Nude Baby

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seanandmya - May 31

Just have to say first im not lovin the new layout ! They shouldn't have said anything , I got my hopes up and everything ! So anyway , my dd is 2 and she keeps stripping ! She'll be all dressed and looking great and all of a sudden she'll walk back out of the living room starkers ! And we haven't mastered the potty yet so it's even more frustrating . The worst part is when I put her to bed by night she will wake up and take off her diaper and then go back to sleep and wee all over the place . Otherwise it's rather cute seeing her rune around in the nude , she does love it ! How long does this phase last and how do I get her to leave a diaper on by night ? I dont remember ds ever doing this !


snugglybugglys - May 31

omg all of my kids strip!!! I can't keep clothes on them for the life of me!!


snugglybugglys - May 31

My boys were the worst about stripping...I used to put their diapers on backwards...but onsies on them...put footed jammies on backwards....I actually even put duct tape on their diapers lol....seriously. They used to take their diapers off and then poop and smear it all over the walls...and their crib.


sahmof3 - May 31

My dd strips... but doesn't like to stay naked. She just likes to change clothes ALL day long!!! She goes through about 7 outfits a day, not to mention she'll put on her bathing suit, leotard and tutu during each day, too lol.


jilly01 - May 31

booke loves to be nakken, so we have nakken time before tubby time every night!!! she loves it! though sometimes she pee's on my floor...tee hee, but then thats what spit bots for....


Lchan - May 31

My friend's daughter does this so they put her diaper on backwards.


seanandmya - May 31

You really put duct tape an their diapers ! Dh said to do that but I a__sumed he was joking . I might try that tonight , it would sure save on the washing !


LoVeLyMoMmY - May 31

My DD is 3 and she gets naked all the time...its sooo long as its in the home and not inpublic...and shes not freezing...whatever..I will pik my battles and her only in her underwear is not one of them! She loves to dress up sooo much too so she constantly changing clothes as well


snugglybugglys - May 31

lol yes I actually got so desperate and tired of cleaning up poop off of everything, that I resorted to duct tape lol...they still got their diapers off though.... :( thank goodness they are potty trained now though...I seriously don't think I could have handled it any longer.


Lchan - May 31

I was going to suggest duct tape as a joke. LOL!


snugglybugglys - May 31

lol yeah I was joking with my dh about that, and then one day we tried it...desperate times call for desperate measures lol ;)


soon2bmommaof3 - May 31

my dd is only 17 months and has been doing this now since she could walk (she walked at 10 months) i just looked over at her and yet again she has on no clothes..... and she sneakie about it she'll hide the clothes so i can t put them back on.... we also started using pullups instead of diapers she isn t able to take them off as quick ...i dont think it will ever end... but like others have said as long as its in the house...who cares....


ChannY - May 31

lol it's ok darlings, my daughter does the same too as well. =( i don't like it :| i tried to tell her to stop but ended up giggling out the room then come back naked. kids *eyes rolls*. don't we all love them?! lol


CyndiG - May 31

Your post brings back fond memories of Morgan, my 8 year old. She spent the first 5 years of her life naked! LOL! If we had to go somewhere, the second we got home she would start stripping in the kitchen. There would be a trail of clothes until she was naked! LOL! She doesn't do it now, so they do outgrow it. ROFL! That's how I potty trained her btw. I told her if she peed in mommy's floor, she had to put her clothes back on. She was potty trained at 20 months. :O}


Rabbits07 - June 1

I don't think duct tape around the top of the diaper at night would hurt (though she may still get it off....toddlers can be persistent). It may not be the prettiest to look


snugglybugglys - June 1

lol yep rabbits my boys used to squirm out of their diapers even with the duct tape..


kimberly - June 1

Gosh, I have always had this problem with my 8 year old. lol! As a baby and toddler and now still he has yet to develop any modesty. My dh and I joke that he would fit right in at a nudest colony! I think putting her diaper on backwards will help for now, and like another post said maybe put her outfit on backwards too.



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