My Son Loves Pink

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durante baby - December 31

My son turns 4 in march. He loves all the normal boy stuff, like cars, trains monster trucks ect....but, he has had for about a year now a obsession with girl toys and pink. I didnt have a problem with it at first thinking it was just a fase, but it seems to be getting worse. He wants girl happy meals at mc donalds, loves my little pony, and anything pink he can get his hands best friend yealls at me because i let him play with these girl toys, and i let him get the girl happy i even let him get a pink umbrella that we needed and he wanted...I tell him that if i dont let him pick what he REALLY wants that it isnt going to change him likeing them. It bothers dh too but at the same time he doesnt let it bother him....Any advice on what this could mean? If it is indeed a fase? Am i handleing sthis the right way by not forcing him to have all boy toys?.


Justine1 - January 1

I think you are handling it the right way. I would do the same - I think it just means he likes pink. Also sometimes kids like what they are not allowed. I've seen lots of boys at playgroup pushing round dolls and prams. My son is almost 2 and he sometimes plays with his sister's doll and I let him - the first thing he does normally is pull her underwear off though!. I let my daughter play with cars, trains etc so I don't see there's a difference.


Buffi R. - January 1

I've got a six year old boy who loved all things pink and girl happy meals, etc. from about the age of 3 to 5. He started kindergarten this year where he's in a cla__s of all boys and this is the first year he seems to be getting away from liking "girl" things. Sometimes he'll still do things like tie a towel around his waist and say he has on a dress or he puts a pom pom on his head and says he has long hair like a girl, but he laughs like he knows it's funny. He's always been rough & tumble but he's starting to like more and more boy things now. We never made a big deal out of it either. Seemed to be a phase with him that's pa__sing now. I think you're doing great.


Justine1 - January 2

I also remembered at our nursery (daycare) there is a sign up saying to parents something like some parents may complain about their boys playing with dolls/prams/ girls things but we at the nursery will let them as it helps them learn to care. So they must also agree that you are doing the right thing.


kimberly - January 2

I think it is normal. My oldest was the only grandson with 5 granddaughters for almost 5 years until I had my second. My mom had a doll house with barbies for them to play with when at her house. My son wanted to play too, and he wanted a barbie everytime we were at the store, so I caved and bought him one. I didn't think it was a big deal he played with it for a few weeks and that was it. I would be more concerned if he wanted to only dress like a girl or only liked just girl things. My brother would play house with me when we were little and he is very macho now. At his age they do tend to fixate on certain things and it is usually a phase and a very normal part of growing up.


durante baby - January 2 thank you everyone for sharing your stories...I think this is one of those things that parents try not to admit, so i have had a hard time with a few people, disagreeing on how i have been handling it. Non of my friends who have Boys say that their boys went through the same fase...I just look at it like this...When I was a kid a was a BIG tomboy (lol i still am except im not afraid of dresses anymore....just heals) I NEVER had barbies. I had hot wheels, monster trucks, train sets....and would torture my sisters barbies.....I played with boy toys, and turned out okay i think...Why should it be different with girl toys?........Well thank you again everyone, you guys made me feel alot more secure in the decisions I have been making


tish212 - January 2

Aww DB, relax, its a phase, he sees that girls have all these "other" toys and colors to play with and he doesn't understand why they aren't offered to him. Since you have 2 lil boys he doesn't get to see this stuff first hand at home, its no different than a little girl wanting the boys happy meal, or the GI Joe, or cars or any other boy toys, they are all just that TOYS, i mean come on my little ponies are FUN, they are bright and cheerful, and have that hair to play with, its just all different from his normal toys with their dark colors and such. I think all boys who dont get to see girl things at home cause their parents some alarm with this...if you had a girl, you wouldnt notice as much since all those toys would be at home and you would just think he wants to play with his sister... but since its him and his brother, he has to "show" his interest in these things outside of the house and its NORMAL... relax... and its great that DH is taking it so well... ugg and not to go on on your board, but this "morning" sickness is driving me insane i am sick ALL the time! phew i will be glad when july comes... i keep missing you online, so the next time i run into you i am gonna give you my cell number that way we can just text back and forth, so much easier.... can't wait to see new pics of the lil guys, i have tons of pics of Alexa to show you... talk to you soon...


durante baby - January 2

aww tish! so glad to see you around somewhere!...I look for you on first tri but with how they have the forum set up now where it only shows who posted last. it is hard to find you. I emailed you my number...hopefully the email is still good. i e mailed your hotmail account...also i know you dont have a myspace, but you should make up a quick one so you can view my pics and so i can see some of you alexa and the family! I have my piczo, but i have a hard time figureing it myspace is so much easier and i post pretty much all my pics on there. I keep everything private on myspace for that reason.....I beg you one last time to please start myspace again : D....thats my begging face. thehehe I am sorry your morn sickness is so bad. I know how you feel it was like that with Zaiden. Til i was 7 months then it came back in my 9th month....Horrible!!! thats why i quite working so early on.


docbytch - January 3

Durante, Do not worry. It's the age. I distinctly recall this VERY same issue being exhibited by my little brother when he was four. I am eight years older than he is. He went so far as to wear his hair in pigtails, call himself "Sally" and essentially give up his male ident_ty completely. He obviously grew out of it....and is a normal 33yo dude now. It was pretty funny at the time though...I gotta admit:)



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