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CyndiG - June 12

I noticed on another thread you said you had an 8 year old who was mouthy. Me too!!! Morgan will be 9 on June 24th, but man is she snotty!! LOL! I swear I feel like I'm on that kid's case 24/7! And the funny thing is that sometimes she'll be so sweet and then like a light switch she'll change to snotty kid!! And discipline is really hard right now. Nothing really works. My mom says, "don't let up! You've still got a few years of this behavior, and if you let up now you'll regret it! And even if you think it's not working it is, she's listening." Boy I hope so!! Oh Lord this could kill me! ROFL! Is that how it is for you?


CyndiG - June 14

Oh my I could have wrote your post! She does all those things. I'd like to take her eyes out so she can't roll them!! I say, "don't be disrespectful!" And you know what she says, "I'm not!" as she's rolling her eyes. AAARRGGHH!! I know why some animals eat their young! LOL! She's out of school for the summer and I'm hoping it gets better because she doesn't have the constant influence of her friends now. {{{crossing my fingers}}} Nothing really works with her. Taking a privilege usually works but just for a short time. Then she's back to the same ol' Morgan. I've decided that the next time I have to punish her, I'm going to make her write her multiplication tables 50 times or something. I should at least incorporate a little education into this! :O} I'll let you know if it works! The sad thing for me is that she's such a sweet kid. She has a wonderfully precious heart, but it doesn't come out in her att_tude. I'm blaming it on hormones! {{{{moan}}}}!! :O}


in the woods - June 14

Yes, these are perfect examples of kids' behavior in the book - and OUR REACTIONS!!! Get it ASAP!!!! It is tempting for me to divulge but - you have to be walked through....


olhdw101 - June 14

Yup, I getting the book! I need something soon….cuz I know her period and b___bs are right around the corner…then the whole PMS thing will start…..she asks me all the time “when are we going to go bra shopping” ahhhh CyndiG, this age freaks me right out! I got my period at 9 and I can remember the emotional mess I went through the first few years. The strange thing is she is such a doll around her grandparents but at home she acts like she has a thorn in her b___t…..and at school with all the drama starting about this person and this boy said this to me. Oh boy! I tell her, “my dream for you is that you become a introverted book worm” hahaha just joking! Oh well, it’s inevitable! I just want to fast forward to 20.


CyndiG - June 15

We've already been bra shopping. Now I have to fight her to wear it! She says it gives her a rash...what???? Her little face is starting to break out some. Her body is way ahead of her mind I think. We've already had a mini s_x talk. Not the mechanics or anything just the basic, "it is what a man and woman doe when they are in love". She knows about periods now. I had to share that info because of the baby. I knew it would freak her out to come bursting into the bathroom and there I was. LOL! And the change between 7 and 8 was like night and day! It's so scary. I don't like this age! Boo Hoo!!!! LOL!! :O}


babylov - June 18

OMG you ladies described my baby sister years ago she's in her twenties now and married but oh boy I think my parents almost went mad. at age 7 she was the most sweetest blue eyed ponytailed little gentle girl. she would clean up her room, put up her toys, help mom cook clean, walk the dog. Then on her 8th birthday it all started by the theme color which I guess was agreed up on by both her and mom but she decided to change her mind the morning of. she yelled and screame and refused to join the party. then cried all night refused to eat. The guests left and my mom was so humiliated. Ok the next day it was like a monster became of her overnight. she cut her hair short so we had to level it for her into a balb. then the new vocab kicked in as days went by ("i don't care", so what", rolling of the eyes, asking rethorical questions to make you feel stupid, "i am not going to do it" oh and the worst one "you can't make me I have rights" ) what we couldn't believe the changes and my mother was soo confused. They finally took her to a specialist and found out it was some hormonal inbalance. Then everyone had to stick to tha same displinary style in addituon. which meant warning one with a concequence attached. no second warning but implement the concequence. for example. "AUBREY clean up your room or else no play doll house for two days" then go away from her. give her time to compleate the task come back to see how far she's gotten. if she's actually picking up socks or laging but doing the task you praise her good Aubrey I will be back in 5 minutes when you're done. if you come in and she's not doing it or hasn't comleated the task you explain that she should have already been done and take the doll house place it where she can see it but can't reach it. mind you, you have to learn to overs hear the excuses cuz that's when she be yelling. If she starts with excuses the first time you a__sign the chore you then and there take the doll house place it where she can see it but not reach it. The tecnique worked till .......


babylov - June 18

She turned 9 then got her period and surprisingly calmed down yep she calmed down. I think having a period was a big shock that she wasn't expecting. she then got into playing piano and writing music. She was still mouthy now and then but most of the time she just sat in her room and played piano. At the begining she was alittle depressed and we thought she was suicidal but I don't think she was any harm to herself sit was just in a big confusion of becoming a lady so early unexpectedly. Oh she was homeschooled after she turned 9 maybe that also kep her from influence of other little girls in her school. But I think there will be improvement. If MonsterAubrey could change, your little angels will too. They sound like angel tweenies compaired to my sister.! lol. Good luck let me know what works cuz my dd is exhibiting a strong willed child character that is driving my DH and I insaine. Genetics Aaaaaahhhhggggg! ! ! !.


CyndiG - June 18

babylov, I'm starting to notice a little bit of improvement in her tone of voice because she's been out of school for almost 3 weeks. I really think that is not a good influence. I am homeschooling her next year. There are many reasons why I made that decision, but her att_tude was definatley one of them. I just think this is a really hard time for them. They're still wanting to be "little girls" but their mind and body are changing and nudging them into being "young ladies". I'll let you know how things go as the summer progresses. :O}



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