Need Suggestions For Activities To Do With A 2 Year Old

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bubbasmom - August 26

Hi everyone. I have a 2.5 year old son and am running out of ideas to do with him. We color, paint, do stamps and playdough. We play cars, do puzzles, and read books. We also bake. When its not too hot, we play outside. But, I feel like the time goes by so slowly and these activies only take up a small amount of the day. I am bored and so is my son. As a result, we both end up watching a lot of tv which is a habit I would like to break. Any suggestions on what else we can do together?


schreck - August 26

Do you do everything with him or does he play by himself some times?


Whitney - August 26

I know what you mean, I'm home all day with my 3 year old son & 6 week old daughter & it's hard to find things to do. Some times the days just drag on forever. I started getting him to help me out more & it can take up alot of time, like folding laundry ( he doesn't really do a good job ) but he has tons of fun trying, & he feels all proud of himself as he's doing it. I'll give him a broom & ask him to "sweep the floors like mommy" & he doesn't clean a thing but loves doing it & goes from room to room, he even sweeps the carpets, it's cute & he'll do it for a long time. He also trys to dust furniture with a cloth, like even the couches & our cats & he really thinks he's helping so I figure there's no harm in starting him on chores at a young age. When the baby's sleeping sometimes we have pillow fights, or make forts & tents out of blankets & camp out in the livingroom with flashlights & snacks.


jessb - August 27

Hmmm.... I know what you mean about being bored and watching too much TV. Going for walks, sidewalk chalk, water play with buckets and toys outside... Is there a park close by?- swings and slides will always entertain them for a while. Is there a YMCA or another kind of rec center close by? Maybe you can take him there to go swimming. I dont know where you live, we are in Florida and the weather will be hot for another 2-3 months, so we will still be swimming etc. by a spinkler and let him run in it in the yard. They also get a kick out of helping grown up do mundane stuff, cleaning out closets, washing the dog etc....


Justine1 - August 27

Do you have any mother and toddler groups by you? We have about 1 every day here (England) that takes up about 2 hours each time and they are good as the kids get to interact with other children, play with toys, sing songs, some they dance to music at etc. Most of them are free - run by churches, don't know if you have the same over there though.


schreck - August 27

In the United States there are MOPS groups that meet once a week or once a month. If you google MOPS you should be able to find out if there is a group near you.


bubbasmom - August 27

Thanks for the responses. I do let my son play grown-up and he loves to mimic me. We do occa__sional play-dates with other children, but nothing weekly as I work out of the home a few days a week. I may try to find a group though. He loves to go to the park, but I have a 4 week old who can't be outside too much yet. Some friends of mine suggested shaving cream and I might try cornstarch and water as an activity.


jessb - September 7

Bubbasmom- I thought of some more things to do. I thought of inside stuff this time but still things to get you out of the house- I go stir crazy if Im in the house too much. With a really little one they are easy to cart around everywhere and just sleep in the car seat most of the time so here goes- If you have a pet store near you that would be a fun outing-every 2 yr old loves to look at dogs, cats, fish etc. Or sometimes Mcdonalds, Burger King etc. have indoor play areas that your 2yr old can climb around and you can just sit there with the baby. Also if there is a public library around you lots of them have children sections where they can look at books,do puzzles etc. Some even have free "mother goose" program where you sing your 2 yr old up and sit in the cla__s with them and the libarian reads books, sings songs etc.


JEN - September 8

Not sure where you live, but Lowe's (home improvement store) and Home Depot sponsor a free workshop on the first Saturday of each month. They provide all the tools and supplies for you and your child/children to build whatever project they have that month- it is great for boys and girls! Plus, they get an adorable smock and a pin to put on it for every project that they do. Check out the websites for specifics, but I highly recomend it. My ds also loves to help me around the house!!! Also at the grocery store we have a kind of scavenger hunt for the things we need. Public libraries also host tons of events even beyond reading books so you should check that out. Leggos are also great. Don't feel bad about watching TV though- as long as you are watching things that are suitable for him to see, or let him watch something in another room it is fine- kids really need down-time throughout the day, and educational programs are a great way to stimulate him!



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