Not Walking At 14 Months When Should I Worry

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CDN Baby - November 19

My first son started walking at 14 months. My second one just turned 14 months last week and isn't walking yet. He can stand and climb and crawled (started that late too) but when he tries to walk his ankles seem to get week and he ends up on his butt. Should I be worried about this? Anyone else have a late walker???


eclectic66 - November 19

Yep, my ds will be 16 months on the 24th and he doesn't walk yet either. He stands, but only when coached and he never crawled either. I have always been worried about it, but his pedi is not concerned due to the fact that I never crawled, stood, pulled up or walked until I was 18 months!! He said it can be very familial. Another thing is my son has always been a big talker. All he does is talk, talk, talk and that seems to be his main focus. Does your ds talk a lot? I have read that their brains can only focus on one major thing at a time ie: language vs. gross motor and etc. I wouldn't really worry until 18 months only because that is what I have read as well as been told by my son's pedi. As long as he is progressing in all aspects I would try not to stress it. Truly, all kids are different and those d__n milestone charts can be enough to drive a mommy crazy with


lin7604 - November 19

i don't think it is anything to worry about, i think our dr said not to worry until they hit 18 months. I work in daycare and i have one that didn't start till almost 15 months and the other is 15 months right now and just holding onto your hands.... he walks like his legs are boards..( doesn't bend his knees) plus he is a real scardy cat and i think he's afraid to fall! i have met 17 month old who weren't even close to walking yet too.


in the woods - November 19

Yes, I've also known a girl who at 18 months was "walking" only on her knees. Some kids are later.


kimberly - November 20

I would also start to worry if at 18 months he isn't walking. My kids all walked very early (9, 10 , and 11 months) but I have a niece who walked at 15 months and a friend of mines son walked at about 14 months and they both are perfectly normal in every way. I think as long as he is pulling to a stand and couch surfing then he will eventually get it. Sometmes it is fear that holds them back so practice holding his hands and walking alot.


mlm056 - November 30

My DS didn't walk until 15 months.. I was soo worried and posted here about it. I could almost laugh at myself now as he is 17 months and running all over the place. I know it's odd to look around at your son's peer group and see them all walking but please don't worry about it until 18 months. THere are days I wish he wasn't walking yet as I can't keep up with him! Just enjoy your little one.. everything comes with readiness.. there is nothing you can do to 'hurry' up the process. Do talk with your doctor, they will give you the 'professional rea__surances' that will help.


guccigal87 - December 4

my son never walked until he was 15 months never wanted to hated walking and then one day he just ran off on me and was like HOLD ON YOU CANT WALK! the little bugger had been hiding it on me! when they are ready they will do it



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