My 21 Month Old

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Karen S - February 12

Anyone have a toddler that is close in age to my son who doesn't talk that much? My son will say the basics like Ma, Da, Dog, eat, up, Night Night, Whats that, done and a few more things but the problem is, is that he doesn't say them all the time. He talks when he wants to talk. Im not sure if I should be worried or not that he's not talking that much. Any comments on this subject would be most helpful. Thank you


Bridget - February 12

My son will be 2 on Sunday and he does have about 40 words maybe more but he says them when he feels like it too. He says the ones you describe and he names 2 teletubbies and Elmo.But he will rarely repeat after me. I always thought any kid of mine would inherit my motormouth but I found out that I didn't talk til I was about 2 1/2 and I've been making up for lost time ever since. They say boys talk later also, some think because they are more physical than girls, who tend to be more communicative at a younger age. My son does make himself under stood and he does answer yes and no questions, so I figure as long as he is getting a point across and he is understanding us, I won't worry for now. The pediatrician isn't worried either so I'm just waiting (impatiently) but I'm not overly concerned.


falafal0 - February 12

We have 5 kids. Our oldest is 11 and he spoke only babble and a few words until he was about 2 and a half. We found out he had a hearing problem, hearing words like the teacher in Snoopy. kind of like under water. He had grommets put in, speech therapy (we feel didn't help) then he just kind of chugged along making up for lost time, but he's still behind we think at 11, mumbles, not clear half the time and quiet. He's got a quiet personality too though, but his speech is unlear compared to other children his age. Our DS who is 8 spoke early and very well, no problems. Our DD who is 5 spoke very late also. At 4 in kindy, no one could understand what she was saying. Very late developing. She changed school and cirriculums for developmentally delayed children (only can do three years before mainstream school again jsut to ctach up) and now in year 1 she never shut ups now! It's awesome. Still behind but totally getting up there. Now on to the current concern or yours. Our nearly 18 month old boy doesn't talk at all. he says w'sat for what's that, nothing else. He used to say mum and dad before he was one, but stopped. He has said mum-mum a few times over the past couple of weeks, so perhaps it is coming back. And just one word with all of us badgering him and repeating all day. We're taking him to a pedi soon to get checked out plus ahearing test. Becasue of what out oldest went through, we are concerned for him. There is nothing else wrong with him, walked like all of our kdis at 8 or 9 months, ad like other mums know, he may not talk but certainly knows what you're saying, egt the truck, let;s have a bath (races there) you know, that sort of thing. So our 3 month old boy we're hoping won't be a late speaker either. I mean a friend of mine has a girl who didn't walk until she was nearly 20 months, but was putting three words together at 14 months - geez. Total opposite to me, walking at 9 months but not talking at 18 months, so different. Your boy does talk a bit and at least you know he can, just perhaps get his hearing chekced out in case and I guess he'll develop when he is ready, like any other child out there, though it is frustrating for them and us at times with communicating. :-)


punkys-mommy - February 13

My little girl was the exact same as your son sounds. Then just about to the day she turned two she started talking and now you can't get her to stop! I wouldn't worry too much.


lunamoo - February 13

My dd will be 3 next month. She is raised with 3 languages. She didn't say much of anything until about 2.5. Remember language is also comprehension and listening as well. Does he understand your questions and commands...?


Karen S - February 13

Thank you to all who has post! I really apreciate it. Yes he does answer questions. Last night I asked if he was ready to go night night and he shook his head no. I ask him to take a bath and he runs right there. I tell him to go give Daddy kisses goodnight and he runs right over there and gives him kisses. So I know he can hear me but I just worry. My MIL is a ped. and she thinks he is fine and told me that his Dad did the same thing. She didn't tell me this until a couple months ago when I have been worried about this since he was 17 or 18 months. Im sure he will be fine I just hope that everything is okay. Thanks again!


Joanne - February 13

Has your son had a hearing test? I ask because I am in the exact same situation as you. My son is also 21 months old, and the only true intelligible words he says are mama and daddy. We a__sumed his hearing was fine because he too can follow all sorts of commands - he understands us completely. HOWEVER, when we took him for a hearing test (which we were thinking "oh this will just rule it out...we know he can hear!") we found out that he has fluid in his ears. No infection, so we had no signs to know this to get it checked out. So..although he HEARS, he doesn't hear correctly, kind of like falafal0's example of the teacher in Snoopy. So if he doesn't hear correctly, that's why I'm certain his babbling makes sense to him, but we can't understand him. Our doc recommended antibiotics for a month to see if the fluid will clear up - if not he will have tubes put in and we'll see from there.


bbelmore - February 14

I don't know what is normal, to tell the truth. My son is 22 months old, and in all honesty says about 100+ words regularly and speaks in sentences. Sings several songs, counts from one to 14 and knows his whole alphabet! The little boy he goes to daycare with, though, says only mama and dada and is similar in age. I think at this age, what counts is the effort. I believe it is not so important that they are able to speak, than it is important that they understand what is spoken to them.


carmendanielle - February 15

my dd, who is 22 months, is similar. She definitely has some words- maybe 20-30, but they aren't all clear. our dr. said not to even think about worrying about anything until she is 2. So we'll see. Her comprehension is right on..but I am very interested in Joanne's comment. Makes me want to get her ears checked just in case?


Joanne - February 15

I would at least check what your insurance covers on hearing test - it certainly can't hurt. We only had to pay $40 but it was the best money we spent to realize what the problem likely is!



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