OMG Took DS To Doc Today And He Has This

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BWIND - July 9

We took our 16 month old to the doctor today because he has been screaming non stop and won't eat. We thought we saw blister on his tongue. Turns out he has herpangina?!?! Basically, it is similar to Hand, Foot and Mouth. Poor DS had that in December. This is sooo much worse. He is in so much pain. Screams and cries, hasn't eaten well since Friday-Saturday. His breath smells really bad I guess from the drool. He can't even close his mouth. He's really lathargic and it breaks my heart. They have him "magic mouthwash" that is a combo of benadryl, maalox, and lidacain to numb his mouth....other than that nothing will work...antibiotics won't do anything since it's viral. UGH..I have no idea where he got this. We went to the zoo last week and he goes to kindermusik. Has anyone had experiece with this?


lin7604 - July 9

no not that, i have never heard of it till now. My ds did have hand foot and mouth when he was under 1 and that wasn't pleasant. I can't imagine what you LO is going though.. poor little guy :(


alverran - July 12

Hi there! It is going around where I am at BAD. And basically no one at the day cares/work anything is asked to stay at home. Luckily our dd does not go to day care, but was going to a few playgroups which we have pulled her out... It's crazy. On another note, many children and adults also have appendicitis, what is going on?


BWIND - July 12

Thanks! DS has shown a little improvement this weekend. He is starting to play a little more. He still hasn't eaten anything since really last weekend. He tried to take a bite of pudding today and screamed like crazy afterwards. His lips and gums are very red and swollen. His gums are almost swollen to the top of his teeth. This has been HORRIBLE. Hopefully, you LO doesn't get it. Tonight around 8:00 he started acting better and his mouth didn't look as swollen, so I'm hoping it's a turning point. He's been miserable. alverran, where are you from?


alverran - July 14

Hi BWIND I hope your lo is doing better. Have you tried popsicles? DD loves them.. We use them when she is teething. I am actually stationed in Northern Italy now... I tell you if one person is sick the entire base does. We keep dd far, far away which is a bummer for her... It just seems to be more concentrated here.


jennyr - July 14

My dd had a sore in her mouth too. I think she got it from a carnival. She was complaining that her check hurt but I could not find anythin gin there. So the next day I took her and sure enough there it was between her check and teeth on her bottom of her mouth. I did ice cream. Stay away from anything with acid in it. That hurts worse. It took abotu 5 to 7 days to go away and she had a low fever with it too! Good luck!



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