My Lo Has Amoeba

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Fatima - February 28

I just got back the results yesterday from my 21 month lo. And it says something about cysts and some other medical terms, the ped says that they are bugs, so Im assuming they are amoeba...The doctor says it is not normal but it is also not urgent, so he's going to check him today. Should I worry? Since the ped sounded a bit concerned that they werent normal. Does this cause discomfort??


mjvdec01 - February 28

I have no idea. You need to be asking a lot of questions when you see the pediatrician. How did your lo potentially get this, are the affects permanent, what exactly is it, can your lo pa__s it on to other members of the family? These are all questions that you need the answers to. Good luck. I hope your lo is alright.


Fatima - February 29

I took him to the ped yesterday, and he said that this was human infected, we have a dog and I thought he got it from playing with the dog food all the time, but apparently it came from somebody else who also has it. He said all I need to do is give him some medicine for parasites and whoever else is inected also, and thats it. And to just make sure his hands are not dirty when he eats, or that he doesnt put things from the floor in his mouth and stuff like that. Wash our hands etc, basic higiene. I talked to my mom who takes care of him while I work, because everytime I come home, he's always dirty =(


mjvdec01 - February 29

Oh, thank God it is an easy fix. What did you say to your mom about it? How did she react? Do you know if anyone else in the house is infected? I am so glad your little guy is going to be alright.


Fatima - February 29

She didnt say much, what can she say? She knows Im right, I just told her to wash his hands whenever he gets something to eat, to use the antibacterial and the dog is to stay out! And well, instead of spending money on testing everybody in the house, we're all just going to take the medicine also. Oh, and the ped also said that they may get tummy aches and not get hungry, so now I understand why he would reject food,.... I always thought they were just tantrums! My poor lo!


mjvdec01 - February 29

I hope your mother gets the message. I can understand how this could be a sensitive subject. It is almost like she would feel that you thought she was dirty or something. Plus, no one wants to hear that they are the reason someone has an infection like that. I would think she would be a bit embara__sed? Anyway, I really hope she didn't take it to personally. I don't envy you for having to have that conversation with your own mother. It almost would have been better if it were your MIL instead.


lin7604 - February 29

what is amoeba??? what are side effects?


Fatima - March 2

amoeba is a parasite like a solitaire. but its not something you see, it is microscopic. I sent his escrement (sp?) to the lab to be tested because his ped asked for it as part of his checkup. But he says we can tell, by checking his bm, sometimes it may be normal, sometimes too soft or too liquidy. They may get tummy aches and not be hungry.


lin7604 - March 2

how else can you tell, that sounds like my son on a regular basis. He has 2-3 m's a day and they are all different, some normal, others really really soft and others like diaherra? he also will eat like a pig one day and hardly anything the next? i thought it was all normal????


Fatima - March 3

So did I, but I kind of had my suspicions because whenever I got home, he always had his hands dirty and he's always touching the dog, so I figured he had a lot of germs going in him. I think it is always a good idea to test, since you never know what toddlers put in their mouth and catch something. I basically took 3 samples from 3 different days, one came out negative and 2 came out with it.



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