Now In BBB And Naps Are Driving Me Crazy

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lin7604 - November 11

my ds turned 2 on Oct 24th and he got a BBB for his b-day. He has done excellent in it excpet nap time now... he tosses and turns around, climbs off and on and bangs the sides of his bed. ( it's a little tikes race car). HE will do it forever, i usually have to go in up to 3 times every 10-15 min or so to tell him to go to sleep! Bedtime there are NO issues at all, i guess he's more ready to go to sleep at bedtime then naptime.... He's in daycare during the week and goes to sleep good there but usually has a teacher beside him or rubbing him, if i go in at the 3rd attempt and rub him he's sleeping in 2 min, but i don't want to get into that habit for home too..... he never needed to be rubbed or anything to go to sleep. my question is, will this fade as it's not such a new thing or will it just be like this and get worse till he's not napping? my friend has 29 month old twins and hers did the same thing once they got in thier BBB's and are not napping now. is it a phase and will it get better???


fefer1 - November 11

It should be just a phase. My dd would get out of bed, scream, bang on my door, play with toys...but I was really firm about putting her back in bed every time. I had to take her stool away so she can't get out of bed a while ago because she would get up and just play for hours. :) She now sleeps good, except for a day every now and then. I think once your ds gets used to it he'll be fine. Just be firm about it - or make up some sort of new routine for going to bed in his new bed. Reading books or something. We started her on her BGB at 2 as well - she just turned 26 months.


lin7604 - November 11

thanks. i'm hoping it's just a phase, it's strange cause at bedtime thereis NO issues at all only at nap, so i figured it's b/c at bedtime he's more then ready to go to sleep where as nap he's tired but not as tired...???? I am very firm and it seems to always take the 3rd attempt before he finally fallas asleep. I thought at first maybe it's cause i need to push back his nap time but he's asleep at daycare by 12:30 most days 5 days a week.....



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