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ImpatientMommy - January 28

the other one was reaching our limit haha


momtbc - January 28

Hey! I'm here. I know what you mean about cleaning. But, I think it has to do with the weather. I've been cleaning everything and anything! Mostly because we are stuck in the house and I feel like it needs to be EXTRA clean, and partly because....Taylor is sick now! She started throwing up this morning. I want to go to their school and clean! Parents send their kids to school when they are not completely over illnesses only to spread the germs around to everyone else! I am getting so mad, because this happens to us every year from mid january to mid march. Well, at least I know what to expect. Taylor today, another child within the next couple of days, then another, then another and Chris and I will be dotted in their as well! NEWBABY- Good luck! Make sure you sit as much as you can!


ImpatientMommy - January 28

I know what you mean. Jo doesn't go to daycare and isn't school aged but it still makes me mad. Over this past month I've watched my sister-in-law and brother-in-law send their daughter to daycare 3 days a week with a HORRIBLE cold that ended up being like bronchitis or something and then pink eye. I was like c'mon now! I didn't say anything to them directly but I told Rob... I'd NEVER send my daughter to daycare like that.


gurinsa - January 29

Its hard to keep the daycare bugs away - thats for sure. The kids are always going to have some kind of germs..Kaitlyn has ANOTHER horrible cough and I'm sure its from daycare. It breaks my heart to hear her coughing at night..momtb..hope everyone is feeling good!!


gurinsa - January 29

Guess what?! I am getting so excited to put Kaitlyn's new room together!! I have been looking at catalogs for ideas and can't wait!! When do you guys think you'll move to regular beds? I was thinking May or June to give her time before the baby in September. But she'll still be so young? There are so many adorable cute rooms for girls - its gonna be soooo fun!!!!!


ImpatientMommy - January 29

GURINSA- As much as I'd love to move Jo to a big girl bed because A. they have such cute bedding available for little girls! and B. it's an excuse to buy new bedding haha but I'm so scared too! Jo can't get out of her crib so I think I'm just gonna try and keep her in there as long as I can. But I love looking at catalogs... Pottery Barn has such amazzzzing bedding, I'm like obsessed with it haha and I also get this catalog in the mail called Company Kids. Go to thecompanystore.com and look at some of their bedding, sooooo cute!!!


gurinsa - January 29

IMP!! YES!! I got the company kids catalog yesterday and I was ALL OVER IT!! I love it! And of course, Pottery Barn kids too but company kids looks like it might be a little more affordable :)


momtbc - January 29

GURINSA- Good to hear from you. How are you feeling? Taylor went to school today. She was better by dinnertime and hadn't thrown up for a good portion of the day, so I told her if she gets too tired today to go to the nurse and I will come get her. But, I think it was just one of those 12 hour bugs. I think if you're up to it, move them to a big bed when you think is right. I moved Taylor too early and we paid for it by her getting in our bed EVERY night until she was in Kindergarten. I was pregnant and too tired to fight initially, and to be honest, it didn't really bother me. Then, Blake did really well at switching and Connor doesn't even want to sleep in our bed! Taylor was just about 1 1/2, and it was such a bad idea for her. But, the boys were both just about two, if not a little more. I just can't imagine switching Samantha right now. She'd be EVERYWHERE! But, I can't wait to decorate her room with new sheets, etc. It will be fun! Oh, and I finally was able to post some new stuff on the blog. I have been slacking!


ImpatientMommy - January 29

Yeah I feel like 19 months is way too soon for Jo at least. I really would like to keep her in her crib for as long as possible, but obviously if it gets to the point where she's attempting to get out and she could if she tried then yeah I'd have to do the switch, but I really don't think that time is coming any time soon.


newbaby2009 - January 30

Rylie will be in here crib for quite a while longer. We just bought a brand new one for her and the new babys getting hers so we can change her room look a little. The way i see it, she sleeps good in it and hasnt ever tried to get out so why mess with a good thing? I know she wouldnt stay in a toddler bed, as soon as i left the room she'd be up. And with her room being upstairs now i worry about her geting up and getting over the baby gate somehow and falling down the stairs.


ImpatientMommy - January 30

Yeah I'm hoping to keep Jo in her crib until she is old enough to understand the whole concept of a big girl bed and we can talk about it a little better. But I am very excited to get cute bedding haha


momtbc - January 30

Isn't it just my luck that as soon as we start talking about switching to a big girl bed, that I walk in as Samantha is trying to escaper her crib! Luckily, her "largeness" is holding her back at this point! just kidding! But, if she gets any closer, we'll be switching - SO NOT WHAT I WANT TO DO, RIGHT NOW! do any of your little ones follow you around ALL DAY! She will not be independant at all, lately. If she's not in the bathroom with me, she's in the kitchen with me pulling a chair up to the counter. She's like my mini-me...only a little more annoying...I can't get her to play alone for more than five minutes. I will sit with her, get her started and once she's engaged, walk away, but as soon as I leave she yells, "mommy!" and comes running - even though she has more than enough playmates! She is TOTALLY exhausting me lately. I think part is due to her last two teeth poking through, but the other I think is because of the mixed up schedule lately because of the bad weather. When Chris gets home, all I have wanted for the last couple of days is ten minutes away from her! Sad, but true! haha!


newbaby2009 - January 31

momtbc- haha that is Rylie to a T! It makes me wonder why we bother to buy her so many toys. She never plays with them, shes my shadow all day. As soon as i start to leave the room shes right behind me. When i do manage to escape without her seeing me, i get like 5 feet out of the room and its "mommy!" and here she comes running. If i go to the bathroom its "mommy gotta potty." If im fixing lunch its "mommy is cookin" over and over again. Does anyones elses toddler have a repeat function that seems to always be on? She will say the same thing a million times until you acknowledge what shes saying. Like if our cat Mischief comes into the room (she calls him mooka) its " mooka moka mooka mooka mooka mooka mooka mooka" I want to scream " i see the d__n cat, shut the hell up already!" Lol. I gotta find her d__n repeat b___ton and turn it off. But i miss her so much. 9 days is a loonngg time to not see my girl :( Though i know shes getting spoiled at grandmas. Shes always quite something to deal with after shes been with grandma for a weekend, i cant imagine 9 days. Doing an engine change today. The engine in the car was a piece last night. Finished 7th in the B. Not how we wanted to start the year off but we didnt know how the engine was goning to run being the first race of the season. It was cold last night. Like 35-40 degrees. Beats the -2 and 10 inches of snow up home though!


ImpatientMommy - January 31

MOMTBC- Well you know how Jo is teething pretty much 24/7 since she was umm... 4 months old? haha LITERALLY... well she does that a lot. And I think it does have something to do with it. She doesn't do it like 24/7 she can play on her own but when she's cranky because of her teeth she does that and even when she's not visibly cranky but her gums are still bothering her she'll do that. I'm so used to being home alone with Jo and peeing with the door half open so she can come in that last night I did that. The bathroom is like right outside our bedroom door so I left the bedroom door open and the bathroom door half open because I'm so used to it and I start peeing and Rob goes "DO YOU HAVE THE DOOR OPEN!?" hahahaha so I can't believe Samantha was trying to escape her crib! UH OH! I can understand you with the whole NOT wanting to deal with that just yet. NEWBABY- Jo says the same thing a lot too. Sometimes I think it's funny because if she asks me for a cup for example... she'll go "cup? cup?" and I act like I don't hear her so she keeps saying it but she gets closer and closer to my face until she's basically touching my face and saying it haha it cracks me up big time. Then I go "Oh, you want a cup?" and she'll get really excited and go "OKAY!"


ImpatientMommy - January 31

Geeez... Jo took her nap so late today. I looked at the clock when she finally fell asleep and it was 1:35! I didn't even bother trying till around 10 minutes before that because she just was not seeming like she was ready for a nap. I'll probably have to wait until like 8 to put her to bed tonight so she's not just sitting there... she probably still will but at least this way it won't be for as long.


IrinaZ - February 1

So what did I miss? Anyone got knocked up in the last thread? Just checking in - we are visiting my in-laws this weekend in Boston (Hi IMP!!!) and just got back from the Children's Museum - Nick had a great time!


ImpatientMommy - February 1

We haven't brought Jo to the Boston Children's Museum yet but I made Rob promise we'd go a lot this summer! It looks so much fun, I saw pictures of my friend who took her kid there and it looked awesome! HI IRINA! haha it's so weird that we're so close right now! Anyone doing anything for the Super Bowl? I could care less haha I did a BUNCH of laundry yesterday and today and I plan on just folding tonight haha I did buy Honey BBQ Chicken Wings for me and Rob because he wanted "something fun to eat during the game" haha what a guy.



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