying this month, but Christie, I totally hear you on the irregular periods bit. I have no idea what's going on with my body -used to be like clockwork and since Kai was born I've had a 35 day cycle and a 40 day cycle -crazy! Needless to say, it may take awhile before anything happens, but who knows. Gabby, you're right -it's hard to 'chat' on fb, and some of the things we talk about on here I wouldn't want to put on there anyway! Fefer, congrats on Levi walking -they're growing up so quickly. Buckeye, congrats! I remember you too, and I hope you have a healthy pregnancy:) Dawn, your rants crack me up -and in some of your status updates on fb, I laugh to my self and think 'man, she sure sounds pregnant';)


Sprinkles - July 7

Pam I know .. not everyone on there knows Im pregnant so they probably think what is wrong with this chick haha I def have no patience for anything right now .. I am filled with anger or exhaustion lol ...only happy when my baby doll is with me .. but in regards to anyone else I deal with I am a raging lunatic lol !!


Sprinkles - July 7

I went to my doctors appointment today too - I am exactly 11 weeks 1 day and they did the pap and all that fun stuff - then I got to see my munchkin on the ultrasound :) so cute! yayyyy ... I want to go on the 1st tri forum but i dont know .. I dont feel the same way about them as I do you !!


buckeye74 - July 7

Wow, so good seeing all you gals on this forum still. Newleywed, keep us posted on the possible pregnancy. i took 4 pregnancy tests over a few days before i was totally convinced i was prego b/c it was faint. I did notice when i changed brands from generic to an actual brand it seemed to be less faint. other than being exhausted i feel pretty much ok. hopefully this pregnancy is easier. If anything, i won't have time to be miserable chasing after my one year old!


fefer1 - July 7

my periods are still irregular but getting better...I was going 5-6 weeks between but now I seen to be right on - first of the month. :) But, I SHOULDN'T have to worry about getting pregnant since of the vasectomy. Weird all of you having babies again - I feel left out! :) I got pregnant pretty easily after Rachel turned one - In fact, it was a week after her birthday. This month is really weird though. Got my period friday, very light and not very many PMS symptoms, Monday, gone, Tuesday, slightly here. Weird if you ask me. Usually it drags out for 6 days - but never stops after 3 and then comes back for a day.


newlywed0915 - July 8

Yay, Levi walked on July 4th and Dante clapped for the first time! I've been trying ot teach him for a couple months now and he started clapping spontaneously at the bbq! Lol! Hes been taking some steps on his own too. Dawn, I'm so glad you got to see your little one. 11 weeks and 2 days now...you're a week away from the second trimester!!!! Pam, yeah, b___stfeeding does throw our cycles off. I spent the last month slowly weaning Dante and now hes down to 4 feedings a day and few couple bottles of whole milk. Heather, thats strange, you're last weird period. Woulnd't that be kind of exciting if you found out they botched your husbands operation???!!!!Hahahahah! Lol, okay maybe not...but still! Because its looks like a lot of us are going to be on that Preggie Train again! I took a digital test this morning! PREGNANT!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! We are so EXCITED!!!!!!


buckeye74 - July 8

Congrats newleywed! Are you due in March? Looks like we will have close due dates again! I can't believe a lot of you are still b___stfeeding. I would've loved to b___stfeed longer than i did. I stopped at 4 months b/c I went back to work and they had nowhere to pump or anything. Anyway, I am no longer working so this time around I plan to bf as long as possible.


fefer1 - July 8

congrats Newlywed! wow - am I the only one NOT pregnant?? haha...NO it would freak me out if they botched his Vasectomy!!! I just sold everything baby related. :) I'm pretty sure it worked though - it was just a strange period. I have NEVER had a short one. I'm ok with it though. Clapping - yay for Dante! Levi won't wave at anyone. He tried a couple months ago but then hasn't done it since. Wow - 4 times a day still??? I was done almost a month ago, he gave it up pretty easy once I cut him off. :) I feel so freeeeeee!!!


eastcoast - July 8

Dawn, I was wondering baout that. There were a few tiems I wanted to 'comment' on your staus update on fb, but then I thought 'nope, better keep that comment to myself in case not everyone knows';) Christie, YAYYYYYYYY!!! Congratulations!!! I'll be interested in hearing how the b___stfeeding goes now that you're pregnant. Up until I started back to work (last week), Kai was still nursing 4-5x/day -now it's only 2x since I'm not home. Some of my friends noticed a big difference when they got pregnant again while still nursing. Dante may just wean himself off on his own. Fefer, nope you're not the only one -although I'm hoping to be sometime within the next couple of months;) Does anyone know how many baby teeth they're supposed to get? Kai now has 11 (that I know of -he won't let me check his upper molars), but they seem to just keep coming! Has anyone taken their babes to the dentist yet? Some of the dentists here prefer to see the babes when they're about a year old to make sure that things are devloping as they should -teethwise, I guess. Just wondering if anyone's gone yet. I'll think I'll make an appt for Kai later this summer.


fefer1 - July 8

wow - dentist at one? My pedi said she was fine until 3, then she should start going in. I think they have 20 baby teeth but I can't remember for sure. Rachel just got her first molars a couple of months ago...the big ones. :) That was NOT a fun process. Her top ones haven't come in yet though. I'm also making her an appt this summer.



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