My Daycare Problem

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jennyr - January 24

Hello: I have a little girl who just turned 2. She comes to work everyday with me. I have a family owned buisness. Me, my husband and my dad. I have been thinking about taking her to a daycare center 2 days out of the week just for about 3 hours a day just to get her to interact with other children. I actually just enrolled her in day dance class to get some interaction. It is about 40 minutes and it starts tomorrow. My question is do you think it would be a good idea to enroll her 2 days a week for 3 hours in day care to get her around other kids. I think she will learn more being around other kids too. PLEASE give me your thought. I really need help to figure this one out! I am just scared that she is going to get sick all the time. Thanks in advance!


mjvdec01 - January 24

Getting sick is the first thing that came in to my mind when I read your post. I guess it is a valid concern, however, she could get sick at the park, sitting in a grocery cart, or touching just about anything that anyone else has touched. If your daughter craves interraction with other toddlers then I would do it. If she starts to become habitually ill then I would reconsider. My daughter will be two on february 9th, even though I am a stay at home mom, I would love to be able to send her to daycare one day a week for a couple of hours so she could be around other kids and so I could have a break. I am pregnant again and SO TIRED! My problem is that Madalyn gets so worked up that she will hyperventilate and vomit if I leave her in a setting like that. She has no problem being left with her grandma, or at my girlfriends for a while, just any kind of daycare setting. I would say that if your daughter likes it, then give it a try.


drea - January 25

Hi dd is 16 mos and just started daycare for the first time at the beginning of January. Up until then she has been with my mother and mother-in-law. At first I was very hesitent about sending my dd to daycare for the same reason. She has never really been sick at all other than a few sniffles here and there, but since starting daycare she has gotten sick. I'm not saying this to discourage you b/c I do feel that the interaction with other children is so important. She wasnt getting much interaction before as all my friends kids are much older than her. She is actually just getting over a bad cold right now. I kept her home the other day thinking it wouldnt be fair to contaminate the other kids, but sure enough the next day when I brought her, every single kid was either coughing or had boogies coming out of their noses. It is unavoidable. On the other hand though, my dd has really begun to like it and I like it b/c I can run an errand here and there if I need to (I work with my dh and we have a lot of flexibility). Anyway, I think you should give it a try. like mjv said, if your daughter likes is, then go for it. GL


sphinx - January 25

ok, daycare works for some people but I have read so many stories of abuse that I would be scared to let my kids go. If she has dance cla__s, I think she is getting enough social interaction with her peers. If you do not NEED to send her, I wouldn't. Put that money toward her college instead.


dy - January 26

i think daycare is a great option. children learn so much from being in a setting with other children i know plenty of sahm's whose kids are sick more than my dd who started in a daycare when she was one. as for the horror stories, just do some backround checks. my dd's preschool is state approved and located in an elementary school


cindy120175 - January 28

I think Daycare is a GREAT option. I didn't have the option to stay home when my 3 year old was born. He has been in the same daycare center since he was 6 weeks old and he loves it. We tell him he is going to "school" and that is how he sees it. I think it will be better when he starts school and won't have that separation anxiety. Plus he is a very outgoing child and is not afraid of people.


Bridget - January 28

I think it's a great idea. Just do as others have said and pick the daycare like you are buying a house--very carefully.There are checklists online to bring with you when you visit a place so I won't go into all the things to look for but one thing I will mention that a list might not and would have been a red flag to me (I had a not so great experience and had to change daycares)is if the daycare provider has kids of her own, watch how she interacts and talks to them (and how they behave towards her and each other) and see if you like the interactions. My son's new daycare is GREAT! He was saying thank you after being there 2 weeks (he was only 15 months and didn't say much but he said that!) The interaction with his peers is good for his learning so much, like how to take turns and share and awareness of others, I could go on. You are fortunate that you can choose how many hours you will have your daughter there, best of both worlds. I have to have my son in full time and I do miss him and wish I could do part-time myself but at least I know he is getting taken well care of and getting the benefits of being with other kids. I am so proud of him at the park (he will be 2yo in 3 weeks) when he waits patiently behind a kid at the slide until they go down, he doesn't push or anything. The only way he could have learned that is by being around other kids on a regular basis and being taught about waiting your turn.


KimS - January 28

I say YES go for it, check it out like the others said, but I think if you can do it that it is best for your dd. I am very pro daycare, I think it is essential for their social development to be around other kids, sure she will likely get sick but it's inevitable, if she doesn't get sick now a lot she will when she starts school... it's just as well to start building up her immunity now. Good Luck!


krc - January 28

I think daycare is a great option as well. It is natural for us mothers to want to keep our children in our within our " bubble of love" because atleast that way we can control certain aspects of our kids lives. But at some point... they need to be around other children. I'm curious, when your daughter is at work with you, what do you do to stimulate her, entertain her or give her a nap? Is she the only child around? If you can find a daycare that has a schedule and routine you are comfortable with, she might have a really good time being around other children and a different enviroment altogether. One with new toys and objects to explore...other kids to learn from. Things to stimulate her that isn't possible by you taking her to work with you. As for getting sick... I think that should be the last thing to worry about.


jennyr - January 28

Thanks for all the advice. I just wanted to answer krc stuff. My office looks like my home basicly. All the toys and stuff in the world. I have a very large office because of that. She plays with her toys, colors, watches a little bit of tv. She get the same interaction she gets at home plus she has her papa to play with too. It is a family owned business so that is the nice thing about it. The office constist of me, my dad and my dd daddy. (my dh) Let me tell you she knows how to anser the phone and type on the computer. Ha Ha As for nap time. I get into work at about 9:30 am and I leave at 2:30 to put her down for her nap. She will not nap there with the phones ringing. Just thought I would answer some of those things.


cae - February 2

I think if you do your research and find a great daycare than go for it! Ethan who just turned 2 also has been going to daycare since 18months. He goes 2 days a week. I am so grateful that there was a spot for him. At first, I was VERY hesitant. I did not have to put him in daycare but chose to for the interaction and to build his social skills. Ethan is the only grandchild on my side and my DH nephews/nieces live out of state. So Ethan doesnt much opportunity to interact with kids his age. The daycare that he goes to(although they dont prefer it to be called daycare---they call it pre-pre school) is amazing!!! They are pretty much set up like a preschool. I couldnt imagine Ethan not being apart of it. He has learn so much. To tell you the truth he has gotten more colds when he started daycare than when he was home. He never gotten sick until he he was 18months (when he started daycare). When he started daycare he did get colds, runny nose and ear infections twice. That was a downfall BUT......., it has built his immunity system much stronger than if he were never expose to bacteria and germs. Ive read that children who go to daycare before preschool have more colds, runny nose etc....than kids that dont go to daycare. But ...I have also read that school age kids who have not gone to daycare before preschool have more illnesses than those that have not been to daycare in their ealier years. If you think your toddler has enough stimulation and interraction with kids her age then I dont see a need for it . But if you think she is lacking social skills/developing skills then do you research and find her a good daycare.



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