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red87 - December 23

I was wondering if any of you could help me out with meal plans for my daughter since you all have older children... Brooke is 5 months old + 1 week. She has been on rice cereal/barley cereal for the past week. Usually I give her rice cereal in the morning after her morning feed then I give her barley cereal around 7pm, bath at 8:30 then I nurse her and put her to bed. So, my plan was to give her her rice cereal or oat cereal whatever it may be in the morning just by itself. At 6 months I will buy her the rice with banana cereal and mixed fruit cereal. Then, I was going to giver her a cereal for lunch as well - whatever I do not give her in the morning. Then for supper I was going to give her peas or carrots...some kind of vegetable. Until she is 6 months when I will then start her on like beef w/broth or chicken w/broth. I was actually going to hold off on her luch for a few weeks until she is used to the peas and carrots and all that stuff for dinner. I know lots of people say no solids before 6 months but her doctor told me a could start her on them a month ago - I decided to wait until 5 months though. Please let me know if this is a good plan or what worked for all of you?? Also, I bought her some 1st stage sippy cups for christmas - can i start giving her small amounts of water? Or the jarred baby juices diluted with water?? If not, when can I do so? I'm a first time mom and I've been pretty good with everything else but comming to food I'm kind of lost lol so any help would be greatly appriciated!! THANK YOU!! Also, my daughter is br___tfed. And I plan to br___tfeed her until she is 12 months - old enough to wean her to homo milk


Malica - December 23

Introducing solids can be such a confusing time. Just keep in mind that cereal (especially rice cereal, but all of them to some extent) and bananas are all constipating. Instead of adding more and more meals of cereal which will probably just end up with a constipated and grumpy baby, I'd stick to cereal just once a day and work on adding veggies first and then fruit (some babies love fruit so much that they will turn down other foods if you start with fruits -- or so the legends go). Also remember to wait at least 3, preferable 5 days after introducing one food before you introduce the next one. New foods can be hard on the tummy and may also cause reactions -- it's best to slowly introduce foods so that you can easily determine the culprit because some reactions can take a few days to surface. I'd skip the juice for now and stick with a bit of plain water, or just keep BF'ing exclusively. Baby foods have added water and BF'ing are enough especially through the winter months. Also, once kids try juice they'll seldom go back to just plain water. We joke in our house hold that juice is like baby crack because our daughter just goes so nuts for it, as I've heard most kids will.


red87 - December 24

Thnka you for your reply!! When I introduce new foods I have been waiting about 3 or 4 days. I just gave her peas last night and I'm not too sure what she thinks of them lol. Should I give her strait peas or should I mix them with cereal? I know I've heard people doing it both ways...


Malica - December 25

I wouldn't bother mixing peas with cereal. The only time we mixed foods is if she didn't like one. Our daughter for a long time only really liked orange veggies -- carrots, squash, sweet potatoes. For nutritional variety we'd mix in peas or green beans with other veggies that she did like.



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