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DDT - July 26

Hi ladies! newlywed: I never showed earlier with Jaxon. I don't think its a given with every subsequent pregnancy but depends on the woman and the individual pregnancy. I didn't start showing (like you could notice I was pregnant)until about 22 wks. With Caden it was actually earlier at about 19 wks. I never really grew much during the 1st-2nd tri's, but popped right out during the 3rd tri with both pregnancies. Especially during the 27-30 wk point. I never has m/s or nausea with either of my pregnancies. I did have faintness and dizziness though. And killer migraines with Caden. Oh, and sciatic with Jaxon. Never had any bleeding...that must be scary. But I have read and heard that it's fairly common. Jaxon is also starting to "talk" and babble a lot. He is responding to a lot of one-step instructions. Like when I tell him to get something or give me something. He points, gestures and grunts to things. He says dog & mama clearly. He makes the same noises for the same things, but the noises can't always be understood at this point. I think he is starting to wean off the bottle himself. I was preparing myself for hell because I planned on cutting him down to just one bottle over the next 2 weeks. But over the last week he isn't wanting his bottle in the afternoon anymore. I will just cut it out, and then we are left with his morning bottle (which he loves and cries for hysterically!) buckeye74: don't worry about Dominic not walking yet. It will come and will happen out of the blue. Caden didn't start walking until he was 14 months old and I was 34 wks preggo with Jaxon. That was hard on my back! Just give him lots of opportunity for practice but don't push it either if isn't enthused about it. Jaxon is teething big time! I think he might be getting 2 more teeth on the bottom jaw. We are going away next weekend to visit my MIL on the Island again. Also visiting my BIL & his GF. Have a great week & weekend girl! Try to enjoy this blistering heat wave fefer!


fefer1 - July 26

Levi is teething big time too - he's not usually bad during the day but he has started to freak out at random times. Finally broke out the tylenol again today. His top ones look like they are coming in - I would guess any day now. This heat is going to be killer DDT. It's 85 in my house already and its not even 2pm. Our rooms are all stuffy - but I kept all the doors/windows/curtains shut today and it kind of feels better than when I leave them open. We have a makeshift skylight screen too. :) Tim put some wood together and stapled some thick paper to it and stuck in up in the window. It gets SO hot in here with those things! My bathroom is a sauna! It's nice that it lets the light in but it makes it unbearable in the summer. Levi just started walking too buckeye - at 13 months - and here he is at 13 1/2 really walking around like a pro. Both my kids were later - its totally normal - even up to 18 months. I was just reading that the other day. I still have to carry him everywhere since he's not so good at it yet but he's so much happier being mobile. like that. :) Dawn - I was super moody with Levi. One minute fine, the next watch out. Driving made me super angry too. :) Glad you have someone to yell at haha - your poor mom! Ok, gonna try to get cooled off while the kids are napping.


eastcoast - July 27

Fefer and DDT, I'm so jealous of all the heat you're having! Here, it's like the summer that didn't happen -we've been having lots of cloudy, cool days this summer. Weird, but I don't mind so much since I'm back to work;) Buckeye, I didn't have fibroids, but a couple of my friends did and they also had spotting (didn't turn out to be a problem though). Try not to worry about it, I'm sure everything will be fine:) Christie, I don't see any belly pic either. Did you post it on facebook or something? Dawn, I totally hear you about the getting angry while driving -I used to hate driving when I was preg with Kai 'cause it seemed like everyone driving (other than me of course;) was a complete moron. Oh and ladies, guess what? I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!! Yippeeeee!!!! I can't believe it happened the first time (same as with Kai -weird). Other than dh, nobody knows, so please don't mention anything on fb (for those of you who are on there). I have yet to make a Dr's appt, but I took 3 hpt tests last week and they all came back positive:) I want to wait awhile longer though before we start telling ppl. Especially since I just started back to work less than a month ago. And so the roller coaster ride begins -again;)


Sprinkles - July 27



fefer1 - July 28

I'm dying!!!! It's soooo hot here!!! 98 right now, feels like 198!!! It's going to be like this for a few more days too - it sucks!! I need AC!!!!!!!!! Congrats Eastcoast! I'm heading out to get wet in the pool.....


newlywed0915 - July 29

Congratulations PAM!!!!! Yay! I bet you're due around March like Buckeye and I! Lol! Thats so exciting! Buckeye, at least you know that its fibroids and not anything else, you know? I've seen on a couple of those baby shows that only the very serious ones (people who have chronic uterine fibroids) need operations during pregnancy, but I doubt you have a very serious case of fibroids, especially if you've never had them before. Thats crazy that you and I have the same due date!!!! Fefer, you were right about the nausea! It just kicked in this week!!! Good news is that I havent puked yet. I missed my appt yesterday! :-( It was 1.5 hours away (since I haven't switched docs yet) and my brakes were going out on our truck, so I didn't want to drive out there. The earliest they can see me next is Aug. 12th! I really want my U/S and bloodwork done sooner...So Im going to try and see if they have any cancellations this week. I may end up transferring to my old doc out here( the one I had with Dante bf we moved to KC). But I really really love my midwife! I wish she could deliver all my children! Pam, keep us posted on teh pregnancy. DDT---You're next!!! lol


newlywed0915 - July 29

I cant get my belly pic ot upload! I might put it on facebook! Oh, and Louise might be preggers too! Shes not sure yet!


fefer1 - July 29

all I"m saying is - it's 105 degrees outside and 101.5 inside my HOUSE!!! DYING!!


newlywed0915 - July 29

OMG, Heather! what is up with that heat?!!! Your poor little family!!!!


fefer1 - July 30

it is really hot here - it has never been this hot in Seattle, records are broken all over the place. I just found out that the high recorded temp in Vegas is 108 - well it was very close to that here - and warmer in some areas. It's disgustingly hot. My poor kids! It's going to be about 100 again today so we're going to stay with some friends who have AC and a pool.I would have gone there earlier but my grandparents have been here. ahhhh........


Sprinkles - July 30

fefer how come you guys don't run out and get a a/c even a small one for maybe one room at least - to have One area in your house where you can go to and cool off? I would never be able to sit in that heat. I have two air conditions and I was thinking of getting a 3rd the other day cause it was hot that day and i wanted one in my room since violet is now in my old room and she has the only upstairs air condition - but I cant get it in my window cause I forgot its still broken it falls open so it wont hold the ac.. I would be laying in a bath tub all day if I lived there and didnt have ac lol .. or sit outside with a sprinkler on me all day LOL


gabby509 - July 31

Hi girlies! Congrats Pam!!!!! There are so many of us preggie again. So I will be 32 weeks tomorrow and I am definitely feeling super pregnant at this point. The other day I even started getting double vision and seeing spots, so my doc had me come in and my bp was a little elevated, but they think it's due to the heat. I also had an abnormal 3-hour glucose test, so I'm on the gestational diabetes diet without the insulin injections. For those of you on facebook, my nurse was wrong and that's why I said I pa__sed my 3 hour test, but I certainly did not. Christie, what's your full name so I can look you up on facebook? Fefer, I do not know how you do it without any air conditioning. We have a 1000 square foot rowhome and we have 2 window units downstairs, and 2 upstairs, lol. We keep the ones downstairs at 65 degrees and then the one in King's room is at 68 and the one in our bedroom is at 60. I HATE the heat, and being this pregnant just would not work for me. Oh and let me just tell you all what my lovely fiance did, sorry I love him dearly but I have to complain for just a second. So he thought he was being a good guy and he took all the money we had out of the bank to fix my car. Well that was the rent money! Seriously, how clueless are men? He was so proud of himself too, he came home and was like babe, I got you new brakes and tires, and this stupid fan thing. So now I'm searching for an extra $400 to make rent this month. I could seriously kill him! I have been super emotional lately too. It's making me get frustrated with myself, if that makes any sense. I've just been bursting into tears at random things that are so not tear worthy. Ok well I'm gonna go lay down while King is napping (my only sanity of the day).


DDT - July 31

Hi gals! Hot, hot, hot! I feel your pain fefer! On Wed we broke records for the heat in our city. It was 109F!! Its slightly cooler today but is still freakin hot at 99F. I am attempting to take the kids to the lake to enjoy the water and sand. I have a little helper today...my dh's Mom's bf's daughter (complicated) is visiting. She is 11 years old and GREAT with the kids. She amuses them and helps feed them for me. I wish she was here permanently! Not really much news to report. Jaxon is on one bottle a day now. Still eating like crazy. He is 14 months old today and weighs 24.8lbs and is 33in long. He is really into stacking toys and Mr Potatoe head. He loves fitting things into each other. He is still on two naps when he is at home...but at daycare on just one. My daycare lady says she battles to get him down for a nap in the morning so gives him a earlier afternoon nap at about 11:30-12pm. But at home I have no problems getting him down for two naps...that being said they are shorter now (about 1-1.5hrs each). We are busy this month. Going away this weekend (its a long weekend so won't be home until next Tues). Then dh's is taking the boys along with his Dad campin, an annual extended family BBQ, & a we have booked with a professional photographer to take outdoor family pics towards the end of the month. I am looking forward to that! I hate those department store photo places. The photos always look so cheesy and staged. We want something we can appreciate forever. AND I found a photographer for a reasonable price...$100 for the 1hr session and about 15-20 photos. We have to pay to get the ones we picked developed though. We are going to go and get them done outside in a field with trees ect. Perfect with the season. Now I just have to find perfect outfits for the boys...any suggestions? gabby: Argh! I can't believe your husband did that! where did he think the money was going to come from to pay the rent? I am a__suming you are the one in charge of the finances? oh well, he did mean well. Too bad your failed the gluose testing. what is the diet like? were you induced because of your BP with King? fefer: we don't have any AC's either. I can't bear to spend the money when our "hot" season is fairly short. Brutal but short...I am determined to be a trooper and just get through it. We have fans going in every room and it isn't too bad. Luckily my daycare lady had AC's at her place so the kids are extra comfy there. I just dress them light, give them plenty of water and try not to go outside too much. Okay, have a great weekend everyone! I got to get our bags packed for our lake excursion today.


fefer1 - August 1

they are all sold out...


newlywed0915 - August 2

Gabby: my full name is Christienne Riccomini. You should be able to find me..I'm in KC, Mo. I hope your BP doesn't keep spiking! Thats what happened to me with Dante last time towards the end. Keep us posted!ABout your fiance spending rent...oh gall! I've been there too!!! I sometimes wonder if they EVER think. ;-) Im sure you'll figure out a way to solve the problem he created...thats what we women are good at! lol! Fefer: I really hope that heat cools off soon. We're havign a weird week here. Its like 65 degrees at night and in the morning. In August! I don't mind it at all, but I hope some of it moves your way! DDt: Way to go on finding a great deal for photos! I still don't know where to take Dante for his 1 year pics! So you guys, I need you all to tell me I'm crazy. I cant shake the feeling that I'm having twins.First off...I've dreamt that I had a U/s and there were two, and last night I dreamt I gave birth to boy/girl twins (which is what my Dad is). I woke up with a feeling of dread. LOL! There are little things that may or may not be signs of twins...i.e: twinges and round ligament pain much more frequently and a lot earlier than last time. I got a BFP 8 days late this time, whereas with Dante I was 26 days late. I am soooo tired and nauseous throughout the day.... and I started showing at like 7 weeks...but thats normal I heard for 2nd pregnancies. I HAVE lost 5 lbs...but I lost 12 with Dante before the 2nd Tri...so I'm not really suprised there. Anyway---you guys probably think Im INSANE. But the thing is, they say to listen to your maternal intuition and gut and mine says twins. Have you guys ever been wrong about your intuitions? I am just terrified my intuition is right. I can't shake it! Agggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My U/s is like 10 days away!!!!!!!!! help....me......


newlywed0915 - August 2

heres another thing...I'm feeling flutters....????!!!which is probably gas....right? Cuz I felt definite movement with Dante at 17 weeks...and flutters around 12 weeks....



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