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ImpatientMommy - March 3



pebblesnbambam - March 3

I didn't figure that she would blurt it out to tell me.. .most U/S techs ask if you want to find out.. plus at 15 weeks didn't figure they could tell.. So I didn't say anything until after she said that she saw what she thought was twigs and berries... Still makes me MAD! Jenna has just been testy!!! Yells for no reason, crabby, throwing things... just not herself... I am sure it is a combo of the teeth and coming up on terrible 2's ladies!!!


britt_m - March 3

Alexea can be a big crab too. Sometimes if shes asked to do something even if its something she likes she retaliates, haha! They are feeling better now, still have the cough but it sounds much better and they have they're voices back (darn, hehe) poor Jaidyn sounded so pitiful. Its warm here now, 90s yesterday and mid 80's today.


pebblesnbambam - March 4

Well, Jenna had a ROYAL b__wout last night. I went into our bathroom to wash my face and I shut the door... GOD FORBID I SHUT THE DOOR!! Barry is good at letting me have a few minutes to myself in the evenings so told her she could not go in.. WHOA.. she SCREAMED... at the TOP OF HER LUNGS!! He sent her to her room.. then she kept coming back to our bathroom.. knocking on the door and I would say.. just a minute.. SCREAM!! Finally I opened the door and told her when she was done crying she could come in. Finally she stopped. ARG! I just keep telling myself.. stay calm!! WOW.. just heard a story about a mom that got a ticket for b___stfeeding her one year old WHILE DRIVING! She is fighting it.. thinks it is ok since the toddler was screaming. During the interview the child was crying and she stuck her head under her shirt and started B/F.. HAVE SOME CLASS!!!!!! Britt.. Hopefully everyone is healed soon!! 80's.. WOW.. where are you? We are in the 20's today and that is a HEAT WAVE FOR US! Well, 3rd day in a row exercising.. feeling really good.. so that is why I am on here.. have a few minutes before going to take a shower... wanted to check in!


ImpatientMommy - March 4

Ugh... Jo is driving me nuts. Today she is just literally ATTACHED to me so I haven't even been able to get dressed or do ANYTHING. Right now I'm sitting on the couch with her laying on top of me. God forbid I even leave her sight for a minute today she freaks out. She also does not want ANYTHING in her mouth. I'm literally having to force her to drink her water that I give her after breakfast just so she'll have some fluids. She'll drink her milk no problem though. She just doesn't want to eat anything, anything I show her or offer her it's like I'm offering her a dead mouse on a plate or something. I can not WAIT for these 4 eye teeth to come through... I'm hoping we have a short break before the 4 back molars start but with our luck (and Jo's teething history) they'll start bothering her the second the others are all the way in. So i went out with my sister last night! We went to the mall... I got 2 pairs of jeans that were on sale for $19.90 each at H&M... originally $40 each. I was really excited about! haha We also went to go see Confessions of a Shopaholic, it was so cute! PEBBLES- Jo will act like that when she's tired. Or when Rob JUST gets home from work and Jo is all excited and then he goes in the bathroom she will freak out. She'll just stand outside the door knocking and crying/whining. Sounds like that woman should get more than just a ticket! She was DRIVING with her 1 year old on her lap b___st feeding!? there are so many offenses there she should be arrested or looked into by family services. NEWBABY- How are things going with the... well... new baby! haha


britt_m - March 4

Whoa I looked at the thermometer at 8 its in partial sun at that time, its coming in that direction but not on it, it said 105. But now it says 87 at 10, in the shade so its definately over their "winter rainy" season. PEBBLES - I live in San Diego. Sometimes it gets so frustrating with her little 'tude! I have to take a deep breath (or two) and tell her ok, this is not how you act when you want __ . So you are going for a timeout until you stop crying and ask nicely. It usually takes 1-2 minutes and she'll stand up and sniffle over to me and ask for what she wanted, so I'll give her a big hug and tell her thank you now lets go get your __. I've put her in her bedroom once, I was at my wits end! But she opens doors now and can lock them! We have to get a few more of those door handle covers. I heard about that lady bfing her kid! She tried to say something along the lines of if my child is hungry I'm not going to let her scream or go hungry. Why wouldn't she just pull over if her kid was that hungry! She probably would have been stopped to unbuckle the child and bring her up there with her?!?! IMP - Thats a good deal. I have to go soon and get some more clothes before I go to WTC (training). We are going home literally right before I leave so I won't have time then and itd be nice to see family in decent clothes, I don't remember the last time I went shopping for myself, haha!


newbaby2009 - March 4

Just popping in for a monute while both girls are sleeping. Gotta catch up on some cleaning. Things are going much better. I dont want to jinx myself but i think the meds are working. Last 3 nights Mylie has been asleep by 1030, only waking twice overnight, and no screaming!! Rylie has stopped using the potty. Its sooo frustrating. She'll go hide and poop. Ugh, i dont know what to do. She was doing so good, would go all day without going in her diaper even out in public.


ImpatientMommy - March 4

Oh no!!! Do you think it's because of the new baby? How is she with Mylie these days, does she still go back and forth?


ImpatientMommy - March 5

What do you guys think of the new look? I like it!


newbaby2009 - March 6

My update...Mylie is 2 weeks tomorrow. Doing good for the most part. Last night was rough but she did good all week so 1 bad night out of 5 isnt too bad. She has a check up tomorrow. Hoping shes back up to her birth weight. She lost due to her acid reflux and she doesnt eat very well. Shes only taking an ounce every 3 hours or so and even then it takes her 45 mins to eat. They checked for short tongue, weak suck, etc. but everything looked fine. So we dont know what her problem is right now. She prefers to sit in her vibrating seat and just look around. She usually awake from 930 am until 130 or so and loves to just look around. She holds her head up very well but isnt a big fan of tummy time. Still has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes but im thinking her eyes will turn green. Rylie is acting out sooo bad. Its like she thinks if shes bad enough we'll return the baby. Shes 20 months and was basically potty trained but has stopped using the potty now. She doing everything she knows shes not supposed to do and is so defiant whule doing it. She'll look right out you while doing it like shes daring you to do something about it. Her pedi compares her development level to that of a 3 1/2 year old and shes not even 2. She talks like you would not believe. We can hold an actual converstion with her and she understands everything you say. Its amazing. I didnt know the woman b___stfeeding while driving made national news. Thats local new here, lol.


ImpatientMommy - March 6

NEWBABY- She must definitely be acting out because of the new baby huh? How is she acting towards the baby while doing all this? Jo is sooo cranky today, doesn't want to eat ANYTHING. I was going to take a walk to the library with her but she's so tired and cranky, hardly took a nap and it's not like I can be like "okay you're done with lunch so let's go" because they close at 5 and who knows when I'm going to get her to eat anything. Maybe I'll just take her outside... I'm so bored of being in the house! Can't wait for the better weather!


ImpatientMommy - March 8

I believe this thread is officially dead and it makes me sad haha. I think it's all because we have Facebook now. NEWBABY- I know you have myspace but do you have a Facebook? I don't care if you ALL leave I will still come on here and talk to myself if I have to hahahaha


newbaby2009 - March 9

no i dont have facebook, just myspace. Rylie is doing a litle better. She usually ignores Mylie. Wont even look at her. But in the mornings when i go to get her up she always asks where the baby is and she has to kiss Mylie goodnight before she'll go to bed. Shes just doesnt know how to handle sharing mommy and daddy yet. So Rylie had her 2 week checkup yesterday and the doc told me to go ahead and give Mylie the dose of med the pharmacist refused to fill and i was like, um no? Mylie is still spitting up whole bottles at a time and the doc said its because shes not getting enough medicene. I want her to get the amount she needs to stop the pain but the pharmacist scared me! So i dont know what to do. It was almost 70 degrees Sat. It was nice but very windy. I cant wait for warm weather. We spent the weekend working on the new rae car shop. Go the floor poured a couple weeks age and now we're putting an insulated ceiling and walls in. Only 4 weeks until racing season starts full force!


ImpatientMommy - March 9

I can't believe the doctor said to go ahead and give her that dose even after what the pharmacist said! What did the doctor say about what the pharmacist said? does he deny it and not agree? Well obviously he doesn't but has he addressed it at all? That is so weird! I'd be scared too! So 70 degrees isn't your "warm" weather? hahaha It was so nice out yesterday (not 70 though!) and we didn't even have to wear jackets outside yet it's 34 degrees right now and snowing like CRAZZZY. So quickly it changes!


pebblesnbambam - March 9

UGG.. typed a TON this morning when I was up early.. it si not here.. frustrating. Yah, I think we all have facebook now.. soo much to keep up with myspace, fb, here, blogs.. now there is another one.. I am just sticking with the blogs and facebook!!! Snowing here again today.. 12 inches.. YUCK!


ImpatientMommy - March 10

Yeah you have to be careful. The new way this forum is... if you aren't logged in when you type and then press "add comment" then it asks you to log in and goes back to the thread... you THINK it posted it after you logged in but nope, it doesn't. So you have to make sure you're logged in before you even start typing. You got ANOTHER 12 inches!? Geeez! We didn't get that much... but even if we did it wouldn't have been a big deal because all the old snow had melted, I bet you had a ton already and then another 12 inches on top of that. Crazy!


newbaby2009 - March 10

70 isnt warm to me anyway, i prefer 85-90. Though it would have felt good but wind gusts were 35 mph. I told the doc what the pharmacist said and he said it wasnt true. He said its a weight based drug and she can have up to twice the dose he prescribed her. Shes still spitting up badly so something isnt right. Im just too scared to try the dose he wants me too. I need to get a second opinion but we cant see another doc until we get Mylies insurance and Ryans work is in the process of switching insurance companies so who knows when that will be. Jack has yet another vet appointment this evening. I cant wait for all this to be over with!.



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