Need Advice For 14 Month Old UGH

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BWIND - April 21

Okay DS just turned 14 months. UGH....all of a sudden he has turned from my sweet baby, to bratty toddler. (I still love him to pieces though) I mean he gets ticked at the smallest things and just SCREAMS his head off. Now, he is on a food strike. The only thing he will eat is puffs, bread, crackers, or cookies. I usually can get him to eat baby food jars though...However, last week he ate all kinds of stuff. WHat's the deal? He just throws a fit in his high chair. The last couple of days, he'll just walk up to me and bite me in the leg. UGH...what happend to my sweet baby? Is my kid the only one going through this at 14 months....I didn't think this happend until closer to 2.


catgiggles - April 21

Well, I just wanted to a__sure you you were not the only one. Although mine doesnt refuse food he loves to eat!! But the biting thing hit home. He bit me 2 times today and saturday bit me hard enough it broke skin and I still have a scab. He will be 14 months in two days. What is getting me is I'm the only one he is biting?


DDT - April 21're not alone. My 14 month old ds is the same way. Lots of tears over nothing, tantrums and hates the high chair. We had to start using his booster seat and he seems to prefer sitting in this (for now anyway...). He also just went through a food strike last week but seems to be getting his appet_te back. He started biting my fingers intentionally the other day. It's so hard to stay patient (sooo hard...!) but we just have to keep reminding ourselves that toddlerhood is pretty much the same thing as entering into the pre-teen stage. They are a__serting their independence and now realize they can say "no" or act up when something annoys or frustrates them...and sometimes just for no other reason than that they can. For us some days are worse than others...


lin7604 - April 22

when my ds was 14 months he did the SAME thing!!! He still screams loud when we are out and throws temper tantrums. I couldn't figure it out either, what happened to my well mannered child that was quiet and good. He now is 18 month on thurs and still is on this food strike! He would live off yougart, apple sauce, toast and fruit! no meat, veggies, cheese, pasta, etc. I just don't get this high pitched scream the shreks out!


AshB - April 23

I've heard and read that in young toddlers biting is a form of affection, they don't realize what they're doing, and if they are excited or overstimulated they often bite. They aren't doing it to be a brat, or to be mean. I found that really interesting. The article I read said to revert them to giving a hug and kiss instead of biting. It's also a very common phase at this age. My ds went through it too, I didn't read about this till after he was through it though so it didn't help us, but maybe will help you. Also as far as the food strike, this is very normal too. Toddlers become too busy to eat, and the experts suggest looking at your baby's diet in the stretch of a week, instead of a day. Like if your baby eats really good on tuesday, but then wednesday they're picky as a bird, then thursday they eat just ok, then friday they eat really good again. This is very normal so don't worry about it. They'll eat when they're hungry and they know better than we do since most Americans don't just eat when they're hungry anymore, we emotionally eat, or eat when we're bored, babies only eat when they're hungry and that's great, I wish I could, lol. So don't worry, your little guy will not starve himself, just keep offering him healthy foods and just put it away if he won't eat and offer again later. I also noticed that my son bit more when he was teething too, is your ds getting molars yet? could be a thought too. Good luck!


RMC - May 5

BWIND - wow, do we have the same kid? My son has been on a screaming binge the last week. He'll be 15 months on thursday. He barely eats food now that last week he would have seconds of. I feel so bad like he's starving because he won't eat anything! But what do you when they refuse? He also bites and laughs about it. He likes to throw himself on the floor when you make him mad.


Brenna - May 5

Well,Ladies you probably don't want to hear my advice,but my answer is........Spank.My daughter will be 13 months next week,and she is going through some of the same stuff.I don't know about the rest of you,but I cannot and will not let my daughter intentionally bite me,throw tantrums or scream for no reason,sorry but this is how I feel.I do not believe in beating or abusing a child,but we do spank and i feel like my daughter is better off for it.Am I alone in this?


RMC - May 5

Brenna - I do occasionally smack ds hand, but it doesn't seem to even phase him. I haven't tried a full on spanking yet.


lin7604 - May 5

Brenna you are not alone i also have spanked my son. alot of the time all i have to say is " do you need a spank on your bum" and he shakes his head no and stops! sometimes i do have to act out on my consiquence but he knows there will be one for his behavior then. i am being very consistant. It's only hard when you are not haome when thye act out, it's not like you can spank them in public now a days........


Brenna - May 5

Rmc,I started out smacking fingers,but after a while it didn't work either,now we smack on the leg.lin,I know exactly what you're talking about,it's hard when you're in public,because there are times when i'm like you just need your b___t smacked.DD is too young to "wait till we get home".I always tell her no you don't do that before she gets spanked,so i'm hoping eventually when we're out in public that's all I'll have to say.She is good when we go out unless she is sleepy,and then watch out!


lin7604 - May 6

oh i hear ya on that one! when we are out for the day and ds is getting tired, we need to try and get him to sleep as quick as we can in his stroller or all he** breaks loose. It's amazing on how the behavoiur changes when they are tired. he starts to screach in the stores really loud adn then starts the temper tanturms.



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