Never Mind Quot Terrible Two S Quot What About The ONE

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Newhoneybuns - October 20

Well my daughter turned 1 year old on Oct. 3 and ever since she has been changed with another baby i think.. she used to play with her toys and basically i would never hear her cry...never since she was born.. i could say she was a little angel!! But now suddenly she is throwing to temper tantrums where ever we are .. even in the car !!! She used to love ridding but now why does she do that? She will cry and get angry and scream until she throws up. What can i do to get my baby back? I think it could be because she has some teeth coming out but really i dont know if it is the reason of her tantrums.. to me it seems like suddenly she became a little brat with no patience at all!! Help me please!?


K8 - October 20

Yes Yes Yes, i got my one year old swapped too! She all of a sudden started trying the tantrums too! I know they say 15 months is a bit young for time out, but its seriously the only thing that i can think of to do when she winges and throws herself on the floor! she even gets cranky these days if i try to feed her or if i cut her food up for her! I think the problem is that they get to a stage where they know what they want but get extremely frustrated that they cant communicate it to us? Heidi is ok if she has something to do, so lots of books and interactive toys have been the key for us - especially around 5 pm when its usually at its worst (while im trying to cook dinner and do a million other things at once!) just simply ignoring the tantrums and not even batting an eyelid at her also works most of the time....... i keep telling myself that she is going through the terrible twos early and that once its over life will be a breeze :) Wishful thinking i know, but we can only dream!!!!


jennyr - October 20

I heard once that if your baby is a "bad" infant then they will be great toddlers and that is true in my case. My dd was horrible when she was an infant. Put it this way they say not to take them out much until about 6 weeks try 7 months. She was so colic it was horrible. All she did was cry. But now she is 22 months almost and she is a pretty good toddler. Of course we have our moments but she is pretty good overall. Good Luck to you


fefer1 - October 23

My daughter was the same as Jennyr - terrible infant, so far a great toddler. Cholic and acid reflux and crying crying crying!!! Although, she does on occasion throw tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants - but at this point it's still kind of cute when she throws herself on the floor screaming. I've found that paying MORE attention to her at those times has helped. Don't know why ...


b - October 25

I say it's teething and it goes away. My ds was like that at 12 months too but he got 4 more teeth until 14 months and then 4 molars after that until 17 months. He doesn't scream and cry he just does naughtly little investigating things now


SuzieQ - October 28

I think it's the whole realization of independence. My dd turned one on oct 8th and she is still really good, but we have noticed that she DOES have quite a temper and is quick to tell us when we don't do something SHE wants....!!!



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