My Toddler Wont Sleep In Her Bed

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debbie80 - May 17

My daughter will be 3 in Aug and for the past two months she will fall asleep in her bed and then wake up during the night and come int our bed. I have walked her back to her bed several times but she keeps getting out of it every night...anyone else go through this?? I am not a fan of co-sleeping but I dont want her to be afraid either...any advise would help!


pikapuka2000 - June 16

My husband and I had a LONG battle with that with my step-daughter between 3 and 4 with that. Finally, about 3 months ago, she stopped waking us up. I'm not a fan of co-sleeping either. We tried several things. it was obvious that putting her back to sleep didn't work, she'd just keep doing it night after night, and some would be 2-3 times a night! What seemed to do the trick for her was tell her she'd get a very special surprise in the morning if she slept all night in her bed. I also gave her a few things to remember to do if she did wake up in the middle of the night... check on kit (the cat), check on her baby, go potty (if she's able to do it on her own). The important thing to remember, is to follow through on your promises for the special surprise. It is good to go do something that you know she would love to do. going to the park was great incentive for my little one. There was one time I woke up in the middle of the night to the little one standing at the foot of the bed, being very quiet and just looking at us sleeping, then she turned around and went back to her bed, because she knew if she woke us up, she wouldn't get her special surprise the next day. Another thing we still do, is on special nights, she's allowed to sleep in a "nest" we make on the floor in our bedroom, or out on the couch. Though she asks all the time if she can do it, I think having those special nights closer to us helps her the rest of the week stay in her bed. I hope this helps!


monawang - July 5




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