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lin7604 - September 4

as some of you know my ds has been having night wakes the last 5.5. weeks. I still don't know if it is OT, 2nd year molars or seperation anxiety?? last night he woke up 4 times! back to sleep each time quickly but still woke up crying.... NOW my questions are that we started daycer this past week and we have a little girl who cries all day ( as i work at the daycare too). SO now my son is only getting 1 hr of sleep max, today only about 50 min. As soon as she wakes she screams and wakes up the entire room!!! SO since he is 22.5 months what time would you put your's to bed at??? he gets up at a different time each day but it always seems to be before 1:30. He normally doesn't sleep more tehn 12-12.5 hrs MAX in 24 hrs! normally he used to sleep 1.5-2hrs during the day adn 10-10.5 at night. I have been putting him to bed at 7-7:15 the latest that he is actually asleep but he is still waking at night adn i don't know if that this OT is contributing to it or it's just the same issues we were having before.... now my second quesyion, how much Sleep time does a 2 year old need??? what kind of A times are we looking at since he will be 2 in Oct and was always at the bottom amount of sleep required and closer to the max for A times......... any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


newbaby2009 - September 4

Maybe you're putting him to bed to early. 7 is very early for a 2 year old.


jessb - September 4

My DD is 2.5 and I CANNOT get her to go to bed any earlier than 9p. I tuck her in around 8:45 but she is up talking and singing and asking for water and saying she has to potty until 9 or sometimes well after. I wake her up at about 6:45am during the week and she is pretty tired but really cranky unless she isnt feeling well or something. She does usually take a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day. ON weekends she will sometimes sleep until 7:30am or if we are really, really luck 8 or after. She is still an early riser regardless of when we put her to bed. Maybe you should try to put him to bed later. At least he wakes up but goes back to sleep pretty quickly. My DD wakes up crying sometimes too. I dont go in there right away, sometime she will just cry out and toss and turn for a few minutes and then go back to sleep. If she is really crying I will go in and comfort her. I think they are just like us- sometimes they have bad dreams and some nights they are more tired than others.


jessb - September 4

I meant *Not* really cranky unless she isnt feeling well.


lin7604 - September 4

see i was putting him to bed before at 8 mostly sometimes 8:30 if he had a 2 hr nap before the night wakes, but he was loosing sleep at night so i upped his bedtime to 7:30-8 but now since we are at daycare and he's not napping half as good i pushed it up more b/c he is having alot of night wakes now ..... i figure it b/c maybe he's Over tired! See he's up 6-6:30 and then naps anywhere from 12:10 - 12:30 for max 1 hr at daycare ( today 45 min) so even to make it till 7 is min 5.5 hrs awake time and i never went past 6 hr awake time. i found he slept best at 5.5- 5.3/4, once it reached 6 hrs he was sometimes OT already.... He's also not 2 until Oct 24th.. Last night i put him to bed at 7:15 and he woke up 4 times and was very tired in the am at daycare, tonight he was yawning at 5:30 6:00....... see i am so confused as many say go by A time adn at this age not past 6 hrs, as he doesn't show tired signs 90% of the time until it way too last and he's OT. A 8pm bedtime worked fine when he was napping 1.5-2hrs daily but now with only a 45 min nap ( 1 hr if lucky at DC) i have to minus that off bedtime and now that he is waking at night ( it's been almost 6 weeks now) he is losing more sleep..... he need 12 hrs max in 24 hrs to be in good shape and not cranky, tired and managable! He won't get that at all if i keep his normal 8pm bedtime...normally he slept 1.5-2hr during the day and 10-10.5 at night. now only 45 -1 hr during day and 9 at night.


jessb - September 4

I dont know what the night wakings could be about... growth spurt, 2 yr old molars, you never really can tell. Is ther eanything in his room that may scare him when he wakes up in the middle of the night. Maybe just try to stretch him until 8pm everynight. I dont know what to tell you about his naps. I guess the new kid at daycare will get used to it and stop crying eventually and then he can get more of a full nap during the day.


MelissaK - September 5

my 12 mo started waking about 5 weeks ago due to her second front tooth coming in. Well it came in, and she was in pain the whole process so awake all nithg tlong. Well the tooth has now been in for 4 weeks and she is STILL WAKING, and not sooth-able either! So yesterday I scoured the internet to figure out why why why? I ran across many people who stated the kid might be COLD. So last night jammies were a t shirt onesies, cotton leggings, socks and a SWEATSHIRT. SHE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT, all the way from 7 pm to 6:30 am. Got up for the bottle then back down till 9 am. Check if your LO is too cold, I think this was the root of our problem!


lin7604 - September 5

well i will try that tonight and see. I am going to give him motrin just in case too but i will bundle him up a bit more as well...


lin7604 - September 6

well that wasn't the answer for me :( he actually woke a lot more last night! ??? I gave him motrin too and he slept from 7:30-12:40 and was up 1:40, 3:30, 5 and 5:45 which he was up to start his day. so if he has been OT you think these early bedtime would help a bit and i would see a bit of improvemnet but i'm only getting the early wakes now! BUT i don't know how to get him to last longer at night as he is sooo tired by 6pm since he is up at 1pm????? yesterday he even fell asleep on the way home. That little nap didn't seem to help him at all last any longer.


lin7604 - September 7

so sat i thought was a good day, he finally had a good 1.5 hr nap! and then was able to go to bed at his normal 8pm..... but he still woke 4 times at night??? i gave him hyland teething tablets before bed and orajel. He fussed 2 min at 11:10 and then 2 sec at 11:20 and then woke screaming at 11:30 and then every 3 hrs, up to start his day at 5:45 again!!!! i just don't get it! what is wrong....


Bing - September 13

lin, I think I posted on your other thread as well....check out the "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" book - it truly worked for us when our 13 month old was waking up and screaming every night for two hours and wouldn't let you put her back in the crib. As long as you've definitely ruled out any health issues such as an ear infection, teething, etc. with your pediatrician then it wouldn't hurt to give this a try! Good luck!


lin7604 - September 14

yes i have that book......


lawlady72 - September 15

My ds is 13 months and has 14 (about to be 16) teeth in his mouth AND I started daycare a week ago. My son has never slept all through the night but the last 2 weeks he wakes up every two hours even when he's exhausted. Our kids were always co-sleepers and I put him down around 9pm, anything earlier is a waste of energy and only gets everyone fustrated. I'm at a loss...... I'm hoping after he gets used to daycare things will change.



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