OMG Is This Normal

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jennyr - September 18

Ok I have a dd who will be 3 at the end of december. I have caught her with her hand down her diaper twice now. It is when she is going to bed. She doesn't do this during the day but I keep yelling at her telling her it is gross. Is this normal. She is not a gross child but I don't know why she is doing this. Please someone tell me that my kid is not gross and weird!


eclipse - September 19

she is just being curious about her body, totally normal. Don't scold her on it or she will grow up thinking her body is shameful. Just explain that that is something you don't do in public. She isn't gross and weird, she is completely normal. She actually lasted longer than most kids, my son was interested in his goods early on! LOL


clindholm - September 19

I have had this happen a bit too and I just ignore it b/c I know with my lo, if I call attention to it she will do it more just to spite me (just like the finger up the nose thing). I think it's normal though.


ginger6363 - September 19

body exploration totally normal. I agree w/eclipse, please don't yell or scold her. You want her to grow up with a healthy body image and to not think her body is "dirty" "gross" or "disgusting." You can ignore it and divert her attention or tell her not to do it in public or in anyone's presence b/c those are her private parts. Plus, it's a good segway into talking about private parts and how no one is allowed to touch those parts but her.


jennyr - September 19

The problem is she is doing it in bed before she goes to sleep. I can't distract her because she is in bed and I am not in there. I have a video monitor so I can see her but it is hard to see that that is what she is doing under the blankets.


newbaby2009 - September 19

There is nothing wrong with it. Let her explore and learn about herself and be thankful she does it in the privacy of her own bed.


another Karen - September 19

That's normal and best to let her go. If you tell her off she may grow up with inhibitions about her body.


JEN - September 20

I feel ya- ds will be 3 in December too, and he constantly fiddles with himself...his ped said it is totally normal- especially when they first switch to underwear from a diaper because they are more aware of things down there- don't worry :)


britt_m - September 20

I actually know a few little ones much younger who've discovered themselves, haha! Like whats been said you little girl is totally normal! My dd is now 15 months and has her hand down there sometimes as well, has been doing this for quite some time actually. I try not to acknowledge it or make a big deal out of it and redirect her. I do tell her not to do that in front of people, whether she quite understands or not yet I'm not sure but it usually works.


jennyr - September 20

Thanks to everyone that replied to this. It really helped. I have tried to eliminate this by putting her in a oneise at night and for nap. She can't get to it. Thank goodness she still fits in one right! Thanks again!



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